What are the outcomes of the four mixed monkeys? Whose ending is the best?

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Today, the editor of chinastory.com has brought you an article about the ending of the mixed world four monkeys. Welcome to read it~

The mixed four monkeys, namely the red Jiri horse monkey, the lingmingshi monkey, the arm monkey, and the six eared macaque, are the four monkeys that “fall into less than ten categories and less than two names”.

They all have great powers and excellent martial arts, leaving immortal legends between heaven and earth.

Red Hippo monkey

Red Jiri horse monkey, who knows Yin and Yang, knows human affairs, is good at going in and out, and avoids death and prolongs life. The life position is the water level of the water, fire and wind.

It looks like an ape. It has a white head and a long tail. It has snow teeth and gold claws. It rushes ashore and is about five feet high. Crouching like an ape, but his eyes cannot be opened, Wu Ruo is unconscious. Eyes and nose flow like a spring, saliva is fishy and filthy, and people cannot get close. For a long time, the neck was stretched out, and the eyes were suddenly opened. The brilliance was like electricity.

One said that he was transformed by the son of the Dragon King of the South China Sea after his death, and later converted to Buddhism, with the title of “Wenda waiter”.

It is said that the son of the Dragon King of the South China Sea traveled around the world to benefit mankind. When he met the Phoenix bathing in the Tianchi Lake, he was moved by her. The Phoenix was born when Pangu opened the sky. It is the leader of birds and the ancestor of immortals. How can the dragon be allowed to make a visit? (at the beginning of chaos, all things were alive. There were birds and animals. The animals were unicorns and the birds were Phoenix.)


However, the Phoenix was young at that time, and also had the feelings of a girl. First, it was startled, then it laughed off, leaving a phoenix feather hidden in the world. Dragon holding feathers, knowing that he could not match the Phoenix, soon fell in love too much, fell ill, and finally closed his eyes to the world.

The Dragon son died at mangxie mountain in the southeast of the South China Sea, on the top of the mountain, with phoenix feathers in his mouth. For 365 years, heaven and earth circled, and a tree was born on the top of the mountain. In another 365 years, the tree was ten thousand feet high, breaking through the clouds, and growing majestically around. At this time, there was a startling thunder, which broke the tree, and then a monkey flew out. The red ass, like a horse, was a red horse monkey.

The monkey was naughty when he was young, and unexpectedly accidentally bumped into the Wulai Pavilion of Lingshan. He turned around and entered the pavilion on the fairy fog. In the pavilion, there was a seat, with lotus flowers high and green water around, and the monkey jumped onto the lotus platform to play. Wulai pavilion was originally the Buddha’s residence. When the Buddha came back from Leiyin temple, he saw that the lotus platform was passive, so he stretched out his left palm, and his mind was strong. The horse monkey immediately appeared in the palm of the Buddha.

Since then, chijiri marmoset has converted to Buddhism and practiced under the Buddha’s throne. He is very smart. He obtained 36 mental skills and granted “Wenda waiter”.

It is said that the Huaihe River has no branches. It is good at change, is strong against Jiulong, and is good at controlling water.

During Dayu’s flood control, when he passed through Tongbai mountain three times, there was a strong wind, lightning and thunder, mountains and rocks howled, trees screamed, and the old man entered the army. Yu knew that there were demons preventing him from controlling the water, so he sent Kui dragon to eliminate the demons. But for fear of harming themselves, the tribal leaders were afraid of fighting, and Dayu locked these people up.


Wuzhiqi (married to a dragon woman, had three sons, and were all powerful demons) was eloquent and knew the depth of the Yangtze and Huaihe rivers and the height of the terrain. He led more than ten thousand mountain water monsters to fight against King Yu in Huaiyuan. Yu sent tonglv and ebony to fight first and then, but they were all defeated by Wuzhi Qi. In the end, Gengchen was sent to fight and Wuzhi Qi was captured.

Dayu ordered people to lock wuzhiqi’s neck with a large iron chain, put a copper bell on his nostril, and then pressed him at the foot of Guishan mountain on the south side of the Huaihe River.

Lingming stone monkey

Lingming stone monkey, through change, knows the time of the day, knows the geographical advantage, and changes stars. Life is in the fire position of water, fire and wind.

It is said that it was born from the immortal stone since the founding of the world. It was named “Sun Wukong” after worshipping the master. Later, it was awarded the title of “fighting against Buddha”.


He led the group of monkeys into the water curtain cave and became the king of monkeys. He was honored as the “Monkey King”. Later, after thousands of mountains and rivers worship Bodhi, the ancestor learned martial arts for the teacher, and got the name “Sunwukong”. He learned the superb magic skills of Disha, such as counting seventy-two changes, fighting clouds, immortality and so on.

Monkey King’s magic power was initially completed. He took the golden cudgel from the Dragon Palace, drew the book of life and death from the hell, summoned Bi Mawen from the heaven, sealed Qi Tiansheng from the heaven palace, drunk and disorderly flat peach club, stole Lao Jun’s golden elixir, and refined into King Kong’s not bad body and golden eyes. The hundred thousand heavenly soldiers and generals, the four heavenly kings, and the twenty-eight stars could not defeat him. Finally, the Tathagata Buddha pressed him at the foot of the five element mountain for 500 years to repent.

After being enlightened by Guanyin, he escorted Tang monk to the west to learn sutras, subdued demons and Demons all the way, and finally achieved the true result of the cultivation of the Sutra, which was called “fighting against Buddha”.


Apes with arms hold the sun and the moon, shrink the mountains, distinguish the blame of the rest, and the heaven and earth. Life is in the position of water, fire and wind.


First, as an ape who has been practicing for thousands of years, Yuan Hong, the head of the seven monsters of Meishan, is proficient in the eight or nine Xuangong, has great powers, has the talent of a great general, can change skills, and has excellent martial arts.

His magic power is no different from that of Yang Jian. Each of them has magical powers, which are infinitely changeable, mutually generated and restrained, and each of them is poor in his skills. Mortal objects, animals and animals are all changed, and they do their best to make them skillful, without seeing up and down.

Later, Yang Jian was secretly awarded the “map of mountains and rivers” by Nuwa’s mother, and Yuan Hong was captured just now. Jiang Ziya killed with a chopping immortal Throwing Knife and was named the four waste stars.

(PS: Lingming stone monkey is not equal to tongarm ape. Moreover, Yuan Hong has been deified as the four abandoned stars. Sun Wukong is definitely not the reincarnation of Yuan Hong.)

Six eared macaque

The six eared macaque is good at listening and understanding. It knows everything before and after. Life is at the wind level of water, fire and wind.

One is the fake Wukong, the other is the two hearts of Sun Wukong.


Fight with Monkey King (lingmingshi monkey) to heaven, hell, the South China Sea, and the West sky. The magical powers are the same. The Tang Monk’s hoop spell doesn’t hurt, the king’s demon mirror doesn’t shine, Guanyin’s eyes don’t recognize it, and she doesn’t dare to say it when she listens to it


According to the Tathagata, “if this monkey stands in one place, he can know things thousands of miles away; even if people talk, he can also know it; therefore, he is good at listening, can observe, and knows before and after, all things are clear. If he is the same as the true Wukong, he is also a six eared macaque.”

The Tathagata broke the original body of the six eared macaque. The six eared macaque wanted to escape, but it was covered by the golden bowl of the Buddha of the Tathagata and showed its original shape. Finally, it was beaten to death by the monkey king. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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