What are the ten monsters in Shanhaijing? Who ranks first in the top ten animals?

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Today, the Xiaobian of China story network brings you the ten strongest beasts in the Shanhaijing. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

1. Candle nine Yin (candle dragon): the first beast with open eyes and dark eyes

Candle nine Yin is also called candle dragon. According to the records of “Shanhaijing · Dahuang Jing”: “beyond the northwest sea, in the north of Chishui, there is Zhangwei mountain. There is a God, the human face is red, the snake body is red, and the straight eyes are riding, its rest is dark, its vision is bright. Do not eat or sleep, wind and rain is ye. It is candle nine Yin, which is called candle dragon.”


People suspect that the candle dragon may be the prototype of Pangu, because “Pangu’s happiness is sunny, anger is Yin”. The power of the candle dragon lies in “its Ming is dark, and its vision is bright”, which means that as long as it keeps its eyes open, the sky is bright, like the day; But as long as it closes its eyes, the day will turn into a rolling night. It seems to have the power to control the light of heaven and earth, which is very powerful.

2. Nine Tailed Fox: the pot bearer in the animal kingdom

“The book of mountains and seas”: “there are beasts in the mountains of green hills. They look like foxes and have nine tails. Their voices are like babies. They can eat people, but they don’t poison.” Although this sentence says that the Nine Tailed Fox can also eat people, but “the eater does not poison”, that is to say, people who eat the blood and flesh of the Nine Tailed Fox can ward off evil spirits and not be confused by evil spirits (a little ironic). Therefore, Guo Pu, a famous litterateur and exegetical scholar in the Western Jin Dynasty, said in his notes, “peace is auspicious.”. But later, in the interpretation of history, it was described more and more dark.

3. Ying Long: help the Yellow Emperor and kill Chiyou Kuafu

“The classics of mountains and seas · the eastern classics of the great wilderness”: “in the northeast corner of the great wilderness, there is a mountain called fierce plough mound. Yinglong is in the south pole, killing Chiyou and Kuafu, and cannot go back, so there is a few droughts, and the drought is like Yinglong, which leads to heavy rain”. Later, there were many differences on the interpretation of Ying long. Ying Long was divided into two kinds: one was born by Mao Du and Yu Jia, and the other was born by Phoenix and Kirin. The other was formed by the 1500 years of dragon cultivation. The 500 years of dragon was horn dragon, and the 1000 years of horn dragon was Ying long. But if only according to the records in the book of mountains and seas, the earliest Yinglong should be quite powerful. It is good at “raising clouds and causing rain”, and it is also “killing Chiyou and Kuafu” (this statement is not appropriate). According to later generations, it helped the emperor win Chiyou, as if it played the role of rain god, and its thousand year life span is even more amazing than those mythical beasts who have been silent.


4. Vermilion: the precursor of the great war

“Shanhaijing · Xishan Jing”: “four hundred miles west, it is called xiaocizhi mountain. There are many white jade on it and red copper under it. There are beasts, which look like apes, and white headed and barefoot. It is called Zhu fan, and when you see it, you will be a soldier.” Zhu fan’s introduction sounded like nothing too powerful. He looked like an ape, with a white head and red feet. He looked like a tall and strong soldier, and felt like a lot of legendary snow mountain savages. But in fact, its strength lies in a kind of prediction – it is said that as long as it appears, there will be a big war in the world. This may also mean that Zhu fan’s body is similar to that of a soldier. It is estimated that his combat effectiveness is quite strong.

5. Gluttony: greed since ancient times

One of the four fierce beasts in ancient times, I won’t say more about this. It’s really too common. Greedy guys can eat too much, and even eat their own bodies, so there is only one head left. In a sense, it also means greedy people.

6. Poverty and wonder: punish the most evil things that are good and evil

Shanhaijing · Hainei Beijing: " Poor Qi looks like a tiger, has wings, cannibals from the beginning, and the food is distributed in the north of the dog. One day from foot& quot; One of the four fierce beasts in ancient times, its popularity is not as high as Taotie, but it is more terrible. The ancients recognized it as the most evil thing. Poor strange cannibalism is cruel and exquisite. It needs to eat from scratch, bit by bit. This also seems to show that qiongqi is more selective than Taotie, or more intelligent and cunning. It is said that it likes to watch people quarrel and fight, and then eat the more reasonable one. Doing so will only be more conducive to the spread of evil. It likes to encourage people to do bad things, so it is the most evil thing, and it is not alarmist.

7. Dijiang: the bird of the ancestor

The origin of Dijiang is a little big! The ancient sound “Da Jiang” is connected with “Da Hong”. The emperor Hong is the Yellow Emperor, which is the legendary ancestor of the Chinese nation. According to the book of mountains and seas, “it is called Tianshan Mountain three hundred and fifty miles west. It is rich in gold and jade. There is green realgar, and the British water flows out, while the southwest flows in Tanggu. There is God, whose shape is like a yellow bag, red as Dan fire, six feet and four wings, muddy and faceless. It knows singing and dancing, but it is really only the emperor river.” Although it doesn’t even have ears, eyes, mouth and nose, it knows how to sing and dance.

8. Tengu: misjudged cat like beast

The popularity of Tengu lies in a celestial phenomenon “Tengu eats the moon”. In the eyes of the ancients, the dog eating the moon is an astronomical ferocity. But in the book of mountains and seas, “it is three hundred miles west, called Yinshan. The muddy bath water flows out of Yan, and flows south in fanze. Among them, there are many Wenbei, which is called Tiangou. Its shape is like a fox and its head is white, and its sound is like a Durian, which can resist ferocity.” Tengu “can resist ferocity”. It can be seen that Tengu may be an auspicious beast that can control ferocity and evil. Although it is a dog, it looks more like a white wildcat.

9. Ferocious: mysterious red tiger strange beast

“Classic of mountains and seas · West Mountain classic”: “at the head of Jinghua mountain, it is called qianlai mountain, with many pines on it and washing stones under it. It is also 280 miles west, called zhange mountain, with no vegetation and more jade. It is very strange. There are beasts, whose shape is like a red leopard, five tails and one horn, its sound is like hitting stones, and its name is like” ferocious ” Ferocity is a strange beast. Although there is little explanation and attention to it in later generations, its hidden strength should be very strong, so it is also quite mysterious. There is an ancient book record: “the four emperors shift, and the sky drops their hearts. Chasing the world, subduing the four beasts, but it is also” ferocious ” “Pure heart” is probably because it is red all over, but you can “chase the world and serve the four beasts”, and you can also see its power.


10. Nephew (L ó ng zh): a fierce beast like a Nine Tailed Fox

For this kind of beast, it is from the work “sand sea” of the third uncle of the Southern Sect, The book says: “This kind of thing is called nephew, which is similar to a fox. It is often mistaken for a fox. Now it is very rare. It is often nine things that act together. One female is very big, and eight males are relatively small. Males often lie on the back of the female and act together, and their bodies are very slender. Therefore, nephew is generally considered to have nine heads and nine tails. In recognition, many people say the legend of Nine Tailed Fox It’s also because of the misreading of my nephew. ” Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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