What are the magic weapons in the list of gods? Introduction to the ranking of the magic weapon of Fengshen list!

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Today, the editor of China story network brings you an article about the magic weapon of the list of gods. Welcome to read it~

When it comes to the magic weapons in the list of gods, there are really many, not to mention thousands, but hundreds. So many people have said that they want to make an inventory. What are the magic weapons in the list of gods? The following small series brings you not only the released inventory, but also the introduction of magic weapons and related pictures. Please come and enjoy them if you are interested!

1. Golden Gourd – Nuwa: Golden gourd. (in the first round, Caiyun tong’er is called to take the gold gourd from the back palace, put it under the Danlong, lift the cover of the gourd, and point it with his hand; there is a white light in the gourd…)

2. Nu Wa: it is as big as a rafter, more than four or five feet high, with colorful lights and thousands of auspicious reflections. (the first time, not for a moment, the sad wind is rustling, the sad fog is misty, the clouds are in four directions, the wind passes through several arrays, and all the demons in the world come to the palace to listen to the law.)

3. The painting of mountains and rivers – Nuwa: 92 times, used to capture Yuan Hong.

4. Tie the demon rope – Nuwa: 97 times, tie the fox, chicken and pipa.

5. Tai Chi map – Lao Tzu: it is an all encompassing treasure, which is to split the earth and open the sky, clear the turbid water and calm the water, fire and wind.

6. Wind and fire Futon – Laozi: a Taoist meditation object with wind and fire attribute. (I don’t know what the use is)

7. The picture of heaven and earth – Laozi: a cloth wrapped, containing heaven and earth. (in the 51st time, Laozi shakes away the picture of heaven and earth, and orders the yellow scarf Warrior: “wrap the clouds and press them under the Qilin cliff.”)

8. Three precious jade Ruyi – Laozi: white jade Ruyi, throwing attacks, hitting people’s celestial cover, and making people lose their magic.

9. Treasure box – Yuanshi Tianzun: (in the 51st chapter, take a box from the sleeve of Yuanshi, lift the cover and throw it into the air: put Bixiao, people and horses in the box, and it will soon turn into blood.)

10. Glass bottle – Yuanshi Tianzun: a small transparent bottle made of glass, which can carry the holy water of three lights.

11. Pangu banner – Yuanshi Tianzun: the banner can break the “Taiji array”.

12. Taiji talisman seal – Yuanshi Tianzun: talisman seal to resist magic attacks.

13. Immortal killing sword – leader of Tongtian sect: the ancient sword that has been cast, and the immortal killing array is arranged.

14. Killing immortal sword – leader of Tongtian sect: the ancient sword that has been cast, and the immortal killing array is arranged.

15. Trapped immortal sword – leader of Tongtian sect: the ancient sword that has been cast, and the immortal killing array is arranged.

16. Jue Xian sword – leader of Tongtian sect: the ancient sword that has been cast, and the immortal killing array is arranged.

17. The painting of Zhuxian array – the leader of Tongtian sect: it records the atlas of Zhuxian array.

18. Six souls banner – leader of Tongtian sect: this banner has six tails, and the names of the people are written on the tails; In the morning and evening, use the seal of the amulet. When the worship is over, shake the banner and immediately take people’s lives.

19. Tu Xing sword – cloud neutron: the branches of the old dead pine are cut into dust in three days.

20. Tongtian god fire pillar cloud neutron: there are eight in total, with a height of more than 30 Zhang, a length of more than 30 Zhang, and a circle of more than 30 Zhang. According to the direction of the eight trigrams. Inside each pillar, there are 49 fire dragons.

21. Purple gold bowl – Yunzi: an instrument for holding food, which blocks the enemy’s retreat in the air.

22. Mirror the demons – cloud neutron: the bronze mirror reflects the original shape of the demons.

23. Eight diagrams immortal clothes (eight diagrams purple ribbon clothes) – guangchengzi: Taoist robes printed with eight diagrams, invisible.

24. Fantian seal – guangchengzi: the immortal seal, with the word “Fantian” engraved on the bottom, is used for throwing attacks and hitting people’s heads.

25. Sweeping Xia clothes – guangchengzi: gauze clothes with Fairy Spirit, which can see the sun through the clouds.

26. Yin Yang mirror – red sperm: half of the mirror is white and half is red. A white flash is a dead end, and a red flash is a birth gate.

27. Purple ribbon fairy clothes – red sperm: purple ribbon, which can be wrapped around the shoulder and is invulnerable to weapons.

28. Jiulong divine fire mask – Taiyi immortal: the flame inside the mask rises, and the fierce fire is generated. There are nine fire dragons circling. Release the true fire of Samadhi.

29. Changhongsuo – immortal Puxian: bind the enemy.

30. Ding Feng Zhu – Du Er Zhenren: round bead, stop the wind.

31. Qibao Linglong tower – Taoist priest of lighting lamps: inhale people and burn them with fire; Or throw to hit the door.

32. Heaven and earth ruler – Taoist priest of burning lamps: long ruler, made of unknown material, commanding attacks.

33. Six clean bamboos – zhunti Taoist: Immortal bamboo, bind the enemy.

34. Clean glass bottle – tzu hang Taoist: people and animals will be sucked into the bottle and their flesh will turn into pus.

35. Immortal elixir – moral true monarch: Rebirth of both eyes. (save Yang ren)

36. Hunyuan banner – moral true monarch: umbrella shaped, space shifting, and invisible.

37. Divine sand – the true ruler of morality: the sand with immortality, borrowing things to replace forms.

38. Gourd — the true ruler of morality: the God sand.


39. Five fire and seven bird fan (five fire god flame fan) – moral true king: this fan has air fire, stone fire, wood fire, samadhi fire, human fire, and the combination of five fires; This treasure fan has Phoenix wings, qingluan wings, big crane wings, peacock wings, white crane wings, swan wings, owl wings and seven bird feathers. On the front, there is a seal and a formula. There are poems on the opposite side. Let out flames.

40. Talisman seal for protecting the internal organs – Jiang Shang: it is a general Taoist talisman seal. It burns ashes into water and takes them into the stomach to protect the internal organs.

