What are the magical abilities of the wind animals in ancient legends?

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Wind born beast is the name of the divine beast in ancient Chinese legends. The following is a detailed introduction to the Chinese story network. Let’s look down.

[alternative name]: wind beaver, wind mother, flat monkey, wind scarlet

[category]: strange

[Characteristics]: it looks like a leopard, blue and big as a beaver

[ability]: the fire does not kill, the spear does not penetrate, the hammer forging head is dead, and the mouth is opened to the wind, and it will be revived immediately. Take its brain and chrysanthemum and take it, and make it ten jin, and you will live 500 years

[weakness]: Acorus tatarinowii on the stone will die if its nose is stuffed

The wind-driven beast looks like a leopard, and its body is like a beaver. Its whole body is blue. The fur is hard and cannot be pierced. It is basically immune to routine physical damage. It can’t do anything with the method of burning, which is feared by ordinary monsters. After several cars of firewood have been burned, it still stands in the fire, and its hair has not been burnt. It can be seen that it is basically immune to spell damage. Even after being killed by such strong physical injuries as being hit on the head with a hammer, he can still live with the wind, hence the name “wind beast”.

Is it invincible for wind creatures that are immune to physical damage and almost completely spell damage and have unlimited resurrection? Of course not. If the calamus on the stone is inserted into its nose, it will die immediately. It can be seen that the special damage of exorcising evil is the most effective for wind animals.

The original text says, “if you plug the nose with Acorus calamus on the stone, you will die.” The only thing that can’t be killed by sword fire is “calamus on stone”, and this “calamus on stone” refers to calamus on stone.


Changpu [Ming Dynasty] Wang Qi and Wang Siyi’s “three talents map meeting”

“Picking and hanging mugwort leaves and calamus” is one of the folk customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. People hang mugwort leaves in the hall and place calamus on the door couch, which has the effect of exorcising evil spirits. In fact, the calamus picked during the Dragon Boat Festival is water calamus. According to the summary of Materia Medica, people call it Changpu by the raw water in Changyang. It is different from the Shishang Changpu. The big and smelly one is a water Changpu Compared with water calamus, stone calamus has “leaves as long as a sword”, which is relatively short and is born in the mountains. But in terms of medicinal properties, Acorus tatarinowii is far superior to Acorus tatarinowii. [Northern Song Dynasty] Su Song said in the book of materia medica: “water calamus is born in many streams and rivers, and the leaves are similar, but the center has no ridge. It is light, empty and dregs after being collected. It is not as good as stone calamus. It can not be used for medicine, but it can be mashed and coated with oil.” There are also similar discussions in [Ming] Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica. It can be seen that the ancients took Acorus tatarinowii as the genuine product, and the efficacy of both medicine and Exorcism was naturally better than that of Acorus tatarinowii.


Three pictures of calamus [Ming Dynasty] Wenchu “gold, stone, insects, plants and trees”

The reason why we should try our best to kill the “wind beast”, even if we can’t kill him, we still “forge his head with a hammer”, is to take his brain. According to the book of ten continents in the sea, if you take the brain of the “wind animal” and chrysanthemum together, you can eat enough ten jin to increase your life by 500 years. In Youyang Zazu and Guihai yuhengzhi, it is said that the urine of “wind born animals” has the effect of treating wind diseases.

In the Youyang Zazu, it is recorded that the “wind animal” is also known as the “wind beaver”. It has a “wind beaver stick” which is very magical. This stick is like grass and is about one foot long. When someone points it at a bird, the bird will fall down, and it seems to have the ability to settle down. In the Youyang Zazu, it is said that “if you have a desire, it means that you are satisfied.”

In the records of foreign bodies in the south of the five ridges, the existence of the “wind beaver stick” was also affirmed. The original text says: “this beast often holds a small stick. When it meets an object, it points to it. When it flies away, it can’t go. If a person has something, he will get it.” Even adduced the evidence that Yong [y ? Ning Hui, the leader of NG] Prefecture, got the “wind beaver stick”. After that, he had huge assets and hundreds of servants, but Ning Hui never mentioned it.


[Western Han Dynasty] Dongfang Shuo’s ten continents in the sea – Yanzhou

“Yanzhou is in the middle of the South China Sea, with a place of 2000 miles and a distance of 90000 miles to the north bank. There are wind-driven animals on it, which are like leopards, blue and big as beavers. Zhang net takes it and accumulates it for several cars to burn it. If the salary is exhausted, it will not stand in the ash, and the hair will not curl; if it is not pierced, it will be hit like a leather bag. If the head is forged with an iron hammer for ten times, it will die, and Zhang mouth will be revived in an instant. If the nose is stuffed with Acorus calamus on the stone, it will die. Take its brain and chrysanthemum to take it, and make it ten jin, and you will live 500 years.”

