What are the anecdotes and legends of lvdongming, one of the eight immortals?

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Lvdongbin, formerly known as Lvyan, with the word Dongbin and the Taoist name chunyangzi, calls himself a Hui Taoist, the founder of the Quanzhen School of Taoism, and the representative of the confluence of the three religions. In Chinese folk and Taoist legends, he is one of the eight immortals, and he is also the most famous among the eight immortals with the most folk legends. The following China story net editor has brought you relevant content to share with you.

There are several statements about his origin:

There is a legend that LV Dongbin, whose real name is Shaoxian, was born on April 14, the 20th year of Zhenguan, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 646). He is the grandson of LV Wei, a minister of rites of the Tang Dynasty. He loved reading since he was a child. He was erudite, but he failed to pass the Jinshi examination three times. In the second year of Wu Zetian’s reign (AD 691), at the age of 46, he went to take the exam again. He met the immortal Zhong Liquan in the Chang’an wine shop and went to Zhongnan mountain to practice Taoism, renamed Yan and named Dongbin.

This legend is untenable, because Lu Wei was born in 734 ad. if Lu Dongbin was born in 646, he would be much older than his grandfather.


There is also a saying that LV Dongbin was originally a clan of the Tang Dynasty, whose surname was Li. Because Wu Zetian massacred the descendants of the Tang Dynasty, she and her wife lived in seclusion between the blue water and the Danshan mountains, and changed their surname to Lv. Because they often live in caves, they are called Yan and Dongbin. Similar to this, There is a paragraph of “Lu Yan’s self narration” in the annals of Tongzhi Huangzhou Prefecture, which says: “I was originally a clan of the Tang Dynasty. My surname was Li, my name was Qiong, and my name was Boyu. I became an official at the age of 50. Soon after Huang Chaobing was born, the country suffered a disaster, and my family was unlucky, so I had to take my wife, Jin, and live in seclusion in the cave. Later, I changed my name to Lu, because there were only two people left in the family, my wife and I, who were called Lu. Living on the mountain, my name was Yan. I was often in the cave. I was a guest in the cave, so I was called Dongbin. My wife died later, leaving me a man, so I was also called chunyangzi. ”Of course, these folk sayings are not reliable.

According to some historical data, LV Dongbin was born in the late Tang Dynasty and died in the early Song Dynasty. He was a Taoist priest in the late Tang and Five Dynasties. He was a figure of the same period with famous Taoist priests such as Chen Tuan and duguangting and had contacts. According to the history of the Song Dynasty, Chen Tuan Zhuan, LV Yan was “an easy man in Kansai, who had swordsmanship and was more than a hundred years old. He walked briskly, hundreds of miles in an instant, and came to Tuan Zhai.” It is also recorded in the national history that LV Dongbin was originally a Confucian scholar. Because of the unfavorable imperial examinations, he turned to Taoism. When he met Zhong Liquan, a hermit of the Five Dynasties, he granted him the right to be an important Taoist in Neidan. He lived in seclusion in Zhongnan mountain and moved in Guanzhong and other places. “He is over a hundred years old and looks like a baby. It is said that he has swordsmanship, and even Chen Tuan’s room.”

In the folk story, his experience of learning Taoism after his failure in the examination field is interpreted as a story:

LV Dongbin was proficient in classics since childhood and was called a child prodigy. Unfortunately, at the end of the Tang Dynasty, the examination ground was corrupt, and he failed in the examination for decades. At the age of 46, in a hotel in Chang’an, I saw a Taoist wearing a white robe and writing a poem on the wall: “sitting and lying always carry a pot of wine, and do not teach your eyes to know the imperial capital.”. Heaven and earth Xu Da has an unknown surname, and one of the evacuees is a husband. It is not easy to meet an expert who has attained the Tao. When he returns, he is willing to follow. He said that his residence connects the sea, and he is not the first peak in Penglai. Don’t be tired of chasing laughter and talking frequently. It’s so sad to think about chaos. When I am idle, I can count from the beginning. I can see how many people there are in Qingping. ” LV Dongbin asked his name when he saw that his appearance was ancient and the artistic conception in his poems was extraordinary. The man said, “I’m Mr. Yunfang. Living in Zhongnan mountain, do you want to go with me?” Lvdongbin was still thinking about the exam, but he didn’t agree. Mr. Yunfang is actually the immortal Zhong Liquan. That night, he and LV Dongbin stayed in the hotel together. When LV Dongbin fell asleep, he had a dream. He dreamed that he was the No. 1 scholar, was proud of officialdom, and had a full house of children and grandchildren. However, he was so happy that he was miserable. He was also guilty of the crime. His family property was confiscated. His wife and children were separated. He was poor and left alone. After this dream, LV Dongbin understood the truth that things were changing and wealth was empty. So he decided to cultivate Taoism and worshiped Zhong Liquan as his teacher. It is said that he later met the fire dragon Zhenjun, learned the TianDun sword technique, and claimed to “break off greed and anger, love and worry”.