41. Yuxu apricot yellow flag – Jiang Shang: apricot yellow triangular flag to resist the attack of magic weapons.

42. Trap the immortal rope – fear leaving the sun: automatically bind the enemy.

43. Xuandu off the ground flame light flag – xuandu * * Division: draw it according to the five elements of rare treasures, and control the Fantian seal.

44. Qinglian baose flag – the Taoist Guide: the white air is hanging in the air, the golden light is 10000, and now there is a relic. I will refrain from this heavenly seal.

45. Plain cloud banner (Juxian banner) – Queen Mother of the West: it is dense everywhere, and a school of strange incense is covered on it to control the sky seal.

46. Bupleurum – Shennong: plant, which can cure infectious diseases.

47. Heaven and earth circle – Nezha: the gold bracelet can change, and can be large or small. Throwing attack, great power, 100 hits.

48. Mixed sky silk – Nezha: red silk, seven feet long, can automatically bind the enemy.

49. Wind and fire wheel – Nezha: the two wheels hide the potential of wind and fire, and can be used as a means of transportation. From heaven to earth, it is extremely fast.

50. Gold brick – Nezha: made of pure gold, brick shaped, and thrown to attack the enemy.

51. Fire jujube – Nezha: jujubes have become three heads and eight arms.

52. Yin Yang Sword – Nezha: two swords with different attributes. (in the 76 chapters, Nezha was very happy. In one hand, he held the heaven and earth circle, in the other hand, he held the mixed sky silk, in two hands, he held two fire pointed guns, in one hand, he held the gold bricks, and in the other hand, he returned three empty hands. The real man also took the nine dragon divine fire shield and took the Yin and Yang Sword, forming a total of eight weapons.)

53. Flower basket – Huang Tianhua: absorbing concealed weapons.


54. Mo Ye’s sword – Huang Tianhua: when the light shines, the head falls.

55. Drill nail – Huang Tianhua: it is seven inches and five minutes long and emits brilliant light and dazzling flames. (in the 41st round, Huang Tianhua produced a heart piercing nail, which hit the front heart of the magic ceremony and passed through it unconsciously.)

56. Dunlong stake (seven treasure Golden Lotus) – Jin Zha: a yellow gold pillar with three gold rings. Automatically bind the enemy to the gold pillar and fasten it with a gold ring. You can’t escape.

57. Wu Gou – Mu Zha: this sword is made by the leading general Mo Ye. It can be divided into male and female.

58. Demon subduing pestle – Wei Hu: a metal short stick containing spiritual power. One end is large and the other is small. It’s as light as gray grass in your hands, and it’s as heavy as Mount Tai when you hit people.

59. Heaven and earth bow and sky shaking arrow (three) – Li Jing: since the Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor destroyed Chiyou, no one has been able to take it up. Boy Biyun of Baigu cave in skeleton mountain was hit by this arrow in the throat and fell to the ground to die.

60. Red apricot – Lei Zhenzi: it smells sweet and refreshing like sweet dew. It makes people wind and thunder.

61. Red Gourd – chongheihu: Red gourd, with the help of iron beaked eagle.

62. Bagua Yunguang handkerchief (Bagua Longxu handkerchief) – Lady Shiji: This is a white handkerchief, on which there is the treasure of Kanli earthquake, including all kinds of treasures. Summon the yellow scarf warrior.

63. Golden eye Eagle – Huang Feihu: two eyes are like lamps and claws are like steel hooks, which are designed to subdue demons.

64. Fire dragon sign – Chen Tong: concealed weapon dart, smoke with the hand, 100 hits.

65. Soul killing flag – Yuhua: Flag shaped, capturing the enemy alive.

66. Blood melting magic knife – Yu Hua: it is like an electric light. If you get hit by the knife mark, you will die instantly.

67. Hongzhu Fenglin: it is the size of a bowl mouth, and it can hit people and drop horses.

68. Open Dzi Beads – Wang Mo, Yang Sen: round beads, throwing attack.

69. Hunyuan Pearl – Gao Youqian: round ball, throwing attack.


70. Earth splitting beads – Li xingba: round beads, throwing attacks.

71. Stone – Dragon and Tiger: a stone comes out of the palm, and the stone attacks.

72. Wuguang stone – Deng Chanyu: a stone with strange five colors. Hit people in the face.

73. Qingyun sword – magic gift green: there are four characters on the sword, namely, ground, water, fire and wind. The wind is the black wind. There are thousands of spears in the wind. If you encounter this wind, your limbs will become powder. When it comes to fire, the Golden Snake in the air stirs up, and there is black smoke all over the place, which covers people’s eyes; Burning people, no shelter.

74. White jade diamond bracelet – magic gift green: the diamond bracelet is made of jade and is thrown for attack.

75. Hunyuan umbrella – Magic Gift Red: all umbrellas are made of pearl, including emerald, grandmother blue, night pearl, dust bead, fire bead, water bead, cooling bead, Jiuqu bead, Dingyan bead and Dingfeng bead. There are also pearls dressed as “loading heaven and earth”. When the sky is dark and the earth is dark, the sun and the moon are dark, and the universe is shaking; Absorb treasures and weapons.

76. Pipa – Magic ritual sea: there are four strings on the pipa, which are also according to the ground, water, fire and wind. Stir the strings, and the wind and fire will come together.

77. Flower fox mink – magic gift birthday: shaped like a white mouse, lifted up in the air, appeared like a white elephant, threatened with flying wings, and devoured the world.

78. Black sand – Yao Tianjun (Yao bin): black sand soil, which can cooperate with the soul falling array to conduct scattering attack.

79. Lost soul – Yao Tianjun (Yao bin): set up a incense table, put a cursive on the stage, and write the name of the enemy on the cursive; The cursive man lights three lamps on his head and seven lamps under his feet. The three lamps above are called hypnotic lamps, and the seven lamps below are called soul catching lamps. He wears a sword, walks vigorously and chants incantations. He uses a seal in front of the stage and worships three times a day in the air. After 21 days, the cast person dies.

