What are the legends of the ancient beast Feilian? What are the records about Feilian in history?

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Who is Fengshen Feilian? Who is the prototype of Fengshen Feilian? The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Introduction to Feilian

Feilian, also known as Feilian, is a mythical animal in ancient Chinese mythology. The literature says that Feilian is a bird body deer head or a bird head deer body. One of the ancestors of the Qin people is Feilian. It first appeared in “Chu Ci Li Sao”: “the former Wang Shu makes a pioneer, and the latter Fei Lian makes a runner.”


The worship of wind god in ancient China originated early. Zheng Xuan’s note: “a windmaster is a dustpan”, which means “the Moon leaves the dustpan, and the wind blows the sand, so we know the windmaster is also a windmaster”.

Cai Yong of the Eastern Han Dynasty, in his dogmatic poem, said, “the God of the wind, the star of the dustpan, whose image is in the sky, can promote the wind.”. Jixing is one of the seven eastern constellations among the twenty-eight constellations, which should take Xingxiu as the wind god. In addition, there are also people in Chu who call Feng Bo Feilian.

Legend of Feilian

Feng Bo

Chiyou’s right-hand man during the period of the Yellow Emperor Chiyou. Feng Bo’s name is Feilian. He used to be Chiyou’s younger martial brother. His appearance is strange, with a deer like body and leopard like patterns. His head is like the head of a peacock, with strange horns and a snake like tail.

He once worshiped a true Taoist with Chiyou as a master and practiced in Qishan. During cultivation, Feilian found a big stone on the opposite mountain. He flew up like a swallow every time there was wind and rain. When the weather cleared up, he fell back in his place. He was not surprised, so he watched carefully.


One night, in the middle of the night, I saw this big stone move. In a twinkling of an eye, it turned into a lifeless creature in the shape of a cloth bag. It took two deep breaths on the ground and spewed out. All of a sudden, a gust of wind broke out, flying sand and stones, and the gadget flew like a flying swallow in the strong wind. Feilian was nimble. He jumped up and caught him. Only then did he know that he was the one who knew five good luck and was in charge of eight wind news; Wind mother &quote;.

So he went from " Wind mother " Here you have learned the magic of inducing and stopping the wind. In the fierce battle between Chiyou and the Yellow Emperor’s tribe, it is said that Chiyou invited Feng Bo and Yu Shi to perform magic. Suddenly, the wind and rain came to blows and made the Yellow Emperor’s followers lose their way. The Yellow Emperor set up a surprise winning array and used the guide car made by the queen of the wind to distinguish the wind direction before defeating Chiyou.

After being subdued by the Yellow Emperor, he obediently became the God in charge of the wind. As the vanguard of the emperor’s patrol, Feng Bo is responsible for cleaning all obstacles on the road. Whenever the emperor of heaven goes out on a tour, the Thor always opens the way, the rain master sprinkles water, and the wind sweeps the floor. Feng Bo’s main responsibility is to take charge of the news of the winds coming from all sides and the holiday climate of the four seasons of Yuntong.


Feilian in history

Feilian, also known as Feilian, is a mythical figure in ancient China. It is said that he was the ancestor of Qin and Zhao during the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, and the descendant of Zhuanxu, the grandson of the Yellow Emperor. During the period of King Zhou of Shang Dynasty, Feilian was an important Minister of Shang Dynasty. Feilian and his son were both the ancestors of the later monarch of Qin state.

According to the notes to the water classic, Feilian worked for King Zhou because he was good at walking. King Wu of Zhou defeated King Zhou, and Feilian died for his country. The emperor of heaven was moved by his loyalty, buried him in a sarcophagus, and made him a god of wind.

Feilian is the name of the ancestors of Zhao, Ma, Miao, Liang, and some Qin (Note: Qin is mostly Ji, after Duke Zhou), and Ying. His family has a long history.

Tianshui is the birthplace of the Qin people. Today, there is a Fengdu temple in Tianshui dedicated to the worship of the wind god Feilian. Tianshui is a place with the surname of Zhao, which is related to the early Qin culture.

Feilian lineage

Branches of the state of Qin: Zhongxi ? Feilian ? evil Lai ? nvfang ? panggao ? Taiji ? Daluo ? Qin Feizi

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