What are the customs of Chongming bird? What are the legends?

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Chongming bird is a divine bird in ancient Chinese myths and legends. The following is a brief introduction to the relevant contents in detail.

In ancient Chinese myths and legends, the Phoenix and the dragon are both totems and mascots, which are reflected in both historical records and literary works. However, it is worth noting that the Phoenix and the dragon in our cognition have been inherited and interpreted for thousands of years. In fact, their initial image is not as gorgeous as it is now.

For example, Phoenix is only recorded as: &quote; There is a bird like a chicken. It is named Fenghuang& quot; In the long history, there is a bird that is more noble and legendary than the earliest Phoenix. It is Chongming.

Because there are two pupils in one eye, the heavy bird is also called the heavy eye bird in the legend. It is said that it has great strength, and can even fight against the beasts and eliminate the disasters such as beasts and monsters. There is an ancient custom in China called painting chickens at home. It is said that New Year pictures of chickens are pasted on the door every new year in order to ward off evil spirits. In fact, the " Chicken " It’s not really a chicken, but a bird. The origin of this custom can be traced back to Wang Jia’s “Shi Yi Ji” in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.


It is said that during the 70 years of Yao’s reign, the distant Zhiguo presented a bird named Chongming. The bird has one eye and two eyes. It looks like a chicken, but it is much more noble than a chicken. Its singing sound is as touching as a Phoenix. But at this time, the feathers of Chongming bird seemed not to have grown completely, and it seemed a little ugly. Yao asked the emissary if it was really a spirit bird? The messenger affirmed that chongmingniao seemed to understand Yao’s query at this time, so he flapped his wings and flew. It was singing and dancing, which attracted spirit birds such as the Phoenix in the palace to dance with it. The bodyguard standing outside the palace saw many birds flying to the north in the air. He was shocked and reported to shun.

Yao sent people to investigate and found that those who flew away were owls and owls. They probably ran away after hearing Chong Ming’s cry. From then on, there was no owl within hundreds of miles of Chongming bird. It was amazing. Yao was very happy to see the power of the bird. He asked how to raise the bird. The messenger replied: " Usually it’s outside and doesn’t know what to eat. If people feed it, they must use the cream of jade to eat it& quot; Yao sighed after listening: " It deserves to be called a spirit bird. Like the Phoenix and Phoenix, it must not be trapped in a cage. And it needs Qiong cream to raise it. It’s too extravagant. It’s better to release Chongming back to the forest as before. I think this spirit bird can also understand human nature and understand why we do this& quot;

The ministers thought so, so they placed the Chongming bird in the woods and let it be free. As Yao said, Chongming bird is very human. It always flies within a few hundred miles around the imperial capital. All jackals, wolves, tigers and leopards are killed or driven away after fighting. The people in the vicinity immediately had a lot of safety and convenience. If there is something unknown in any family, as long as the bird is re illuminated, the evil will immediately disperse and flee, turning evil into good. Even far away in the mountains and forests, as long as you hear the call of Chongming bird, the beast will panic and flee.


Unfortunately, chongmingniao lived near the imperial capital for a period of time and then flew away. Later, it came only a few times a year, then it became once a year, and finally it became once a few years. The people looked forward to it, but no matter what, even putting Qiong cream at the door could not attract Chongming. The anxious people came up with a method. They carved wood into the shape of Chongming bird. The richer people poured gold. The statues placed between the doors can also ward off evil spirits. Later, this custom changed from releasing statues into posters, and Chongming birds also became chickens.

The legend of Chongming is not over yet. It is said that Emperor Shun is the embodiment of Chongming. At the foot of Lishan, there lived a blind man named wusou. One night, he had a dream. In the dream, the bird flew in front of him, and there was food in his mouth to feed him. After feeding, chongmingniao suddenly spits out a word, saying that he won’t go and will be a son to Liusu. The old man was very happy and was about to pick up Chongming. Just then he woke up.

After waking up, the old man felt more and more strange, so he told his wife the contents of the dream. The wife was not happy after listening to it. Instead, he said that the old man was thinking all day and dreaming all night. He wanted his son to be crazy. After thinking for a while, he thought it might be his own problem, but soon after, his wife was really pregnant.


After the pregnancy in October, the child was born, a big fat boy. At this time, a heavy Ming bird suddenly flew out of the door, fluttering and chirping for a long time. The neighbors came out to watch the excitement. When the divine bird flew away, the child in the room also opened his eyes, which showed his uniqueness. Like Chongming bird, he had one eye and two pupils! Everyone said that the old man had a good life. The child must have been born by chongmingniao. The old man was also very happy. Later, as expected, Shun not only became famous at a young age, but also became Emperor Shun and the object of later generations’ admiration.

Does Chongming bird really exist?

Perhaps, like the Phoenix, it is the beautiful sustenance in people’s hearts. Chongming represents light and auspiciousness, and it is also a symbol of Emperor Shun’s benevolence. In ancient times, the simple working people looked forward to the arrival of Ming birds, just as they looked forward to the Ming emperor like Shun. The so-called legends are concrete and exaggerated expressions of a beautiful vision. If you think so, who in the world doesn’t want Chongming birds to fly? Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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