80. Mysterious rope for capturing immortals – Qin Tianjun (end of Qin): rope shaped, automatically binding the enemy.

81. Rope for binding the Dragon – Zhao Gongming: rope shaped, automatically binding the enemy.

82. Dinghai beads – Zhao Gongming: there are 24 beads, which are gathered into a string. This pearl was later developed in Shimen and turned into 24 heavens. It will emit five colors and make people blind and vulnerable to conspiracy.


83. Falling treasure money – Xiao Sheng: money has wings. This is a magic weapon that can defeat the enemy.

84. Golden Dragon scissors – Yunxiao, Bixiao and Qiongxiao: these scissors are two dragons. They are inspired by the spirit of heaven and earth and the essence of the sun and the moon. They rise in the air, move up and down, and protect their bodies with auspicious clouds. Their heads are like scissors, and their tails are like strands. Insert two paragraphs at a time.

85. Hunyuan Jindou – Yunxiao, Bixiao, Qiongxiao: that is, the “toilet” used by later generations. Capture the enemy alive and make the enemy lose treasure and mana.

86. Flying sword – Bixiao: Treasure sword, similar to Muzha’s “Wu hook sword”.

87. Eye piercing Pearl – colorful cloud fairy: this pearl is designed to hurt people’s eyes.

88. Wind bag – hanzhixian: it can release black wind and cut people’s bones and flesh.

89. Throwing Knife – 6 pressure: there is a line of light in the gourd, more than 30 feet high. There is an object on the top, seven inches long, with eyebrows and eyes, and two white lights in the eyes. The white light covered the enemy, nailed the enemy, and made him unconscious. Just bow: “please baby turn around.” The baby turned on the enemy’s head and landed.

90. Nail head seven arrows book – 6 press: a manuscript that records the magic of “nail head seven arrows”. Set up a camp, set up a platform in the camp, and make a cursive man. The name of the enemy is written on the person, a lamp on the head, and a lamp under the foot. The steps are vigorous, and the books are printed and burned. The people worship three times a day until noon on the 21st.

91. Nail head seven arrows – six pressure: a small mulberry bow and three peach arrows. First hit the left eye, two arrows at the right eye, and three arrows at the heart.

92. Headache rock – Zhou Xin: a kind of percussion instrument that has been subjected to magic, which makes people headache and has no fight.

93. Dry bell – Li Qi: a kind of bell that has been enchanted. It makes people anxious and has no fight.

94. Coma sword – Zhu Tianlin: a straight sword that has been enchanted. It makes people coma and has no fight.

95. Pestilence Whip – Yang Wenhui: a kind of long whip that has been applied with magic, which makes people confused and has no fight.

96. Jinxia crown – the goddess of fire: wear it on your head and put the Jinxia for thirty or forty feet. invisible.

97. Hunyuan hammer – goddess of fire: small hammer, throwing attack.

98. Sun and moon beads – goddess of turtle spirit: a precious pearl containing the spirit of the sun and moon. Throw it to attack.

99. Dragon and tiger Ruyi – Jinling Virgin: Jade Ruyi engraved with dragon and tiger. Throwing attack.

100. The four elephant Pagoda – the virgin of the golden spirit: a pagoda with six floors on all sides, throwing attacks.


101. Xiandou – Yin Jiao: it makes people have three heads and six arms and one more eye.

102. Lost soul bell – Yin Jiao: the small hand-operated bell makes people lose their souls and their center of gravity is unstable.

103. White jade ring – Wenliang: white jade bracelet, throwing attack, 100 hits.

104. Zhaotian seal – Luo Xuan: an ancient seal, throwing and attacking, with great power.

105. Five Dragon wheel – Luo Xuan: five divine dragons are wound alternately. While attacking the enemy, the five divine dragons can attack on their own.

106. Crow pot – Luo Xuan: a demon pot with square mouth and four ears can release countless crows that can spit fire.

107. Clouds and smoke rise from thousands of miles – Luo Xuan: the rocket can be used at any time without drawing a bow, with accurate targets and wide coverage.

108. Flying smoke sword – Luo Xuan: it was originally a pair. When attacking, it emitted smoke and disturbed the enemy’s sight.

109. Mist and dew heaven and earth net – Princess Longji: * * net cover, boundless, with water to extinguish all flames.

110. Four seas bottle – Princess Longji: porcelain bottle, which can absorb treasures.

111. Two Dragon Sword – Princess Longji: two dragons entangle, throw and attack, and hit 100.

112. Divine whale Princess Longji: a monster floating on the sea like Mount Tai. Cross the water.

113. Bind the Dragon rope Princess Longji: automatically bind the enemy.

114. Heaven and earth needle – Princess Longji: a thin needle three inches and five minutes long can make people lose all their magic power.

115. Whale Dragon – Hong Jin: a monster like fish and dragon, crossing the water.

116. Centipede bee bag – Gao Jineng: it can release centipede bees.

117. Five color Huaguang – Kong Xuan: green, yellow, red, white and black. Attack, capture alive and drop treasure.

118. Chaos in the heart – Qiu Yin: the bowl is a big red bead, which disturbs people’s minds.

119. Magic pill – Yu Yuan: detoxify the blood magic sabre.

120. Gold light file – Yu Yuan: one foot three inches long, throwing attack.

121. Ruyi heaven and earth bag – more than yuan: it can be used to hold people and things and eliminate magic.

122. Wan Zhijun – Han Sheng, Han Bian: a windmill made of paper. There is a turntable in the middle. Hold a rod in the middle. Push around and listen. If you push the turntable, there are four characters on the top, and there are four characters on the top, namely, land, water, fire and wind. The wind is rustling, the flames are soaring, and the throwing knives are released in the air.

123. Handan array – Peng Zun: it’s not an array, but stones and other sundries. It’s a thunder attack.

124. Soul mirror – Dharma ring: an ancient mirror with magical power, which attracts people’s soul.

125. Crispy limbs – long Anji: there are two circles. The left and right turns are like tai chi, and the Yin and yang are linked and locked. This treasure has a jingle sound, which can be heard and seen. The bones of all limbs are loose and the muscles are crisp, and the hands and feet are soft.

