What are the six spirit beasts under Nuwa? Two of them gave birth to Bai Suzhen

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What are the six spirit beasts under Nuwa? This is a problem that many readers are concerned about. Next, China story net will work with you to learn about it and give you a reference.

No.1 Jinfeng

Identity: Nu Wa mount

Appearance: Golden Phoenix

Background: at the beginning of heaven and earth, the world was in a wilderness. The ancient gods had not yet stepped on the stage. There were three ethnic groups, dragon, Phoenix and kylin, rising from many inborn races. The dragon clan commands all the scale animals, the kylin commands all the animals in the world, and the Phoenix governs all the birds in the heaven and earth. The three clans stand apart and jointly rule the flood and famine.

However, people’s hearts are hard to be satisfied. In the face of the temptation of unification and famine, the three ethnic groups began to have contradictions, and the friction between them continued to escalate. In addition, with the dark instigation of Mo zuluo, the war between the three ethnic groups broke out completely.

This war lasted for thousands of years and swept through the whole flood and famine. Countless gods and demons were forced to join the battle. Every moment, gods and Demons fell. The whole flood and famine was filled with grief, and finally God punished them.

The three clans have been knocked down as the protagonists of heaven and earth, the dragon clan belongs to the sea, the kylin cannot go out unless it is in a peaceful and prosperous age, and the Phoenix will not go out until the volcano is extinguished.


The Golden Phoenix, the heavenly daughter of the Phoenix family, is an extremely rare golden phoenix. She was born in an indestructible volcano. For thousands of years, she has watched the people of the ethnic group spin on the volcano day after day. She can only live around the volcano without freedom. She wanted to change all this, so she found Nuwa’s mother and volunteered to become Nuwa’s Mount, hoping to find a way to save her people.

No.2 white wine

Identity: left Dharma protector under Nuwa seat

Appearance: head of a man and body of a snake

Background: Bai Xuan, the left Dharma protector under Nu Wa’s seat, is also the first creature created by Nu Wa. The head of the snake is the female emperor of snakes, controlling most snakes in the world;

It is said that when Nu Wa created human beings, for the first time, she had no experience, so she mixed her holy blood completely according to her own appearance to create the first living creature, that is, the divine beast Baihuang. Because it was created by Nuwa, he was born under the master of Nuwa and was willing to follow Nuwa and become the left Dharma protector of Nuwa.

No.3 snake

Identity: right Dharma protector under Nuwa seat

Image: winged snake

Background: the snake, one of the most famous snakes in ancient mythology, looks like a snake with wings. It naturally controls wind and thunder and is extremely unusual. According to the Taoist legend, it was the gouchen emperor, one of the four emperors, who was in charge of all the wars in the world.

In ancient mythology, he was the second creature created by Empress Nuwa through modification and improvement in her experience of creating Bai Dan, so his image was obviously different from that of Bai Dan. Similarly, he also chose to follow Nuwa’s mother and became Nuwa’s right Dharma protector.

There is another interesting saying. It is said that in the long years, the snake gradually fell in love with Bai Dan. With Nu Wa’s consent, the two became husband and wife and gave birth to the famous Bai Suzhen. Maybe this can explain why Bai Suzhen, a little snake demon, can worship the ancient immortal Li Shan’s mother as a teacher.

No.4 kylin

Identity: rear protector under Nuwa seat

Appearance: lion head, antler, tiger eye, elk body, dragon scale, oxtail

Background: originally the overlord of heaven and earth, he was punished by heaven for the great disaster of dragons and phoenixes. He had to go out in peace and prosperity, and gradually became a auspicious beast.

Unlike Jinfeng, Qilin is a native German who loves the earth, mountains and rivers. In fact, they don’t like killing and cutting. After turning into auspicious omens, they carry forward this idea. They will never do anything without doing it. They can’t do it until they are prosperous, and they can’t do it until they are great sages.

In fact, this unicorn was originally recognized as the master of the great sage, Wang Fuxi. It was a spirit beast protecting the Dharma under the seat of Fuxi; Later, he was ordered by Fuxi to protect Nu Wa, and became a spirit animal under Nu Wa’s command.

No.5 Baize

Identity: front Dharma protector under Nuwa seat

Appearance: it looks like a lion, with a snow-white body, a single horned head, and a goatee. It is full of peace and wisdom

Background: Baize, the most special beast in the Kunlun Mountains, has very weak combat power, but it knows astronomy and geography from the top to the bottom; Through going, we can know the future. It is a famous auspicious beast.

It is said that it knows the shapes, characteristics and expelling methods of all the divine beasts and spirits in the world, records them on the Baize spirit and monster map, and gives them to the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan, resulting in the expulsion and killing of countless spirits and monsters.

Therefore, it was hostile to all the gods and monsters. For its own safety, it had to shelter under Nuwa’s mother and became Nuwa’s former Dharma protector.

No.6 Jiuwei Tianhu

Identity: Maid beside Nu Wa

Appearance: a snow-white fox with nine tails

Background: Pangu pioneered the world, incarnated in the flood and famine, and bred innumerable innate creatures. Among them, the ones with better qualifications were the first to be bred, and were called congenital gods and demons by the world; Those with poor qualifications, however, have absorbed the innate aura and gradually formed over the endless years. They are called inborn creatures, weaker than gods and demons, and higher than the acquired creatures.


The Nine Tailed heavenly fox is the first fox in the world. She turned into a late fox. When she was born, the Lich had already declined. The saints hung high for thirty-three days, herding and guarding all living beings. In order to protect herself, she went into the wa palace and became the maid of empress Nuwa.

However, the fox demon is good at charm. As the first fox between heaven and earth, her every move is full of unspeakable charm, which makes the sacred wa palace particularly demonic.

This made Nu Wa very angry, so she beat her down to the mortal green hill. Taking her charm as the root, she planted the magic fruit of the divine tree and ordered her to guard it for generations. Only then did she gradually have a family of nine tails in the green hill. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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