What are the stories about the birth of the Yellow Emperor?

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As we all know, the Yellow Emperor was the leader of the ancient Chinese tribal alliance, the co owner of the ancient Chinese nation, and his status was incomparably respected. So what are the stories about the birth of the Yellow Emperor? The following is a detailed introduction to the article made up by China story.com.

Legend 1

According to legend, the mother of the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan was called Fu Bao. It is said that one night, Fu Bao saw an electric light surrounding the big dipper pivot star. Immediately, the pivot star fell down, and Fu Bao became pregnant. After 24 months of gestation, she gave birth to a child, who was later the Yellow Emperor. When the Yellow Emperor was born, he became an abnormal God. Not long after birth, I can talk. By the time I was 15, I knew everything. Later he inherited the throne of xiongguojun. Because he invented xuanmian, it is called Xuanyuan. He was also called the Yellow Emperor because of his virtue and yellow soil color.

Legend II


Before 4856 BC, there was a dragon totem country in xuanyuanqiu, Xinzheng, Henan Province. The monarch’s name was Shaodian. He was the 77th emperor in the direct line of Fuxi emperor and Nuwa emperor. He had two wives, one was Ren Si (nu Deng), the other was Fu Bao. They were sisters. They were the daughters of the Qi family.

The mother of the Yellow Emperor, Fu Bao, was a sage. Because I miss my son so much, I often ask God for divination. One day, in the wild of Qijiao, I prayed to heaven. Suddenly, thunder and lightning struck me, numbing and dazzling. After that, I became pregnant. The witches at that time also rushed to tell each other everywhere, threatening: “soon there will be saints here!”

Fu Bao was pregnant for 24 months. There were colorful auspicious clouds in the sky, and hundreds of birds were facing the Phoenix. On February 2, the Yellow Emperor was born at Jianglong gorge in Juyuan pass by the JuShui river. Since then, there has been the saying of “two dragons raise their heads in February”. According to the historical records written by Sima Qian, the Yellow Emperor “was born divine, weak and able to speak, young and partial to Qi, long and smart.” It means that you can speak in a few months. When you are seven or eight years old, you will have an adult demeanor, and when you are twelve or thirteen years old, you will have great wisdom.

Legend III

The Yellow Emperor was born around Qufu City, Shandong Province. If the Yellow Emperor existed, there is no doubt that this statement is the most abundant evidence so far, both theoretically and at the site. According to ancient history records, “the Yellow Emperor was born in Shouqiu” and “Shouqiu is in the north of Ludong gate”, while Shouqiu is located in the east of Jiuxian village, four kilometers east of Qufu City. Zhaohengzun, Emperor Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty, honored the Yellow Emperor as the ancestor of Zhao’s family name. He ordered Qufu county to be changed into Xianyuan County, and built jingling palace and Tai Chi temple in Shouqiu to offer sacrifices. Jingling palace complex is a large-scale complex with 1320 halls, halls, pavilions, veranda, etc., covering an area of 1800 mu, which is more than three times that of today’s Qufu Confucius Temple. It was the temple with the highest ritual system at that time. After Kublai Khan took over the Central Plains in the yuan Dynasty, he respected the Yellow Emperor and ordered to rebuild jingling palace, allowing Han people to worship the Yellow Emperor. The latter jingling palace was destroyed by the war at the end of the Yuan Dynasty. To its north is the famous SHAOHAO mausoleum known as the Chinese pyramid.


At present, Qufu City is rebuilding the jingling palace and the Yellow Emperor city to correct the name of the Yellow Emperor. It once invited the Shaanxi Huangling government to pay tribute to the Yellow Emperor and announced to the society that the hometown of Confucius, a generation of cultural master, is also the hometown of the Yellow Emperor, the ancestor of the Chinese nation. This nearby area is also the area with the deepest deposition of Chinese civilization. It is known as “zoulu”. There are not only the “hometown of Confucius, Mencius and Sangzi, a land of cultural ceremonies”, the third batch of national famous historical and cultural cities, Zoucheng City with poor countries in ancient times, but also Qufu City, which is known as “Oriental holy city”, “Oriental yelusaleng”, the first batch of national famous historical and cultural cities, and the ancient name of Yaguo and Lu; There are Jining City, known as “little Suzhou in the north of the Yangtze River” and “the capital of canals”, and Yanzhou City, one of the ancient nine states, where Cao Cao’s power is based.

The second day of the second lunar month, the birthday of the Yellow Emperor, is the Zhonghe Festival (also known as the dragon head up Festival and the dragon head Festival). It is also the legendary day of the Yellow Emperor’s birthday. It is a common festival for the Chinese people. The Zhonghe festival was formulated by Li Shi, the emperor Dezong of the Tang Dynasty, in the fifth year of Zhenyuan (789), also known as “dragon heads up” on February 2. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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