126. List plague seal – LV Yue: poison seal, poisoning attack.

127. Plague umbrella – LV Yue: Magic umbrella, arranging plague array.

128. Core striking pestle – Yu Da: small iron pestle, throwing attack.

129. Apricot yellow flag – Yu Zhao: apricot yellow flag, invisible.

130. Plum blossom dart – Yu Guang: a dart. One dart is transformed into five. Multiple attacks.

131. Poison pox – Yu de: poisonous bean, poisoned attack.

132. Ghost ten thousand bones banner Bian Ji: it is made of human bones, several tens of feet high, and there are cinnabar runes on the white bones. It disturbs people’s minds.

133. Sun god needle – Gao Lanying: 49 thin needles, which emit light and fascinate people’s eyes.

134. Seven fragrant cars — Boyi test: Emperor Xuanyuan broke Chiyou’s position in the North Sea and left this car. Move the route as you like.

135. Sobering blanket – boyikao: strange blanket can sober up.

136. The white faced ape – Boyi Kao: the White Ape who has obtained the Tao for thousands of years, is good at meeting 3000 Xiaoqu and 800 Daqu; Be good at Palm dancing; Good at looking at the demons and demons in the world.

137. Exquisite seven orifices heart – bican: the general human heart is divided into two atriums and two ventricles, which are called four orifices; Linglong’s heart has seven orifices.

138. Bailing banner – Baijian: guide souls to enter the Fengshen platform.

Another version

1. Golden gourd: the first magic weapon in the book. It is placed in the harem of Nuwa’s mother. It can attract demons in the world. Nuwa’s mother used this thing to attract thousands of years of fox spirits, nine headed pheasant chicken spirits, jade lute spirits, and ruined Chengtang’s 600 year old foundation.

2. Red gourd: the second one is also a gourd, which is owned by chongheihu. There is an iron beaked eagle in the gourd. “The red gourd wrapped around the edge of a black gas rushed out, let go of it like a snare. In the dark annihilation, there was a sound of EEE and dumb. It was the iron beaked eagle that covered the sky and reflected the sun.”. It is used to fight between the two armies and catch the enemy in front of the array. From the function, it is very common. Jinjiling broke Gao Jineng’s Wufeng bag.

3. Wooden sword: Yun zhongzi saw the evil spirit of Chaoge rising to the sky, so he cut the old pine branches into wooden swords and presented them to King Zhou. Unfortunately, King Zhou listened to Daji’s words and only hung it for half a day before burning it.

4. Mixed sky silk: the treasure of Jinguang cave Town, Qianyuan mountain.

5. Heaven and earth circle: it’s also Nezha’s. Nezha brought these two things with him when he was born, and then he took them to the sea

6. Heaven and earth bow and sky shaking arrow: the treasure of Chentang pass, “from the Yellow Emperor of Xuanyuan to the destruction of Chiyou, it has been handed down to this day, and no one can take it.”. Nezha opened his bow and shot an arrow. As a result, Biyun boy, the disciple of Shiji’s mother, was shot dead, which provoked a dispute.

7. Bagua Yunguang Handkerchief: also known as Bagua Longxu handkerchief, it has the treasure of Kanli earthquake, which is all inclusive and the treasure of Shiji lady. Shi Ji used it to catch Li Jing. Later, when he was dealing with Taiyi immortal, he broke it.

8. Kowloon divine fire mask: the magic weapon of Taiyi immortal, with nine fire dragons coiled inside; It was the fire of samadhi God. It was very fierce. When he came up, he collected Shiji. During the ten Jue formation, he burned Sun Liang and broke the blood melting formation. Later, it was passed to Nezha.

9. Wind fire wheel and fire pointed gun: the treasure sent by immortal Taiyi after Nezha’s Lotus incarnation is familiar to everyone. At the same time, I also gave him a gold brick, which has the same function as the heaven and earth circle, and a leopard skin bag for holding magic weapons.

10. Dunlong stake: also known as seven treasure Golden Lotus. This is the magic weapon of Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun in Yunxiao cave of Wulong mountain. When Nezha chased and killed Li Jing, he met Guangfa Tianzun and spoke disrespectfully. He was taught a lesson by the Tianzun. “I saw the wind blowing all over the country, the clouds and fog were lost, the dust was sown, and there was a sound; Nezha was confused and did not know the north and south, and he could not recognize things in the dark. He had a gold ring around his neck, two gold rings on his legs, and stood on the gold pillar of the Yellow dengdeng. When Nezha opened his eyes, he could not move.” Later, he captured Wang Mo and Yang Sen of the Four Saints of Kowloon island; Kill Qin Tianjun and break the Tianjue array.

11. Golden Pagoda: it is the pagoda held by Li Jing. When Li Jing was cornered by Nezha, he met the Taoist priest of lighting lamp in Yuanjue cave of lingjiu mountain. Lighting lamp gave him this magic weapon to deal with Nezha. Later, Li Jing killed Luo Xuan with it when he threw it into Xiqi.

12. Seven incense cars, sobering blankets and white faced apes: the treasures presented to King Zhou during the atonement for his father in the Chaoge of Boyi are all luxuries. “The seven incense cart was left by Emperor Xuanyuan who broke Chi you in the North Sea. If a person sits on it, he does not need to push it. If he wants to be east, he will be east, and if he wants to be West, he will be West. It is a treasure handed down by the world. If a person is drunk, he will lie on the mat and wake up in no time. Although white faced apes are animals, they are good at singing 3000 small songs and 800 large songs. They can eulogize the songs before the feast and dance on their palms. They are really like Orioles and willows.” Unfortunately, he refused Daji’s seduction. Daji offered advice, and King Zhou ordered him to be cut into meat.

13. Gold stick: a weapon given by Yunzi to Lei Zhenzi.

14. Hunyuan: the magic weapon of Qingfeng mountain Ziyang cave. Huang Feihu was surrounded by Wen Taishi, the four generals of Jiameng pass, Zhang Feng, the chief officer of Lintong pass, and Zhang Guifang, the chief officer of Qinglong pass. With this treasure, Daode Zhenjun and Huang’s father and son moved to Yijing mountain to avoid a disaster.

