What are the human faced animals in the book of mountains and seas? What animal is like a man faced animal?

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For those who are interested in the book of mountains and seas, the editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

Many creatures recorded in the book of mountains and seas, whether they are nationals of some strange countries or various strange animals on the mountains, are very strange. They are almost rare now. Therefore, many times, these creatures recorded in the book of mountains and seas are considered to exist only in myths and legends, but not in real life. Recently, however, it has been discovered that there is an animal living in South America, which looks very much like the human faced animal recorded in the number. What kind of animal is this?


Recently, the pictures of the animals that resemble the human faced animals in the book of mountains and seas have become popular on the Internet, because they really look like monsters. Many soft haired monkeys of the family callitricidae, native to central and South America, have pointed claws on all toes except the big toe, rather than nails.

Marmosets are native to South America, mainly distributed in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and recently found in Central America and Mexico. In some countries, marmosets can also be kept as pets.

Most marmosets are about 20cm long. They are mainly characterized by claws, fluffy wrists, no wisdom teeth, primitive brain and unstable body temperature. According to the above characteristics, marmosets are more primitive than other monkeys.

It lives in the forest canopy and is an omnivorous animal. It feeds on insects, fruits and leaves. Generally, they live in groups. It seems that all the animals of marmosets can be applied to the book of mountains and seas, but the names in the book of mountains and seas are too weird.


Extended reading

The book of mountains and seas is an ancient book in the pre Qin period (21st century BC – 221 BC). Among them, it mainly describes the contents of ancient mythology, geography, products, witchcraft, religion, ancient history, medicine, folk customs and nationalities.

The book of mountains and seas consists of 18 volumes, including five volumes of the book of mountains, eight volumes of the book of the sea, four volumes of the book of Dahuang and one volume of the book of Hainei, with a total of about 31000 words. It records more than 100 States, 550 mountains, 300 waterways, and the geography, customs and products of the mountains and rivers of the States.

Among them, most of the records in the book of mountains are the survey records of witches, alchemists and ancestral officials in the past dynasties. After long-term biography and compilation, they have high reference value.

The most important value of the book of mountains and seas is that it preserves a large number of myths and legends, such as Kua Fu chasing the sun, Jingwei filling the sea, Yi shooting nine days, Chang’e running to the moon, Nuwa mending the sky, Kan Yu controlling the water, and Gonggong furiously touching the mountain.

The book of mountains and seas also records many strange birds and monsters. It is like an amazing animal museum. Some of them are very unique, such as the heroic moves of the human face and the horse body, the Bi Fang of the human face and the bird body, and the snake of the human face and the Jackal God. Today, the editor will take stock of the 14 human faced animals in the book of mountains and seas.

1. Horse body and human face. According to the book of mountains and seas · the book of western mountains, there is a river flowing out on the mountain of huaijiang River, which is called the water of Qiushi, and finally injected into the mountain ? u) Water. The mountain is rich in realgar, jade and gold and silver deposits. The south slope of the mountain is a piece of vermilion sand and stone, while the north slope is covered with gold and silver. The large area from the mountain of huaijiang River to the whole water of Qiushi is actually the back garden of Tiandi.

And it is the divine beast Yingzhao who looks after this garden. Yingzhao has a face, but it is the body of a horse. Its voice is like a pulley pumping water. It has wings like a bird, and its feathers have stripes like a tiger. Its duty is to fly around and patrol the mountains and rivers.

2. Human face and bird body. There is a big bird called Bifang in the east of the sea and the west of the blue water. It is a human face, a bird body, and a wood essence. It has two wings and one foot. As long as it appears, there will be a fire. Therefore, people avoid it. During the war between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou, it was only with Bi Fang’s help that the army of the dead composed of Chiyou and the spiritual media was broken and unified.

3. Ligularia (tuo’fei) with human face and bird body. Ligularia also has one foot and looks like an owl with a human face and a bird body. It hides in its nest in summer and does not appear until winter. Ligularia has a special ability to resist the attack of lightning without injury. If you make its feathers into coir raincoat, you can avoid the natural disaster. It is a treasure that monks and immortals compete for.

4. The Jackal’s body and human’s face are transformed into snakes. It is recorded in the book of mountains and seas (the second book of the second edition of the book of mountains and seas) that the snake is a kind of water animal. It has a human face and a jackal body. It has two wings on its back and walks like a snake. The cry of the snake is like a baby crying and a woman shouting abuse. In contrast to bi Fang, he turns the snake into water. As long as he makes strange noises, there will be floods here. The waves are towering and the water will flow down thousands of miles.

