Western region monk

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It is said that two monks came from the western regions. They are very interested in the famous mountains and rivers in the Central Plains. One monk yearns for Mount Wutai and the other wants to go to Mount Tai. Their costumes, language and appearance are different from those of the people in the Central Plains, and their characteristics can be seen at a glance. People were curious when they saw the two monks and asked them what they were doing here despite their hardships.

The monk said, “when I came here, I once passed the Flaming Mountain, where the peaks are overlapping, the smoke is diffuse, and the heat is like an oven. If anyone wants to climb over the mountain, he must pay attention when walking along the mountain road after the rain, without any distractions, keep his eyes on the ground, gently lift his feet, and slowly settle down. If he accidentally steps on the hot stone, he will be burned.”

The monk continued: “In addition, you have to pass through the Liusha river. There is a crystal mountain in the river. The mountain is very steep. The cliffs and cliffs lead to the sky. The mountains are very clear on all sides without any pollution. It seems to be transparent. There is also a pass here. It is only wide enough for a car to pass. There is a dragon on both sides of the pass. Anyone who passes by here must pay homage. If the Dragon allows you to pass, it will open its mouth The dragon is white all over, and its scales look like crystal. “

Another monk said: “We have been on the road for 18 years. When we first left our hometown, there were a total of 12 people. Only two people could reach here. It is said that there are four famous mountains in the Central Plains of the East, one is Mount Tai, the other is Mount Hua, the other is Mount Wutai, and the other is mount Luojia. It is said that these mountains are full of gold and silver jewelry. The legendary Manjusri Bodhisattva and Guanyin Bodhisattva live here. All those who come here will become Buddhas and can live for a long time Visual. “

After hearing what the monk said, people felt very wonderful. On second thought, this is the same reason that we admire the pure land in the West. What would it be like if people traveling in the West met people who came to the east to seek Buddhism and talked about these aspirations together?

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