What are the characteristics of the three immortals, the old mother of Li mountain, the queen mother and the nine heavenly Xuannv?

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The old mother of Li mountain, the queen mother and the nine heavenly Xuannv are all immortals in Taoist legends. These immortals are not all fabricated from nothing. They are found in many official histories, and they have also been recorded in many ancient Chinese books. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


Although these records are not systematic enough and have some mythical flavor, we can also see some characteristics of the three immortals.

First of all, let’s talk about Li Shan’s mother, who is a very legendary figure. According to legend, Li Shan’s mother first appeared in the official history, in the historical records of the Qin Dynasty, but her appearance can be traced back to the early years of the Zhou Dynasty. Because Shenhou in the period of king you of Zhou once claimed to be the descendant of the daughter of Lishan.

When did the old mother of Li Shan exist before king you of Zhou? For this problem, we can refer to Quyuan. When Quyuan wrote about himself, he also said that he was a descendant of the Gaoyang family. If we trace back to the Gaoyang family from the time of Quyuan, we have to go through the Zhou, Shang and Xia dynasties until the five emperors.

It is generally believed that the Zhou Dynasty had 800 years of state power, the Shang Dynasty had 600 years of state power, and the Xia Dynasty had 500 years of state power, which is nearly 2000 years. However, Shen Hou was earlier than Qu Yuan. Therefore, the existence of Li Shan’s mother was probably in the period of the three emperors. Therefore, in some unofficial historical records in ancient books, Li Shan’s mother was the descendant of Nu Wa.

So, as the Taoist God, how powerful is the old mother of Lishan? According to folklore, it is hard to say how powerful the old mother of Li Shan is, because this immortal is a kind of immortals without a fixed position or task. Her appearance was entirely based on interest.

According to folklore, she did teach many apprentices, mainly women, such as zhongwuyan, fanlihua and Muguiying. In folklore, these people are quite powerful figures. It can be seen that she is a good teacher, but she belongs to a free and easy immortal.


Compared with Li Shan’s mother, the legend of Jiutian Xuannv is more abundant. Moreover, Jiutian Xuannv is an immortal with a position and work content. As a female immortal, the work of Jiutian Xuannv was quite violent. She was the God of war in ancient times and was in charge of expeditions and wars.

Many people are like a yellow haired girl or a female official because of the name Jiutian Xuannv. In fact, her status is no less than that of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, because her real name is the xuanni surname of the great virgin of the Yuan Dynasty, also known as the Jiutian Xuannv Niang, or the Jiutian Xuanmu Tianzun.

As an immortal, she is also the three honorable titles of heaven, the great emperor and empress. Instead, Jiutian Xuannv has become the most low-key title. Lao Tzu once said: the gate of the mysterious female is the root of heaven and earth. We can understand that Nuwa is the origin of human beings, while Jiutian Xuannv is the origin of heaven and earth.

From this point of view, Jiutian Xuannv was even earlier than Nuwa, and her magic power in charge of the war was boundless.

The last one is the queen mother. In folklore, the queen mother is the wife of the Jade Emperor, but there is no such saying in the Taoist immortal system. The queen mother, in the Taoist immortal system, is closer to the West Queen Mother, or the virgin of yaochi. According to historical records, King Mu of Zhou once saw the West Queen Mother.

It is obviously wishful thinking to say that the Jade Emperor and the queen mother are married. This is just as ridiculous as the marriage of a grandson and his great grandmother. In front of the West Queen Mother, the Jade Emperor is basically a great grandson. Even the nine heavenly Xuannv is the disciple of the West Queen Mother.

How strong is the queen mother of the west? We can make a comparison. Nuwa created human beings, Jiutian Xuannv created heaven and earth, and the Queen Mother created the vitality of heaven and earth. That is to say, with the vitality of heaven and earth, other work can continue step by step.

After Xuannv created heaven and earth, the Jade Emperor controlled the rules between heaven and earth, and Nu Wa could create human beings according to the rules of heaven and earth, and then she could continue to multiply.

Now, everything is more clear. The West Queen Mother, or the queen mother, created the rules of the universe, the nine heavenly Xuannv created the rules of the earth, the Jade Emperor controlled all things in the world, Nuwa created the rules of human society, and old Li Shan mother guarded the rules of human society. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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