What are the reasons for “anti abortion” in the United States?

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

On June 24 local time, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to overturn the “Roe v. Wade case” and cancel the right to abortion, which means that a considerable number of U.S. states will take effect abortion restrictions / bans, which has caused an uproar in the world.

This is another absurd ruling made by the supreme law of the United States after expanding the “right to own guns”.

Why does the supreme law of the United States abolish the right to abortion?

There are about four reasons:

1. Theocracy and religious factors

All Western religions are monotheistic. This kind of religion has natural exclusivity, which determines its other two characteristics: seizing territory and eliminating heretics.

Looking at the Western religious classics, we can see that the rise of those religions is accompanied by strong territory contention and killing. Under this feature, how can we do without people? Therefore, almost all Western religions do not restrict fertility. On the contrary, they encourage more births. The more people there are, the greater their influence and the stronger their ability to seize territory.

Although the western countries have now “separated politics from religion”, this deep-rooted theocracy and religious influence can not be wiped out at will.

In fact, before the “Roe v. Wade case” in 1973, American women also did not have the freedom of abortion. Today, 50 years later, they have just returned to the original track.

2. The rise of American conservative forces

In the trump era, his series of seemingly absurd actions were not his personal decision, but the common aspiration of a considerable number of Americans and the consensus of a considerable number of American elites.

On the day trump left the White House, the author once wrote that although trump left, the specter of “conservatism” in the United States will not disappear. On the contrary, they will surge in the undercurrent and regroup into a powerful force to make a comeback one day in the future.

Today, it is not surprising that the supreme law of the United States, which is controlled by the Republican Party, will issue such a ruling as “Abolishing the right to abortion”.

Under the condition of political correctness, western liberalism has carried out disorderly expansion in a rapid manner. This “anti abortion” is a significant counterattack by conservative forces. With the economic downturn and the further strengthening of conservative forces, the correct political abuse of Pan feminism, various exotic sexism, ethnic minorities (such as blacks) and minority religious organizations may be liquidated.

3. American national crisis and white race crisis

Why did the trump administration go crazy in anti immigration and even spend a lot of money to build a border wall? Before trump left the White House, he did not go anywhere, but went to the border to see the unfinished border wall. He looked desolate and hopeless.


? on January 12, 2021, a video screenshot of Trump’s “last look” at his border wall during his term of office

It is because a considerable number of American elites have realized that, with the current white fertility rate, white people will become ethnic minorities by 2050, which will directly bring about two major crises:

One is the national crisis. Historically, when the proportion of the main ethnic groups in a country is less than 50%, it is easy to disintegrate;

The second is the racial crisis. When white people become ethnic minorities, if Latin Americans control the United States under the one person, one vote system, it is difficult to ensure that white people will not be liquidated. White people have the original sin of occupying America.

A law of procreation is that the richer the more unwilling to have children, the poorer the more children. Today in the United States, white people are more in the upper middle class, and their willingness to bear children is low. For a large number of non whites at the bottom, whether you limit abortion or not, they all have the same life.

Therefore, the author believes that the restriction of abortion is largely due to the conservative forces’ restriction on the low fertility willingness of whites

To alleviate the future national and ethnic crisis in the United States.

4. The exploitative nature of capital – more young people are needed

Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States are nominated by the president and appointed by the president after being approved by the Senate. They are often subject to the orders of the ruling parties.

However, in the United States, even the president is the result of the capital game, and the United States Justice is no exception.

Why does the United States encourage borrowing to consume in advance? This is no different from the ancient “99 years after the tax is received”, which uses the current game to eat people’s future funds.

However, if people have low fertility intention, there will be fewer and fewer “high-quality” young people in the future. Who will the capital eat?

The above four points are the reasons for the “anti abortion” in the United States. It seems reasonable and unreasonable, but one undeniable point is that it violates the basic common sense that the unborn fetus is a part of the female body, and the female has the right to decide how to deal with it!

Therefore, the decision of the United States Supreme Court is very absurd.

? screenshot of American people protesting against “abolition of abortion rights”

From “the American police do not have to protect the lives and property of the American people”, to “clearly slaughtering the American people, but also expanding the right to own guns”, and then to “Abolishing the right to abortion”… Perhaps the United States is re proving a law. When a dynasty in history went into decline and collapse, it was always full of demons and strange things!

Tanchun also said in a dream of red mansions that “if a big family like us is killed from outside, it will not die for a while. The ancients said that ‘a hundred footed insects, dead but not stiff’, we must kill ourselves at home before we can be completely defeated!”

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