What are the abilities of the ten ancient dragon gods? Which dragon is the strongest?

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What are the ten ancient dragon gods? Which dragon is the strongest? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

The dragon has always been a mythical animal. Although it is said that the status of the dragon was not always high in ancient times, the status of the dragon became higher and higher later. The emperor also called the real dragon the son of heaven. In the mythology, there were ten dragon gods in ancient times. Among these dragon gods, there is naturally the strongest one. What are the ten dragon gods? Do you know who is the strongest and why ZuLong is the strongest dragon?


The Chinese have always regarded the dragon as a very sacred creature. We also call ourselves the descendants of the dragon. In the ancient legend era, there were many kinds of dragons, and each of them had unique abilities. We also called dragons divine animals. Among the top ten dragon gods in ancient times, Qinglong ranked only the fourth, and the most powerful dragon in ancient times was ZuLong. All dragon families originated from ZuLong, which is also the most powerful dragon among Chinese dragon gods. The following editor will tell you about the famous ten dragons in ancient times. You can learn about them if you are interested.

I. ZuLong

It is said that there were five elements in heaven and earth, namely, gold, wood, water, fire and earth. And these five elements merged with each other, and gave birth to the divine beast. Among them, there are three kinds of sacred animals: ZuLong, Yuanfeng and shiqilin. After a period of reproduction, ZuLong became the most powerful dragon in ancient times. ZuLong was in charge of the ocean dragon family, Yuan Feng was in charge of the birds in the sky, and Shi Qilin was in charge of all the animals in the earth. Although the dragon race is very powerful, its reproductive ability is very poor. Yuan Feng and Shi Qilin joined forces to fight against the dragon race, resulting in the rare number of the dragon race and becoming a rare animal. At that time, the fight between ZuLong and Yuan Feng and Shi Qilin was dark. It was also the last life and death struggle of ZuLong. The situation was very tragic, leading to the loss of life. Later, all kinds of ancient divine animals began to disappear.


II. Candle Dragon

The candle dragon is the God of Zhongshan in ancient Chinese mythology. Its fighting power is second only to the most powerful candle dragon in ancient Chinese mythology. It is recorded in the book of mountains and seas that it is a snake with a human face and a red body. It has a very long body. When you open your eyes, it is day. When you close your eyes, it is night. When you inhale, it is winter. When you exhale, it is summer. It can call the wind and call the rain. It can also drink no water, eat no food, and have no rest.

III. Yinglong

There is a kind of winged dragon in ancient Chinese mythology. It has wings, scales on its body, and a very large head. This is Ying long in mythology and legend. It has a pointed mouth, small ears and nose, but its tail is very long and its limbs are very strong. It is said that Yinglong appeared in the flood control period of Dayu. It can live in rivers and seas.

IV. Qinglong

In ancient mythology, the green dragon is a very spiritual animal and one of the divine animals in Chinese traditional culture. From the pre-Qin period, the green dragon represented the divine beast of the seven kingdoms in the East. In the Han Dynasty, the five elements theory emerged. It was also the first of the four elephants, which were divided into the green dragon, the white tiger, the cinnabar and the Xuanwu.

V. Canglong

Canglong is formed because of the worship of the ancient stars by the Han people. It is said that Canglong has horns, Kang, Di, Fang, Xin, Wei and Ji. It is formed by the shape of seven constellations. This shape is very like a dragon. From their literal meaning, horn is the horn of the dragon, Kang is the neck, Di is the neck root, Fang is the arm, heart is the heart, tail is the tail, and Ji is the tail.

Vi. Qiu long

Qiu long is the smallest dragon in legend. It is also a small dragon with horns, or a young dragon without horns. In fact, the fact that a dragon has no horns proves that it is a young dragon, because young dragons have no horns. He was mentioned in Shuowen Jiezi and Gan Quan Fu.

VII. Fire Dragon

As the name implies, the fire dragon can spit fire, and its power is very great. It was recorded in the Qing history manuscript that a Dragon flew into a folk building in Fushan. In a moment, the smoke rose, and the building burned. The story is about the scene of the fire dragon spitting fire between heaven and earth. At that time, the houses and grass were burning.

VIII. Black Dragon

Black dragon is also a very famous Dragon in mythology. Its whole body is black, so it is called black dragon. It is said that Nuwa and black dragon had another world war. Black dragon endangered the people in Jizhou. Nuwa borrowed Pangu axe and took Houyi arrow to Jizhou to kill black dragon and save the people in Jizhou.

IX. Yunlong and Yulong

Yunlong Yulong, as the name implies, they are entangled in clouds and fog, and can be parallel with clouds and rain. The shape and change of clouds and rain also change with their mood. “The cloud is from the dragon, the wind is from the tiger, and all things are seen by the sage”, from Yi Qian.

X. Panlong

The coiled dragon is a dragon that does not ascend to heaven. Its shape is very strange and it often lives together. In ancient Chinese architecture, the coiled dragon is often used as the decoration on the beam. The dragons on the ceiling are all coiled dragons. Most of them show people in the state of winding around. Of course, there is another explanation for the coiled dragon. It is believed that the coiled dragon has a length of 40 feet and can enter the water or the sea. But the coiled dragon is poisonous. Once it comes into contact with it, it will surely die. Therefore, sometimes the coiled dragon is mixed with dragons and snakes.

The dragon is very sacred in the eyes of the Chinese people. We also regard the dragon as the highest belief. We can also find pictures and buildings in ancient times. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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