What are the fierce beasts in the classics of mountains and seas? What is the most ferocious beast?

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Many people don’t know the most ferocious beast in Shanhaijing. Next, I’ll enjoy it with the editor of China story network.

1. Phoenix

“Nanshan Sutra Volume 1”, the mountain of Dan cave, has birds, which is shaped like a chicken, five mining and writing, named Fenghuang, the first text yuede, the wing text Yueyi, the back text yueren, the imitation text yueren, the belly text Yuexin. Birds eat naturally, sing and dance by themselves, and the world will be peaceful when they see it.


Often compared with dragons, they are mostly covered with flaming red and golden feathers. They are the king of birds in ancient legends. The male is " Feng &quote;, The female is " Huang &quote;, Collectively known as Phoenix. Phoenix was often used to symbolize auspiciousness in ancient times.

2. Candle Dragon

“Shanhaijing. Dahuang Jing”: “beyond the northwest sea, in the north of Chishui, there is Zhangwei mountain. There is a God. People’s faces and bodies are red, and their eyes are riding. Their sleep is dark, and their vision is bright. They don’t eat or sleep, and the wind and rain is calling. They are candles, nine Yin, and are called candle dragons.” According to the book of mountains and seas, the candle dragon is thousands of miles long and is also the God of Zhangwei mountain. Candle dragon is a human head dragon with red skin. It lives in extremely cold places in the north. It opens its eyes for day, closes its eyes for night, blows in winter, exhales in summer, and can call the wind and rain.

3. Nine Tailed Fox

There are beasts in the mountains of green hills. It looks like a fox and has nine tails. Its sound is like a baby. It can eat people, but it doesn’t poison insects. It is said that eating the meat of the Nine Tailed Fox can avoid the evil spirit and resist the poison.

4. Taotie


According to the book of mountains and seas, the second northern classic, it is characterized by its shape like a sheep’s face, eyes under the armpit, tiger teeth and hands. Later generations exaggerated the gluttonous part of Taotie’s image. Su Dongpo once wrote an article “laotao Fu”, which said: “cover the premature beauty of polymers to raise our Taotie”, adding loveliness to Taotie. Friends who like food are also called “Taotie people”. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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