5. Nine headed birds and nine Phoenix on the human face. In the vast wilderness, there is a mountain called the Arctic ark. Sea water flows into the mountain from its north. There is a mythical beast with nine heads, commonly known as the nine headed bird. It is strange that all of its heads are human faces. It is a nine headed beast with a human face and a bird body.

6. Roe deer owl with sheep body and human face. The roe deer owl lives in the hook (G ? u) The monster of our mountain, its lower body is like a sheep, but it has a head, but its eyes are under its armpit. This is a kind of man eater, very vicious.

7. Thor with human face and dragon body. It is recorded in the book of mountains and seas · the eastern classic of the sea that “there is a god of thunder in the thunder, and the dragon’s body and head. If its belly is swollen, it is thunder.”

Thor is a kind of semi orc, with a dragon body and head. It swims in the thunder. As long as it knocks on its belly, the sky will be thunderous and thunderous.

8. Zhuqian with leopard body and human face. It is a kind of divine animal with human face and leopard body. It has a long tail and can make a huge noise. When you walk, you bite your tail in your mouth and hold it when you rest.

9. Lu Wu with human face and tiger body. A man has a tiger’s face, a tiger’s claws and nine tails. According to the book of mountains and seas and the book of western mountains, Lu Wu is the divine animal in charge of Kunlun Mountain, the ninth Department of heaven and the garden of heaven and earth. It is the highest level among all the divine animals who look at the garden.

10. Shark with fish body and human face. The shark, also known as quanke, is a mysterious ORC with human body and fish tail. It grows in the water and is somewhat similar to the mermaid. It is recorded in soshen Ji that they lived outside the South China Sea and lived in the water like fish. They kept spinning all day. As long as they cried, their tears turned into pearls. It is said that the Dragon gauze that does not get wet in the water was woven by them.

11. Black beast with human face and rabbit body. According to the book of divinities, in the wilderness of the southwest, there are black beasts, which are shaped like rabbits. They have faces and can talk about people. They like to deceive people and often talk ironically. For example, when you ask them for directions, they say things from the west to the East. But these lies are not malicious. They are just jokes. Although the black beast has a poisonous tongue, it is kind-hearted. It is said that if you eat its meat, you will not tell the truth.

12. Tiger claws are the pride of human beings. Aoyin, also known as Bak, lives in the wild land of the West and is about the same height as people. Aoyin has a bad habit, that is, he likes to attack travelers who act alone. If he catches them, he will eat their brains. Aoin’s tongue is very long, and it can roll out of the ground for ten feet. If you encounter it, you should try to make it stick out its tongue first, and then throw the big red stone on its tongue. This beast will die of anger.


13. Mountain Dog army with human face and dog body. The mountain dog army is a kind of monster that attracts the wind. It runs as fast as the wind. As long as it appears, it will inevitably blow strong winds. The mountain dog army looks like a dog. It smiles at people and is good at throwing. It also has a name called mountain beak.

14. The snake’s face is white (Xi enters the sound). Bai Tun is an orc created by Nu Wa after herself. It has a human face and a snake body. The male is a snake and the female is a white tun. They are also Nu Wa’s left and right Dharma protectors. After working together to touch the Buzhou mountain, the earth collapsed. Nu Wa melted and refined five colored stones, but one was still missing. Finally, she filled the sky with her own body, and the white scorpion and the snake followed.

The book of mountains and seas is of great literature value. It is a reference for the study of ancient Chinese history, geography, culture, Chinese and foreign communications, folk customs, myths, etc. the mineral records are the earliest relevant documents in the world.

The version of the book of mountains and seas is complex. It can be seen that the earliest version is the biography of the book of mountains and seas by Jin GuoPu. However, the book title of the book of mountains and seas, records of the historian, mentions that the earliest purpose of the book is the Hanshu · records of art and culture. As for its real author, some predecessors thought that Yu, Boyi and Yi Jian were the only books handed down after being edited and edited by Liu Xiang and Liu Xin in the Western Han Dynasty. Now, many people think that the specific time and author of the book can not be confirmed.

Ancient and modern scholars have different understandings on the content and nature of the book of mountains and seas. For example, Sima Qian frankly said that the content was too absurd, so he dared not take it as a reference when making history. For example, Lu Xun thought that “the book of witches and Fangshi”. Most scholars now believe that the book of mountains and seas is an early and valuable geographical work. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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