15. Fire dragon sign: it is the concealed weapon of Chen Tong, the general of Tongguan. It was given by a strange person. It can make smoke and hit all targets. Huang Tianhua collected it in a flower basket.

16. Spring breeze white jade basket: it was used by Huang Tianhua when he went down the mountain for the first time. It received Chen Tong’s fire dragon logo. Then it didn’t appear again.

17. Moye sword: Ziyang cave of Qingfeng mountain is the treasure of the pure moral Zhenjun. Send it to Huang Tianhua and kill Chen Tong when he comes out. “According to Chen Tong’s one finger, I saw a star light on the tip of the sword, the size of a lamp. It flew to Chen Tong’s face. Chen Tong had already fallen under the horse.”

18. Soul slaying banner: it is a remnant of the seven generals in jiepaiguan. Yu huazhan captured Huang Feihu and his family. As a result, on the way back to Chaoge, he met Nezha, who came down the mountain to save people, and was taken by him with a leopard skin bag.

19. Red beads: the leftist technique used by Feng Lin, the pioneer under Zhang Guifang’s seat, “when a black smoke comes, it turns into a net edge, and a red bead appears; it is the size of a bowl mouth”. Several Xiqi generals were killed and injured. Later, it was broken by Nezha.

20. List of gods: people on earth know it.

21. Beating the magic whip: it is three feet, five inches and six minutes long, and has 26 sections. Each section has four runes, a total of 84 runes. It is a pity that the whip can only beat the gods but not the immortals. The nameless people on the list of gods are immune to it.

22. Open the dZi bead: it is the object of Yang Sen, one of the Four Saints of Jiulong island in the North Sea, which knocked Nezha off the wheel of wind and fire.


23. Hunyuan jewel: it belongs to Gao Youqian, one of the four saints.

24. Earth splitting bead: it belongs to Li xingba, one of the four saints. Ziya had seven deaths and three disasters in Xiqi. The first one was killed by the earth ball.

25. Wu hook: Mu Zha has two swords on his back, named Wu hook

26. Qingyun sword: it is the gift of the four generals of the magic family. “There are four characters on the seal, the ground, the water, the fire and the wind. The wind is the black wind, and the thousands of spears and spears in the wind. If it meets the wind, the limbs will become powder. If it is fire, the Golden Snake in the air will be twisted, and there is a black smoke everywhere. The smoke covers the eyes; if it burns, there is no shelter.”

27. White jade diamond bracelet: it is also a magic gift, which will defeat Huang Tianhua’s jade unicorn. When attacking Nezha, he was smashed by Nezha with a circle of heaven and earth.

28. Hunyuan umbrella: a magic gift red thing. “The umbrellas are all made of bright pearls, including emerald, grandmother blue, night pearl, dust bead, fire bead, water bead, cooling bead, Jiuqu bead, Dingyan bead, and Dingfeng bead. There are also pearls dressed in the four characters of” loading heaven and earth “. This umbrella dare not be supported. When it is opened, the sky is dark, the sun and the moon are dark, and the universe is shaking.” After entering the battle, he received Nezha’s heaven and earth circle and the whip. After Yang Jian threw himself into Xiqi, he changed into a mink and stole it.

29. Pipa: it is a magic gift. “There are four strings on it, and the sound of the strings can be heard according to the ground, water, fire and wind, and the wind and fire can reach the same level, just like the Qingyun sword.”

30. Mink: it’s a gift of life. “Put it up in the air and appear like a white elephant. It has wings and eats all the people in the world.” Later, after eating Yang Jian, he pinched his heart in his stomach and reimbursed him.

31. Heart piercing nail: the treasure given to Huang Tianhua by the moral emperor, “it is seven and a half inches long, emits brilliant light, and the flame is dazzling”. Huang Tianhua killed the four generals of the demon family with this treasure.

32. Male and female double whips: the weapons of master Wen were originally two dragons, which were transformed into two whips and divided into two Qi according to Yin and Yang. I don’t know whether master Wen is powerful or the whip is powerful. In short, master Wen pointed it around and used a lot of magic. Later, Jiang Ziya broke one with a whip.

33. Dingfeng beads: Jiuding tiecha mountain, Babao Lingguang cave, the object of du’e immortal, Ziya chasan Yisheng and Chaotian borrowed it to break the wind roar array.

34. Clean glass bottle: it is the property of people in luojiadong CI channel of Putuo Mountain. After receiving Dong Quan, it broke the wind roaring array.

35. Cloud light: it is the object of immortal Puxian in Baihe cave of Jiugong Mountain. “A white light is placed on the finger like a line, and a Qingyun grows up. It is several feet high and has octagons. On the corner are golden lanterns and pendants, which protect the top.” it broke the cold water array.

36. Fan Tianyin: guangchengzi killed the golden light virgin with it and broke the golden light array. When Yin Jiao went down the mountain, guangchengzi passed it on to him, and Xiqi was knocked upside down. It is said in the book that “the benefits of Fantian seal can only be broken if we take the Yanguang flag of xuandu and the baose flag of Qinglian in the west”.

37. Trapped immortal rope: afraid of leaving sun, he captured Zhao Jiang and broke the earth fierce array. Later, he was stolen down the mountain by Tu Xing sun. He captured several generals, including Nezha and Huang Tianhua, and bound Jiang Ziya.

38. Dragon rope: it should be similar to the trapped immortal rope. It is a treasure of Zhao Gongming in Luofu cave of Mount Emei. He captured immortal Huanglong.

39. Ding Haizhu: Zhao Gongming’s treasure, with a lot of origins. “There are 24 pearls. This pearl was later developed in the Shimen and turned into 24 heavens. Gongming sacrificed this treasure in the air. There are five colors and lights. Even if the immortals are not clear about it, they should not see it. Once they brush it off, they beat the red sperm. They beat guangchengzi to the dust.”.

40. Treasure money: This is really powerful. It seems that it can break all the magic weapons in the world. Xiao Sheng, a scattered man from Wuyi Mountain, received Zhao Gongming’s Dragon rope and sea bead.