LV Dongbin was named “MiaoTong immortal” by the emperor of Song Dynasty and “Chunyang performing politics and policing Fu you emperor” in Yuan Dynasty, so later generations called him “Lv Chunyang”. After Wang Chongyang founded Quanzhen Taoism, he was regarded as one of the “five ancestors of the north”, so Taoism also honored him as “Lu Zu”.

In history, LV Dongbin was not only a famous Taoist, but also a poet. More than 200 of his poems are included in the complete poems of the Tang Dynasty, and his biography is also included in the biography of the talented scholars of the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, later Taoism and folk called it “Sword Fairy”, “wine Fairy” and “poetry Fairy”. Let’s take a closer look at some of his poems, some of which are well written. Look at the shadow of Wutong:

The setting sun is slanting and the autumn wind is cold. Whether old friends will come or not tonight will teach people to make the shadow of Wutong trees.

The whole word consists of 20 words, which can set off the inner feelings of the characters with the help of the external environment. The situation is harmonious. It can be called the best work of the five pronouns in the late Tang Dynasty.

In legends and stories, LV Dongbin often left immortal traces in restaurants, teahouses, restaurants and other places. He is dissolute, informal, good wine can poetry love women, is the so-called “wine, lust, wealth, Lu Dongbin”.

It is said that he wrote these two poems on the screen of Guangling brothel, which made a famous local prostitute break away from the world and concentrate on learning:

The mother and the beauty share this body. Poor people, old and young, are separated by thousands of years.

In his old age, he was a man of great beauty.

Flowers bloom and fall in two joys and sorrows.

It opens between branches and hinders visitors from turning. Who can see it when it falls to the ground.


Lvdongbin was a good wine drinker. Once he was drunk and walked in the streets of Baling City, blocking the driving of the local prefect. The prefect didn’t know him, so he asked the Yamen servants to take him down for questioning. Lu Dongbin said with a smile, wait till I wake up. After that, he fell to the ground and slept soundly. The prefect was so angry that he was about to order torture, but lvdongbin suddenly disappeared. He just heard someone singing a poem in the air:

I’m going to leave Penglai for a while. I’ve met the governor and asked him why.

Under the dipper of the Big Dipper, the sword hangs on the moon corner of the southern palace.

I’m really drunk when I’m drunk. I don’t know how to worry.

When we meet, we don’t know each other, but we drive the white clouds back to rest.

LV Dongbin once made a vow: “we must spend all living beings in the world before we wish to rise.” But as he said in his poem, “the world is busy for a few hours, and people talk about the world.” It is more difficult for ordinary people to take them off than for camels to go through the eye of a needle.

Lvdongbin once came to the countryside. The villagers were celebrating LV Zu’s birthday. Seeing that everyone was pouring wine and meat for their own portraits, lvdongbin wanted to ask for a cup of wine, but was driven out. Lvdongbin sighed, “the world doesn’t know me. Only the old tree spirits in the south of the city clearly know the immortals.”

It is also said that when Lu Dongbin saw that his mother and son were poor, he threw two grains of rice into his well. From then on, the water in the well turned into good wine. So the family made a living by selling wine and had plenty of food and clothing. After a while, he came to the house again, but the son complained that the well turned wine was good, but there was no lees to feed a pig or something. Lu Dongbin sighed: “people are bitter and dissatisfied.” Take back Xianmi. The well water is the same as before. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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