What are the myths about the Mid Autumn Festival? How did Chang’e’s jade rabbit come from?

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What are the myths about the Mid Autumn Festival? How did Chang’e’s jade rabbit come from? Next, let’s get to know with the readers and give them a reference.

The Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon, and many people are still looking forward to this holiday. The Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China that has been handed down for thousands of years, and there are many myths and legends about the Mid Autumn Festival. However, perhaps the most famous one is Chang’e’s running to the moon. After all, Chang’e is the first person to think of in the myths related to the moon. However, apart from Chang’e, what other folk myths and legends about the Mid Autumn Festival?

Wu Gang won the laurel. Wu Gang, also known as Wu Quan, is from Xihe. Sun Boling, the son of Emperor Yan, took advantage of Wu Gang’s three years away from home to learn immortality, and had an affair with Wu Gang’s wife. He also had three sons. Wu Gang was angry and killed Boling. Therefore, he angered the Sun God Yan, sent Wu Gang to the moon, and ordered him to cut down the immortal tree laurel. The laurel is as high as 500 Zhang, and it can be cut as soon as possible. Emperor Yan used this endless labor as a punishment for Wu Gang.

Wu Gang’s wife, Yuanfu, felt guilty, so she called her three sons, one called drum, the other called Yan, and the other called Zhuo, to fly to the moon to accompany their nominal father through the long and cold years. Wu Gang’s three sons changed their names from drum to toad, from Yan to jade rabbit, and from Li to Tian GUI. From then on, he began to make arrow targets, drums and Yan began to make bells and chimes, and developed the composition of music. Therefore, the lonely Guanghan palace is often filled with fairy music.

Later, when Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty roamed the Moon Palace, he recorded these traveling songs and returned to the world to create nishang music. It is said that when Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty roamed the Moon Palace, Wu Gang met him! It was just that his face was tired at that time, and his axe was covered with black rust, and his worn-out sleeves were in tatters because no one had mended them.

Moon cake uprising. It is said that eating moon cakes on the mid autumn festival began in the Yuan Dynasty. At that time, the vast number of people in the Central Plains could not bear the cruel rule of the ruling class of the Yuan Dynasty, and they rebelled against the Yuan Dynasty. Zhu Yuanzhang United various resistance forces to prepare for the uprising. However, the officers and men of the imperial court searched very closely, and it was very difficult to pass on information. Liu Bowen, the military adviser, came up with a plan and ordered his subordinates to hide the note of the “August 15 night uprising” in the cake, and then sent people to send it to the uprising troops in various places, informing them to respond to the uprising on the night of August 15. On the day of the uprising, all the rebel armies responded together, and the uprising Army started a prairie fire.

Soon, Xu Da captured the capital of the Yuan Dynasty and the uprising was successful. When the news came, Zhu Yuanzhang was so happy that he quickly gave an order to let all the officers and men have fun with the people on the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival. He also rewarded the ministers with the “moon cakes” which were secretly used to convey information when the soldiers were launched. Since then, the production of “moon cakes” has become more sophisticated, with more varieties. The large ones are like discs, and become the best gifts. Since then, the custom of eating moon cakes on the Mid Autumn Festival has spread among the people.

Jade Rabbit pounding medicine. It is said that a long time ago, there was a pair of rabbits who had been practicing for thousands of years and became immortals. They have four lovely daughters, all of whom are pure and clever.

One day, the Jade Emperor summoned the male rabbit to the heaven palace. He reluctantly left his wife and children and went to the heaven Palace on the clouds. When it came to the South Gate of heaven, it saw that Taibai Jinxing led the Tianjiang to walk away with Chang’e. Rabbit fairy did not know what had happened, so she asked a God who was guarding the gate of heaven. After listening to her story, the rabbit fairy felt that Chang’e was innocent and suffered, and sympathized with her. But my own strength is weak. What can I do for you? Thinking of how lonely and sad Chang’e was in the moon palace alone, if only she had someone to accompany her, she suddenly thought of her four daughters, and she immediately flew home.

The rabbit fairy told the female rabbit what happened to Chang’e and said that she wanted to send a child to accompany Chang’e. Although the female rabbit deeply sympathizes with Chang’e, she is reluctant to give up her precious daughter. This is tantamount to cutting off her heart! Several daughters were also reluctant to leave their parents, and their faces were full of tears. The male rabbit said earnestly: “if I was locked up alone, would you be willing to accompany me? Chang’e was affected in order to save the people. Can we not help her? Children, we can’t just think of ourselves!”

The children understood their father’s heart and expressed their willingness to go. The male and female rabbits smiled with tears in their eyes. They decided to let their youngest daughter go. So the little jade rabbit said goodbye to his parents and sisters and went to the Moon Palace to accompany Chang’e to make medicine


Hou Yi made cakes. When Chang’e arrived at the Moon Palace, she missed her husband very much. Hou Yi also thought day and night, hoping to see his wife again. One day, an immortal pointed out the way to Hou Yi: on the night of the full moon on the 15th of August, he made balls of flour into the shape of a full moon, placed them in the northwest of the house, and then called Chang’e’s name continuously. At midnight, Chang’e could go home and get together. Hou Yi did so. As expected, he saw Chang’e flying from the moon, and the husband and wife were reunited. This kind of dough made of flour later evolved into various kinds of moon cakes. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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