41. Qian Kun Chi: it is the treasure of the Taoist priest burning lanterns in Yuanjue cave of lingjiu mountain. He hit Zhao Gongming in a sneak attack, but Zhao seems to have not been hurt.

42. Golden Dragon scissors: the treasure of three maidens in Sanxian island. Zhao Gongming is angry that he has received the Dragon rope and Ding Haizhu. He goes to Sanxian island to borrow them to avenge the burning lamp. “These scissors are two dragons. They are inspired by the spirit of heaven and earth. They are inspired by the essence of the sun and the moon. They rise in the air, move up and down, and protect their bodies with auspicious clouds. Their heads are like scissors, and their tails are like strands. They are not afraid of you becoming a Taoist immortal. They can insert two paragraphs at a time.”. The people on Kunlun Mountain were helpless. Fortunately, the idle people of West Kunlun came and killed Zhao Gongming with seven arrow books. Later in the Yellow River array, Qiong Xiao sent out to hurt Lao Jun, and was taken by Lao Jun.


43. Chopping immortal Throwing Knife: this treasure is not small. It can kill people and gods. Yu Yuan is the essence of hardware. It is invulnerable to swords and guns. Yuan Hua has eight or nine mysterious skills (that is, 72 changes:). The sword does not hurt, and the water and fire are difficult to invade. All of them were cut down by it. “Lu Ya Jing is holding a gourd in his hand. There is a thin line of light in the gourd. It is more than thirty feet high. There is an object on the top. It is seven inches long, with eyebrows and eyes. There are two white lights in its eyes. The mask is coming down, and it is nailed to the mud pill palace. He is unconscious. He doesn’t know what to do. Lu Ya bows:” please turn around. ” When the baby turned on his head, the dust had already fallen on his head. ” Did you see that when Lu Ya cast his spell, he said “please”? It can be seen that this thing has been channeled.

44. Yin Yang mirror: “this mirror is white on one side and red on the other. If you shake the white, it will be a dead end.” The magic weapon of red sperm in Yunxiao cave of Taihua mountain killed Yao bin and broke the soul falling array. Later, when Yan Hong came down the mountain, the red sperm passed it on to Yin Hong. As a result, the life of the general Xiqi was lost.

45. Five fires and seven birds fan: the magic weapon of the heaven worshippers in the Yuwu cave road of Jinting mountain. This fan has air fire, stone fire, wood fire, samadhi fire, human fire, and five fires; This treasure fan has Phoenix wings, qingluan wings, big crane wings, peacock wings, white crane wings, swan wings, owl wings, and seven bird feathers. There are runes and seals on it. Wang Yi died one by one, breaking the flood array. (when the Antarctic fairy Weng broke the red sand array, he used the five fire seven plume fan. I don’t know if it is the same thing.)

46. Hunyuan Jindou: another powerful treasure of the three maidens of Sanxian island. After Zhao Gongming died, the three men angrily went down the mountain to avenge their brother. The first array captured Lu Yan. The second array collected the dunlong stake and captured Yang Jian and Jin Zha. When they took Jiang Ziya, they were blocked by the apricot yellow flag. There were more people in the third array, including red sperm, guangchengzi, Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun, Puxian immortal, Cihang Taoist, Qingxu moral Zhenjun, Daoxing Tianzun, Yuding immortal, lingbaotai mage, fear of leaving grandchildren, and Huanglong immortal. At last, the Xiqi Gaoren only had one lamp to burn. They didn’t dare to touch it, and they fled with the wind. It can be said that “the universe and the world are filled, and he can collect all his treasures.” Finally, he was taken back to the yuxu Palace by the Supreme Lord.

47. Poke eye beads: the treasure of Caiyun fairy, which hurt Huang Tianhua and Jiang Ziya’s eyes. Later, he took it out to beat the original Tianzun, but it turned into dust before the Tianzun’s eyes.

48. Wind bag: the treasure of Hanzhi fairy. Open it and release the black wind. “He can blow the darkness of heaven and earth, and is good at blowing the darkness of the universe; he can crack mountains and fall down, and people will not survive.” I was broken by the wind.

49. The painting of heaven and earth: after collecting the things of the Supreme Lord, they should be good things in time. Mana is no worse than Tai Chi chart.

50. Sanbaoyu Ruyi: This is the treasure of the original God. He killed Qiongxiao. He also took it in his hand as a weapon when he killed the immortal array. It should be a good thing.

51. Purple gold bowl: the magic weapon of the Taoist priest who lit the lamp, trapped master Wen in the fire pillar of the God of heaven, and was burned to death by Yunzi.

52. Wuguang stone: Deng Chanyu’s concealed weapons are similar to those of fire dragon darts, but their lethality is very low. The people who are hit are all slightly injured.

53. Three pointed two edged Sabre: it was picked up by Yang Jian when he went to Jialong mountain and asked him to leave his son to collect the earth. It is also a famous weapon.

54. Headache, dryness, coma, and pestilence whip: Zhou Xin, Li Qi, Zhu Tianlin, and Yang Wenhui became pestilence envoys after they became gods. These four are their magic weapons for spreading pestilence. It’s all gadgets.

55. Shape heaven seal, plague bell, fixed shape plague and finger plague sword: LV Yue’s treasure. LV Yue is the master of the four above. There are more things and the functions are similar to those above, but it is still useless.

56. Immortal chopping sword: it is the jade Ding immortal’s sword. Use it to kill Zhu Tianlin.

57. Demon subduing pestle: Wei Hu’s weapon. This treasure is as light as gray grass in the hand and as heavy as Mount Tai when it hits people.

58. Water fire front: the red sperm was sent to Yin Hong for body protection. It should be a weapon.

59. Purple ribbon fairy coat: it is a coat of red sperm, which can avoid the fire and flood of sabre soldiers. It can block many spells in the ten Jue array. When Yin Hong came down the mountain, he gave it to Yin Hong, but he hit him with a magic whip. The spear of fire never pierced a dime.

