What are the four strange insects in ancient Chinese legends? How to destroy them?

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Many people don’t know what the four monsters in ancient Chinese legends mean? How to destroy them? The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction, and then read on~

I. strange. It is a kind of insect in ancient legends. Its origin is also quite interesting. According to the novel written by Yin Yun of the Southern Dynasty, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty once visited Ganquan palace and encountered a strange insect on the way. The insect was red, with head, ears, nose and eyes. No one knows what this worm is.

Only Dongfang Shuo said that the insect’s name was strange. In the past, the Qin Dynasty often imprisoned innocent people. People had no choice but to look up to their leaders and sigh, strange, strange. This kind of insect was born when God felt it. So how to eliminate this insect? Dongfang Shuo said that only wine can relieve sorrow. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty sent people to water it with wine. As expected, the strange insects disappeared.


II. Food. The legend of this insect is very old. It was recorded in the bookofsongs. It is said that it looks like a turtle with three legs. The most peculiar thing is that its mouth, like a crossbow, can shoot sand. He often ambushes in the water and attacks passers-by. People who are shot by him will get sick or even die.

Therefore, an idiom called “ghost trap” was also born to describe the despicable means of hiding and hurting people. Even if people’s shadow is sprayed, people will get sick. This is the origin of the idiom “innuendo”, which is a metaphor for indirectly slandering others. The Zhou Dynasty even set up a special official “huzhuo” to prevent and control the genus of beetles.

III. green catfish. A legendary insect, which was recorded in Guiguzi in the earliest time. So what’s the magic of the green turtle? It is said that after giving birth to children, no matter how far apart they are, they will gather together. According to this characteristic of Qinghe, a very interesting folk magic has been derived.

It is said that the blood of the green beetle is painted on the money, which is called the mother money, and then the blood of the green beetle larvae is painted on other money, which is called the child money. In this way, you only spend the mother’s money or the son’s money, and the money you spend will eventually fly back. In this way, there will be endless money. This is called “Qinghu repaying money”, and Qinghu is also another name for money.

IV. wine bug. According to legend, it is a kind of insect parasitic on human body. It is said that people with alcohol bugs in their bodies are very addicted to alcohol, but they won’t get drunk after drinking too much. This legend has a long history and is also recorded in Liaozhai. It was said that in ancient times, there was a certain Liu who could not get drunk after drinking too much wine. A monk told him that you were ill.


Liu was so scared that he asked the monk to take out the wine bug for him. What’s the use of this wine bug? The monk said, put the wine bug in the water, and the water will turn into fine wine. The monk finally took the wine bug as a reward for his treatment. It is strange that after that, Liu did not drink at all, but became thinner and poorer.

These are the four strange insects in ancient folklore. Of course, there must be more than these, so I won’t say more. Although they are basically strange stories, when you think about them carefully, they seem to contain profound truth. They say that they are strange insects. In fact, they more reflect people’s stories. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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