What are the legends about the ghost car?

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Ghost car, also known as nine headed bird and ghost bird, is a legendary bird with nine heads. The car hides during the day and only appears at night. Most of the time, the ghost car is the image of a bird, and even the feather coat becomes the image of a human woman. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction, and then read on.

The ghost car in the painting usually has nine heads, but after observation, it is not difficult to find that there is a broken neck dripping with blood, indicating that there was a tenth head.

It is said that the head was bitten off by a dog. Since then, ghost cars have been very afraid of dogs, so in the legend, people use dogs to drive away ghost cars.


It is said that the ghost car was pregnant, but the child died just after birth. The ghost car that lost her child was very sad. She wanted a child very much, so she often flew to the place where people lived at night to look for children.

If the ghost car takes a fancy to the children of any family, it will drop the blood drops on the children’s clothes hanging outside. At night, the ghost car would find the sign and steal the child.

Therefore, before dark, people will take back the clothes that are hung outside to avoid being marked by ghost cars.

The legend of the ghost car was widely spread in ancient times, and the versions in different regions are different. It is said that in Yuzhang, a man saw sixorseven nine headed birds by a stream in the mountains. They take off their feather coats and become beautiful girls playing in the water.

The man sneaked over under the cover of the grass and stole one of the feather coats. The beautiful girl frolicked for a while. After landing, she put on the feather coat and became a bird and flew away. Only one girl could not fly away because she could not find her own feather coat. The girl is burning with anxiety.


At this time, the man came out and begged the girl to stay. The girl could not but follow the man to stay at home.

The man took care of her in every way and was considerate. After a period of time, the girl accepted the man. They married and gave birth to three beautiful daughters.

One day, the girl inadvertently knew that it was her husband who had secretly hidden the feather coat. She felt cheated and was very angry.

So she asked her husband’s favorite third daughter to ask her father where the feather clothes were hidden. The man thought to himself that the woman had been married to her for many years and had three children. She would not leave her and her three children alone, so he told her that her feathers were hidden under the straw.


Without thinking, the woman immediately took out her feather coat and put it on her body. She became a bird and flew away. The three men regretted it, and the three daughters missed their mother day and night.

Soon, the woman came back to wear feather clothes for her daughter one by one. The mother and daughter immediately turned into four birds and flew away, never coming back.

It is said that the ghost car is the fierce ghost of the lying in woman and the “Rose of the dead woman”. There is also the saying that “ghost chariot birds can collect people’s souls” in the hundred Yang Zazu, which can explain that ghost chariots belong to the ghost category.

Although there is no further description of how to “capture the soul”, it clearly records that the ancients regarded it as “sneaky”. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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