What are the mounts of immortals in fairy tales? Mount strength ranking introduction!

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Today, the editor of China story network brings you a complete collection of immortal mounts. I hope it can help you.

When it comes to the mounts of Chinese immortals, there are still quite a lot of them. As long as they are Chinese immortals, there must be some mounts. Besides, there are so many immortals in China, so there are also many mounts. Recently, many people said that they want to see what the mounts of these immortals are, and they want to make a ranking, and also have pictures. The following is a small compilation for you to collect. Do not miss it, if you are interested in it!

1. Jiulong Chenxiang Chariot

This is the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty.

“The vehicle is based on Hongmeng aloe wood. The upper part is the colorful stone of the nine heaven, and the lower part is the dark gold of the nine secluded five Qi. It absorbs the essence of the sun, moon and stars, and absorbs the spirit of heaven, earth, mountains and rivers. The Yin and yang are flowing, and the five elements are moving.

There are nine five clawed golden dragons coiled on the chariot. When the chariot goes out, the nine five clawed golden dragons will fly out together to pull the chariot. “

At the beginning of the year, the mount of Tianzun was really domineering. There were nine golden dragons alone! (it is also said that the mount of the original God is a lion)


2. Crane

In ancient China, the meaning of the crane is lofty. It is not only a crane in the wild, but also a symbol of a first-class official robe. There are also many cranes on the Taoist robes. Prince Joe is famous for the immortal who rides on the crane.

3. Deer

Sushi’s Mount

Deer is of special significance to Taoist culture. Deer worship was popular in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period in China. The Idioms “chasing deer in the Central Plains” and “referring to deer as a horse” spread to today reflect the special role of deer.

In later generations, some Taoist schools believed that deer was the best choice for worshipping the supreme sage Gao Zhen. For example, in the book of Qing Yi Lu by Tao Gu of the Song Dynasty, it was said that “the Taoist school flows books, saying that the deer, the deer and the muntjac are the three animals of the jade department. They are enjoyed by the immortals, so the worshippers do not forget.” It is said that the mount of the birthday star is a white deer.


4. Xuantan black tiger

This is Zhao Gongming’s mount

The 20th chapter of the list of deities: “six of the ten unique arrays were broken. I heard that the grand master went to Luofu cave of Mount Emei and invited Zhao Gongming to help him. When I passed a high mountain, I saw a strong wind at the foot of the mountain, and suddenly a black tiger ran out. Zhao Gongming was overjoyed and thought: I have no mount here, and I just need it. So he wrapped a ribbon around the neck of the black tiger, stepped on the back of the tiger, and subdued him.” Later, Zhao Gongming was awarded the title of Jin Long Ruyi Zhengyi dragon tiger Xuantan Zhenjun, and this black tiger was called Xuantan black tiger.

5. Qingniu

This is my mount

Compared with the mounts of other immortals, Laozi’s green cow looks almost ordinary. I feel that this is very consistent with Laozi’s identity: inaction, nature, and the wisdom of understanding the truth behind the ordinary.


6. Donkey

This is Zhang Guo’s mount

There are not many immortals who use donkeys as their mounts. Old Zhang Guo’s mount is like his master. He is a glutton, but because he is greedy, he has become a “immortal donkey”. It takes no effort to get it. This makes those young friends who work hard to cultivate everyday feel embarrassed. In the words of the cultivation world, this is opportunity, and can not be forced.


7. Nine lions

This is the mount used by Taiyi to save kutianzun

The nine lions are definitely big men in the mount world. In the journey to the west, the nine lions have no interest in Tang Monk’s meat. It was only because of the unworthy descendants that I finally got into this muddy water. Finally, he was subdued by his master Taiji Jiuku Tianzun. In fact, many people discuss which of the nine lions and the monkey king is more powerful, and many people on both sides support it. However, bypass this issue and pay attention to the master of the nine lions, Taiyi Jiuku Tianzun, who is a very great immortal in Taoism.

Taiyi Tianzun, or Taiyi Tianzun for short, is a Taoist deity, also known as Qingxuan emperor, Qinghua emperor, and Xunsheng Tianzun, whose birthday is on November 11 of the lunar calendar. According to the Taoist classics, Taiyi Tianzun lives in the miaoyan Palace (“Yan” or “rock”) of the “Oriental Qinghua Changle world”, and can extradite the suffering souls to life. For those who accumulate virtue and do good, know the Tao and know the truth, and have complete merits and virtues, Taiyi rescues kutianzun and can also “ride the immortal of the nine lions and scatter the auspicious light of the hundred treasures”, and then lead him to heaven and become an immortal.


8. Kuiniu

This is the mount of the leader of Tongtian sect

Kui Niu, the mount of the leader of Tongtian cult, looks like an ox. its whole body is gray, without horns, and only has one foot. Every time it appears, there will be violent storms. It shines like sunlight and moonlight, and its roar is as loud as thunder. It is also known as thunder beast.

9. Qingluan

This is the mount of the cloud fairy

The mount of the cloud fairy, qingluan, is a kind of divine bird that often accompanies the queen mother of the West. Most of them are immortal mounts. Those with more red colors are Phoenix, and those with more blue colors are Luan. It is also one of the five Phoenix in the legend.

10. Swan

The mount of Qiongxiao fairy is a swan, which is a white phoenix in the mythology.

11. Colorful divine cow

Huang Feihu’s mount is a multicolored divine cow. It has fast feet and great courage. It is not afraid of fierce animals. It is said that it is a divine horse with great strength and can walk with clouds.

12. Mo Qilin

Master Wen’s Mount, Mo Qilin, is said to be born of black dragon and divine cow, so it is fierce and likes to fight bravely. Later, she was accepted by the virgin of Jinling and presented to the disciple Wen Zhong.

13. Mo Qilin

Huang Tianhua’s mount is a jade unicorn. It is a kind of Unicorn. I don’t know what kind of dragon or cow it is.

14. Blue fur lion

This is the mount of Manjusri Bodhisattva

15. Six tooth white elephant

This is the mount of Bodhisattva Wang, the sage king

16. Jinmaoyu

This is the mount of Guanyin Bodhisattva

17. Listening

This is the mount of the Tibetan king Bodhisattva

18. Mule

This is the mount of auspicious Heavenly Mother

19. Snow Lion

This is the mount of the sworn King Kong

20. Black tiger

This is the mount of Zhao Gongming, the God of wealth

21. DPCA

This is the mount of the white God of wealth

22. Wild boar

This is the mount of the Maharaja Bodhisattva

23. Mice

This is the mount of elephant head God

24. Four dissimilarities

This is Jiang Ziya’s mount

25. White Deer

This is the mount of the Antarctic fairy

26. Nine headed bird

This is the mount of hongtongkongmu

27. White elephant

This is the mount of the elephant arhat

28. Deer

This is the mount of Luohan

29. Big white pig

This is the mount of the great Bodhisattva

30. Lion

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