60. Tai Chi map: if you let go of this map, it will be a treasure of everything. It will turn into a golden bridge. If you get on the Tai Chi map, you will become a fly ash. The magic weapon of the Supreme Lord is really powerful, except for Yan Hongquan. It is also used by the Supreme Lord when he enters the immortal trap array.

61. Soul falling bell, male and female sword: the treasure given by guangchengzi when Yin Jiao went down the mountain.

62. According to the demon’s Guide: the magic weapon of cloud neutron can reflect the original shape of the demon. Xiqi captured Ma Shan, but he could not be killed with a knife or a fire. However, Yang Jian went to borrow the mirror of the demon, only to find out that he was a lamp on the lingjiu mountain.

63. Zhao Tianyin, five dragon wheel, ten thousand crow pot, ten thousand miles of cloud smoke and flying smoke sword: Luo Xuan’s magic weapon is used for setting fire. “The ten thousand crow pot opened, and ten thousand fire crows flew into the city. They blew fire in their mouths, and smoke on their wings. They also used several fire dragons to put the five dragon wheels in the middle. They saw the red smoke foal’s hooves generate flames, and the flying smoke sword has a red light. If there are stone walls, they can’t burn in.”

64. Mist and dew: when Luoxuan burned Xiqi, Princess Longji threw herself into Xiqi. She saw that there were tens of thousands of fire crows in the fire, so she covered Xiqi with this treasure. “This treasure has the advantage of mutual generation and mutual restraint,

65. The mist and dew are real water, which can suppress fire, so it is immediately extinguished; Immediately collect all the ten thousand flamingos. “

66. Four seas bottle and two dragon sword: Princess Longji used the four seas bottle to collect Luo Xuan’s Five Dragon wheel and the clouds and smoke rising from thousands of miles. She also used the two dragon sword to break the Zhao Tian seal and cut Luo Xuan down.


67. Yuxu apricot yellow flag: it was originally stored in the original Tianzun of yuxu palace. Later, it was lent to Jiang Ziya to enjoin the gods. “Unfold the apricot yellow flag, and ten thousand Golden Lotus will appear.”

68. Off the ground flame light flag: it was stored at the place of the Supreme Lord of xuandu cave and lent to guangchengzi to subdue Yin Jiao. “Spread the flame and light flag from the ground. This treasure is a treasure of xuandu. It is a treasure according to the five elements.”

69. Qinglian baose flag: it was kept at the Taoist guide of the Western Paradise and lent to guangchengzi to subdue Yin Jiao. “The green lotus color flag is waving. Good baby, the white air is hanging in the air and the golden light is shining. Now there is a relic.”

70. Plain cloud banner: this banner is called cloud realm and Juxian. When you go to the yaochi meeting, you pull this flag. All the immortals know that they will come to the yaochi meeting to win. Therefore, it is called Juxian flag. It was stored at the West King’s mother in yaochi, and the Antarctic fairy went to borrow it to subdue Yin Jiao. “This is the treasure of the yaochi lake. I can see that it is dense everywhere, and a school of strange incense is hanging over it.”

71. The wonderful hanging flag on the ceiling: it is stored in the biyou palace, dominating the north, obscuring the heaven and earth, reversing the five elements, and showing the image of mixed yuan.

72. (in the first battle of Fengshen, Yin Jiao, the eldest son of King Zhou of Tang Dynasty and the disciple of Guang Chengzi, took the fan Tianyin, the falling soul bell, the male and female swords, and was ordered by his teacher to go down the mountain to assist Xiqi in attacking Zhou. Yin Jiao heard Shen Gongbao’s words and heard that his brother Yin Hong had died for Taiji. He was angry and attacked Xiqi. He attacked Nezha, captured Huang Tianhua, fell Huang Feihu, and drove Guang Chengzi, and defeated the soldiers and horses of Xiqi.

73. The Fantian seal was not defeated. The Taoist priest who lit the lamp offered to cloth five color flags, borrowed the green lotus treasure color flag from the Taoist priest, borrowed the earth flame light flag from Laozi, borrowed the plain cloud flag from the golden mother of yaochi, and Jiang Ziya held the yuxu Wuji apricot yellow flag. One of the five flags was missing, leaving only the true north, which made Yin Jiao die and suffer from Li Chu.)

74. Qimen Dun: “the great general Hong Jin is good at using magic to turn one side of the soap flag into one.” “Soap is the inner door, and white is the outer door”. The words here are missing. I don’t know what to write. It was broken by Princess Longji’s outer door.

75. Wufeng bag: the magic weapon of the five army rescue envoy Gao Jineng under the seat of Kong Xuan. “In the future, the centipede bees will roll in a pile, like locusts.” Kill Huang Tianhua with the inferior substance. It was broken by the iron beaked Eagle worshipping black tiger.

76. The five lights behind Kong Xuan: divided into green, yellow, red, white and black, Huang Guang captured Hong Jin’s flag gate and captured Hong Jin and Lei Zhenzi; The red light received the whip again; White light caught Nezha; After that, the five lights were pressed, and the five people of Huang Feihu and chongheihu were taken down together; With a twist of Huang Guang, he received Li Jing’s exquisite golden pagoda; Jin Zha’s offering to dun dragon stake and Mu Zha’s offering to Wu hook sword all fell into the red light; The green light came down to catch Jiang Ziya, but was blocked by the apricot yellow flag; Lu Ya wanted to release the flying knife to cut the immortal, but he was afraid that his divine light would turn into a rainbow and leave; The twenty-four beads of the sea were also captured by his divine light. Later, the zhunti Taoist came to the East and showed the holy image of Wanbao. Only then did he accept the peacock king.

77. Qibao Miao tree: it is in the hands of the zhunti Taoist priest. It has received the weapons of Kong Xuan; He blocked Jue Xian sword when breaking the immortal killing array.

78. Heaven and earth needle: in Jiameng pass, Hu Lei knows the double body method. Princess Longji takes a 3-inch-5-inch heaven and earth needle and puts it on the top of Hu Lei’s mud pill palace to break it.

