What are the Dragon Kings of the four seas? What are the abilities of the four dragons?

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What are the Dragon Kings of the four seas? What are the abilities of the four dragons? The editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

Dragon Kings of the four seas have appeared in many ancient mythological novels. They protect the four sea areas in the southeast and northwest respectively. They are dragon gods who are specially responsible for climate. They call the wind and rain every day as required, which is equivalent to the God of weather. Many friends feel that the Dragon King’s ability is too small. As a dragon, his status in the heaven is not high, and his magic power is not strong. In the journey to the west, the four Sea Dragon King has nothing to do with the monkey king. The sea fixing needle of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea was also used as a weapon by monkey brother. Is the Dragon King so oppressed? In fact, the Dragon King’s ability is not weak. It can only be said that in the ancient mythology, the dragon people are not set as a belligerent race. In fact, it is a very powerful ability to control the climate. If the Dragon King is unhappy any day, he can completely rely on his own power to disrupt the three realms. The natural power is the most terrible. Many friends may not know the difference between the four seas Dragon Kings. In fact, their colors and abilities are different. Let’s learn about them.


The concept of the Dragon King of the four seas was first proposed by Taoism. Because the ancients worshipped the dragon as a sea god and thought that the Dragon could pray for rain, the Dragon gradually became the God in charge of water. In fact, it was not until the Tang Dynasty that the Dragon God culture really became popular. The imperial court also designated the Dragon God as the king. Since then, it has been called the Dragon King in many mythological works. It is said that the dragon was made up of nine kinds of animals. Because the dragon was a fictitious species, the ancients could only rely on the animals they had seen, put together their different parts, and add their own imagination to create the dragon.


In fact, the Dragon King of the four seas is not directly under the heaven. The heaven generally adopts self-control to the Dragon Palace, so the Dragon King of the four seas is relatively more free and has a higher status. According to the book of changes, the East is Yang, so Aoguang, the Dragon King of the four seas and the Dragon King of the Middle East, should be the first. Wang Aoguang of Guangde in the East China Sea is a green dragon. He is specially responsible for controlling rain, thunder, etc., which is water. Ao Guang is responsible for the rainfall. Wang aorun of Guangshun in the West Sea is a black dragon. He is responsible for the change of wind and weather. His attribute is wind, and he can control the wind speed and direction at will.


Aoqin, the king of Guangli in the South China Sea, is a red dragon. Aoqin is special. He is responsible for controlling the fire caused by lightning, which is equal to the real fire in the world. Because there are natural disasters on earth, Ao Qin mainly manages these aspects. Aoshun, Wang of Guangze in Beihai, is a white dragon. White can naturally think of snow. Therefore, aoshun is snow and is responsible for snow, hail and frost in winter. With the cooperation of the Dragon Kings of the four seas, there will be the change of the four seasons. Of course, this is also the explanation of the change of the four seasons made by the ancients through their own imagination.

In fact, it is entirely possible to produce a mythical story from the perspective of the Dragon King of the four seas. There are too many stories that can be developed by these four people, including the connection with the three realms, which can certainly create a lot of viewability. After all, the abilities of the Dragon Kings of the four seas are too strong. If one of them goes black carelessly, it will be a disaster for the whole Three Kingdoms. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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