What are the myths and legends about Bao Si’s life experience?

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Baosi, a native of the state of Baosi in the Western Zhou Dynasty, was the second queen of king you of Zhou and was deeply loved. According to historical records, Bao Si was an abandoned baby. What are the legends about her life experience? The following is a brief introduction to the relevant contents in detail.

In the last years of the king of Xia Jie, a god man in Baocheng (Hanzhong area of Shaanxi Province) turned into two dragons and landed in the king’s Court of Xia Jie. He salivated and suddenly said to the king of Jie, ‘we are the two monarchs of Baocheng.’ Xia Jie was afraid to kill the two dragons, so he ordered Taishi to calculate a divination, which showed bad luck. Xia Jie wanted to drive them away, so he asked Taishi to make another divination. It was still unlucky. Taishi suggested that they be sealed up and hidden. Xia Jie asked Taishi to make another divination. This time it was a good omen. So they put their saliva on a gold plate. At this time, the wind and rain were raging and the two dragons flew away. Xia Jie ordered his subordinates to collect it in the internal library.


It had not been opened for nearly a thousand years until king xuanwang of Zhou Dynasty. One day in the last year of King Xuan of Zhou, the officer in charge of the Treasury found that there was light in the box. He thought it was strange and told King Xuan of Zhou. After investigation, King xuanwang of Zhou knew the whole story and let people open it. The inner minister opened the box and presented the gold plate to King Xuan of Zhou. The gold plate fell to the ground. The saliva hidden in it suddenly turned into a spherical object. It circled the palace. The inner servant chased it all the way to the palace and disappeared.

There was a 12-year-old maid in the palace who accidentally stepped on the trace of a spherical object. From then on, her stomach gradually grew larger, just like she was pregnant. King xuanwang of Zhou blamed the palace maid for getting pregnant before she got married and locked her up for 40 years. She gave birth to a girl at the age of 52. The palace keeper told her about it. The mother felt unlucky and ordered someone to throw the child into the ditch.

Previously, King Xuan of Zhou had a dream that he ordered father Boyang to do divination. The divination was for fear that women might suffer from the chaos of bows and arrows. Back in the palace, the queen told King Xuan about the girl and said that the girl had been in the river. The next day, King Xuan told father Boyang, who divined and said that the evil spirit had not been eliminated. King Xuan was so angry that he ordered: “in and out of the city, the baby girls will be interrogated door to door. Whether dead or alive, someone will get and offer 300 pieces of cloth and silk each. If someone fails to report the adoption, the neighbors will report it and give the reward in full. The whole family will be beheaded. It is not allowed to make or sell mulberry bows or straw quivers. The violator will be killed.”


The next day, during the inspection, a woman was found holding several arrow bags, which were made of dustpan grass. A man carrying about ten mulberry bows followed. He and his wife, who live in a remote village, don’t know about this. They plan to go to the city to sell bows. Before he entered the gate, he was taken down and captured the woman first. Seeing that things were bad, the man threw down his bow and ran away on the ground. The woman was executed. On his way to escape, the man came to a river. From a distance, he saw a hundred birds chirping. Looking closer, he saw a straw mat bag floating on the water. The birds held it in their beaks, calling while holding it, and moved to the shore little by little. The man drove away the birds, untied them and found a baby girl. He thought, “this girl must be a very expensive person if she comes out of the water with many birds in her mouth. I will bring her back to raise and grow up. There is also hope.” So he looked at Baocheng in his arms and went to a friend. This girl is paosi! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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