What are the legends about rosefinch, one of the four sacred beasts? How did rosefinch evolve?

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Zhuque, also known as “zhuniao”, is one of the four divine beasts in Chinese mythology and one of the four elephants. The sacred beast rosefinch is the God of the south, guarding the south. It is a sacred beast representing the Yan Emperor and the seven constellations in the south. It is separated in the eight trigrams and dominates the fire in the five elements, symbolizing the old Yang in the four symbols and the summer in the four seasons. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


In modern times, many people think of it as a phoenix or a kind of Phoenix, but in fact, as one of the four spirits of heaven and one of the four constellations, the rosefinch is very different from the Phoenix, one of the four spirits of the book of rites. The origin of rosefinch may be derived from the ancient star worship. The Phoenix is the king of white birds, which should be produced by the worship of creatures. According to the timeline of historical records, rosefinch is earlier than Phoenix. If they are related, phoenix also evolved on the basis of rosefinch.

As one of the four symbols, rosefinch is a version highly respected by Taoism, which contains Taoist theories from the sky to the stars and the five elements of Feng Shui. Phoenix is the version of Confucianism, which embodies enterprising, peaceful, benevolent and righteous Confucianism. What does he look like?

“Shan Hai Jing, the second Sutra of the South”: “there are birds, whose shape is like a crow and their hands, whose sound is like Bi, whose name is zhuniao, and whose name is self titled. When you see it, there are many scholars in its county.”

To put it bluntly, vermilion is also red, so vermilion should be red, vermilion should be bird head, beak, peacock like tail, covered with red feathers. When hovering in the air, the rosefinch’s whole body is like a never extinguished flame. Wherever it goes, the fire shines everywhere, which can illuminate the whole earth.

In the five elements, the rosefinch is regarded as a southern God, while Taoism constantly deduces and deifies the rosefinch, which gradually evolves from a half human and a half bird to a human form, and is called the Ninth Heaven goddess or the Ninth Heaven Xuannv. The ruins of Jiutian Niangniang Temple or Jiutian Xuannv temple are left in the north and south of the great river in China.

There are many prototypes of Phoenix. For example, golden pheasants, peacocks, Eagle eagles, swans, black birds, etc., are also said to be derived from Buddhist ROC golden winged birds.


Among the twenty-eight constellations, the rosefinch is the general name of the southern seven constellations, and the southern Seven Star constellations are bird shaped, also known as “Xuanniao”.

The Taoist rosefinch is called “Lingguang God King”. The rosefinch controls the power of burning fire (three Jue fires in heaven and earth). It is colored red and belongs to fire. It is a beast protector in the South and guards the Nangong stars. There is only one between heaven and earth. In modern times, due to the myth of the rebirth of the Phoenix in the West and the influence of Japanese popular culture, the Chinese also regarded the Phoenix as a rosefinch or Phoenix in translation and cognition.

As for the statement of Xuanniao, it can be seen in the bookofsongs, ode to Shang, Xuanniao: “the destiny of Xuanniao, came down and gave birth to Shang, and it is Yin earth and light.”. The ancient emperor ordered Wu Tang, Zhengyu and the other four directions. ” It means that the emperor of heaven ordered Xuanniao to come to the world, gave birth to a commercial contract, and lived in the vast land of Yin. According to the records of the historical records of Yin Benji, the mother of Shang Qi, Jane Di, was in the suburbs and saw that the mysterious bird in the sky dropped its eggs. Jane Di took it and swallowed it. Then she became pregnant and gave birth to the contract, which became the basis of the legend that the mysterious bird was the ancestor of Shang. That is, the descendants of the Shang Dynasty said that their ancestor Qi was born by Xuanniao and established a powerful Shang Dynasty. Therefore, Xuanniao became the ancestor of merchants.

“Historical records – Yin Benji” also records this history: “Yin Qi, his mother is Jane Di, and there is the daughter of Rong Di, who is the second imperial concubine of emperor Ku When the three of them took a bath, they saw that the black bird followed its egg. Jane Di took it and swallowed it, because she was pregnant and gave birth to a contract. ” In addition to the Yin and Shang Dynasties, the ancestors of Qin, Manchu and Qing Dynasties in the Warring States period and Silla, Korea also have legends about fairies devouring Xuanniao eggs. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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