79. Jinxia crown: the treasure on the head of the fire spirit virgin of Qiu Mingshan, “there is a pale yellow bundle on the crown. The fire spirit virgin takes off the bundle and shows a golden light of 156 Zhang, which covers the fire spirit virgin; he can see others, but others can’t see him”. Later, Guang Chengzi was dressed in a cloud sweeping clothes and swept away the golden light of Jin Xiaguan. Later, Guang Chengzi killed the goddess of fire and sent Jin Xiaguan back to biyou palace. The leader of Tongtian cult was angry and went down the mountain to set up the immortal killing array.

80. Xia sweeping clothes: wearing Xia sweeping clothes, Guang Chengzi broke the golden Xia crown of the head of the goddess of fire.

81. Killing immortal sword, killing immortal sword, trapping immortal sword and Jue immortal sword: the leader of Tongtian sect was furious when he saw that countless disciples had been killed by elucidation. He sent people down the mountain to lay the “immortal killing array” with these four swords. “It is neither copper nor iron nor steel. It was once hidden under the Xumi mountain. If you don’t use Yin and yang to reverse the refining, how can you not quench the edge with water and fire? Killing the gods and killing the immortals, the trapped immortals will be red everywhere; Jue immortals will change endlessly, and the blood of Da Luo immortals will stain their clothes.” After the immortal killing array was broken, it fell into the hands of the original Tianzun. When they arrived at the Wanxian array, guangchengzi, chijing, Yuding immortal and Daoxing Tianzun killed the 28 stars of Jiuyao with this sword.

82. Blood melting Sabre: Yu Hua was wounded by Nezha. He was defeated and returned to Penglai mountain. When he saw the master, he burned a treasure for revenge. “The alchemy furnace was once forged, and the fire was used for Kung Fu; the spirit was refined first, and the Yin and Yang were supported. The original spirit of penetrating armour was lost, and the life of the body was lost.”. Relying on the treasure, Lei Zhenzi and Nezha were injured.

83. Golden light file: a weapon with a length of one foot and three inches.

84. Ruyi Qiankun bag: the magic weapon of Yu Yuan. After Yu Yuan caught Tu xingsun, he put him in, and Tu could not walk away.

85. Wearing a heart lock: Yu Yuan was bound by a fairy rope and ran back to biyou palace to see the leader of Tongtian cult. The leader of Tongtian sect was so angry that he lent him the heart piercing lock and ordered him to catch the sun. It’s a pity that before the heart piercing lock was released, the head was cut off by the flying knife of Lu Ya.

86. Wanrenche: “it is a windmill made of paper. There is a turntable in the middle, and one hand holds a rod in the middle. Push around and listen. If you push the turntable, there are four songs on it. There are four characters on it, namely, ground, water, fire and wind. It is called wanrenche”. Han Sheng and Han Bian, the sons of Han Rong, the general of Sishui pass, were taught by a head Buddha called Dharma precepts. He defeated Jiang Ziya with a 30 million blade cart.

87. Wind and fire Futon: it’s the emperor’s sacrifice. He captured Taoist Taobao in the air.

88. Handan array: the boundary plate is the object of Peng Zun, and the three talents and eight trigrams are located in a burst. “I saw a burst of black smoke and a sound, * * even people and horses were shaken to pieces.”.

89. Crispy limbs: there are two circles. The left and right turns are like tai chi, and the Yin and yang are linked and locked. This circle is called “crispy limbs”. This treasure has a jingle sound. The ears hear and the eyes see, and the body is four

90. The limb bones are loose and the tendons are crisp, and the hands and feet are soft. This is the item of Chuanyun Guan Long Anji, who captured the general of Xiqi.

91. Pestilence umbrella: LV Yue went out of the mountain for the second time and used it to build a pestilence array at Chuanyun pass. Trapped Jiang Ziya in the array. It was broken by the flame of the five gods of fire appointed by Yang.

92. The flame fan of the five fire gods: it was given to Yang Ren by the true ruler of Daode when he went down the mountain to break the plague. “The flames soared high, and the Golden Snake showed its heroism in a thousand ways: the black smoke was three feet away from the clouds, and the boiling plum disappeared within a short distance.”

93. Golden hoop: before the Wanxian formation, Ma Sui held a Golden hoop to tie the head of immortal Huanglong. The immortal had an unbearable headache, and the real fire of samadhi came out of his eyes. Fortunately, the primordial God came and pointed it down.


94. Hunyuan hammer: in the Wanxian array, the dark cloud immortal guards the Taiji array and uses the Hunyuan hammer to beat the red sperm and guangchengzi.

95. Pangu chime: Yuanshi Tianzun broke the Taiji array by borrowing from Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun.

96. Four elephant Pagoda: it is the object of the golden spirit virgin. Princess Longji was killed in the immortal array.

97. Dragon and tiger Ruyi: it is the object of the golden spirit virgin. Hong Jin was killed in the immortal array.

98. Six souls banner: the magic weapon refined by the leader of Tongtian sect after the defeat of the Zhuxian array. It contains the names of Zhou Wu, Jiang Shang, the original Tianzun, the Supreme Lord and zhunti. Before it could be used, it was stolen by the long eared dingguang immortal and presented to the original God.

99. Ghost white bone banner: it is the object of Bian Ji in Lintong pass. It is suspended in the air, with thousands of black smoke and thousands of cold smoke. Everyone faints when he goes down to the bottom. It’s a pity that Deng Kun and Rui Ji were so intent on returning to Zhou that they killed Bian Ji and made the magic weapon useless.

100. Sun God’s needle: it is the object of Gao Lanying, the wife of Zhang Kui, the general of Mianchi. It shoots people’s eyes and makes people unable to see things. It helped Zhang Kui kill the gods of the five mountains; Killed Deng Chanyu again.

101. The map of mountains and rivers: this should be the last magic weapon in the book. The seven strange creatures of Meishan block the way, so Yuan Hong can also do eight or nine Xuangong, and Yang Jian can’t catch him. Nuwa’s mother took out this thing and helped him catch Yuan Hong. So far, Shang and Zhou had no more capable people, and the world belonged to the Western Zhou Dynasty. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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