[Eastern Jin Dynasty] Ge Hong’s baopuzi

The wind born animal is like a leopard, blue, and as big as an orangutan. It was born in Dalin in the South China Sea. Zhang took a few wagons to burn them, and the wages were exhausted. The beast was in the ashes. Otherwise, its fur would not be scorched and its spears would not penetrate. It was like a leather bag. It’s death to put a cone on his head for dozens.


[Tang] Duan Chengshi’s Youyang miscellaneous Zu

There is a beast named Fengli in nanzhong. It is like a sniper. Its eyebrows are so shy that it tends to bow its head when people see it. Its drowning can cure wind diseases. The guards often say that the wind beaver stick is hard to find than the Yixing grass. The southern people tied the long rope above the big tree in the wild, and hid it in the hole of the side tree to wait for it. Three days later, I knew that no one had arrived, but I searched in the grass. Suddenly, I found a grass stem, which was about a foot long. I saw a collection of birds on the tree. I pointed at it and fell with it. I took it and ate it. People wait for them to be lazy and take them away. When people suddenly bite them, or they are not good enough, they throw them into the grass. If you can’t go down, you should fight hundreds of people before you can get them. Those who get it will die with their fingers. He who has a desire means to be satisfied.

[Tang] Meng Guan’s records of foreign bodies in Lingnan

The wind scarlet is as small as an ape. It can’t move during the day, and it can’t move at night. I like to eat spider worms. If you fight and kill, you will be revived with your mouth to the wind. But if you break your brain, you will not be revived. Soak it in wine to cure the wind. According to the legend of the southern people, this beast often holds a small stick. When it meets an object, it points to it. It cannot fly away. What a man gets is what he means. When the barbarians cast their nets, they got their animals, but they no longer saw their sticks. They were willing to take hundreds of sticks. Or Ning Hui, the leader of Yunyong Prefecture, got it. He has huge assets and hundreds of tricks. It’s very secret.

[Southern Song Dynasty] Fan Chengda’s records of Yuheng in Guihai

“The wind beaver looks like a yellow ape and eats spiders. In the daytime, it bends like a hedgehog. When it meets the wind, it flies in the air. Its drowning and milk are mainly used to cure gale diseases. It is miraculous.”

[Ming] compendium of Materia Medica by Li Shizhen

[explanation] wind mother (compendium), wind born beast (same), Shi Zhen said: wind beaver can soar by the wind, and when it dies, it will be reborn by the wind. It also cures wind diseases, so it got the wind name. It is said that the question arises.

[collection solution] the Tibetan ware said: the wind beaver was born in the south of Yongzhou. It is short like a rabbit, perching on a high tree, waiting for the wind to blow to his tree and eat fruit. Its urine is like milk, which is very rare and can be obtained by people. The Ping monkey in the records of foreign bodies in Nanzhou, the wind scarlet in the records of foreign bodies in Lingnan, the wind beaver in Youyang Zazu and the wind beaver in Yu Hengzhi are all the same things, but the patterns are similar. Its animals live in the mountains and forests outside Lingnan and Western Sichuan. It is as big as a beaver and as small as an ape, its eyes are red, its tail is as short as nothing, its color is green, yellow and black, and its writing is like a leopard. Or the cloud is hairless, but there is green hair from the nose to the tail. It is about three inches long. Its urine is like milk. It eats spiders and lavender. In the day, I crouch and do not move. In the night, I leap quickly because of the wind. I cross the rocks and trees, like a bird flying in the air. When a man catches a net, he will bow down and beg for mercy. When I hit it, I died instantly. I spoke to the wind and rose in a moment. But breaking his bones and brain is death. A cloud knife can not be cut into the sky, and the fire will not burn. It is like a leather bag. Although the iron blows its head, the wind will rise again; But if the Acorus tatarinowii stuffed his nose, he would die. One cloud: this beast often holds a small stick. When it meets something, it points to it. When it flies away, it cannot go. When it sees people, it discards it. It is a sign that a man is struck to the extreme. People take what they mean and make what they want. Second, see the records of the ten continents and the annals of Lingnan, which have not been reviewed yet?

Records of foreign matters in Nanzhou

Wind mother animal, a flat monkey, looks like a monkey, hairless and red eyed. If you meet people, you will kowtow, like begging for fear of sin. If people fight it, they will feel comfortable in the world and have no breath. The wind is so small that it can rise in an instant. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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