What are the top ten mounts in ancient times? Whose mounts are they?

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Today, the editor of chinastory.com has brought you an article about the top ten mounts in ancient times. Welcome to read it~

In ancient China, although it was a mythical period, there were still many stories in this period. It was said that there were mounts in this ancient period, and all the major immortals had mounts. Then some people have to ask, what were the top ten mounts in ancient China? How is it ranked? Now let’s analyze and solve the puzzle together. If you are interested, you can have a look at what the top ten mounts in ancient times are!

1. Sixiang – Jiang Ziya

Identity is greater than combat effectiveness. It was originally the mount of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. It was evacuated to Jiang Ziya. Its horns are like deer, its face is like a horse, its hooves are like cattle, and its tail is like a donkey, but it looks like a deer rather than a deer, a horse rather than a horse, a cow rather than a cow, and a donkey rather than a donkey. Therefore, it obtained the beautiful name of “four unlike”.

2. Five color magic cattle – Huang Feihu

Mount Taishan, Dongyue, is a magical beast mount of huangfeihu, the great emperor of Rensheng, Tianqi. It has fast feet and great courage. It is not afraid of fierce beasts! It appears many times in the God demon novel “the romance of gods” in the Ming Dynasty. It is said to be a divine horse with five colored hair and endless power. You can walk with clouds.

3. Mo Qilin, Yu Qilin – Wen Zhong, Huang Tianhua

It is said that Mo Qilin was born to black dragon and divine cow, so he is fierce and likes fighting bravely. Later, she was accepted by the virgin of the golden spirit and presented to her disciple Wen Zhong. The prototype was mink antelope. In the original text of the romance of the gods: the sound of the four legged wind and cloud is loud, and the Lin Sheng fog color reflects the golden light; Travel around the world for a moment to show that Xuanmen Taoism is prosperous. Jade Kirin is presented to Huang Tianhua by the master Qingfeng mountain Ziyang cave Qingxu Daozhen Jun, opposite to Wen Zhong’s ink Kirin.

4. Your majesty, lion dragon – Wang Mo, Yang Sen

One of the nine sons of the dragon, his majesty is like a tiger and can devour tigers and leopards. In ancient times, most prisons were decorated with this beast, which means fierce and straight. At any rate, the descendants of the dragon must not be underestimated.

5. Ferocious — Li xingba

It is recorded in the Shanhaijing that human shape can walk upright and has a terrifying face. When meeting people in the wild, first cover their faces with their upper limbs. When people approach, they suddenly put down their upper limbs and show their faces, which makes people die of shock. It is also a fierce beast. One glance can scare people to death.


6. Unicorn smoky beast – Zhang Kui

The one horn on the head can emit black smoke. It is a very practical animal to ride. It feels the same as the tailless foal and Hulei leopard in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. The speed is also very fast. The original work: Zhang Kui’s mount is very strange, called “unicorn smoky beast”, which is as fast as God, like a burst of black smoke, like flying clouds and lightning. You can play and run.

7. Green lion, white elephant, golden hair roar – Manjusri Bodhisattva, Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, Guanyin Bodhisattva

They are Qiu Shouxian, Lingya Xian, jinguangxian, and jiejiao disciples, but they have no choice but to become others’ mounts. With all his skills and means, he is not a general pure mount. Later, he reappeared in the journey to the West. He worked with Dapeng to build a lion camel country and robbed Tang monks and others. Needless to say, he can make trouble!


8. Panjiao qingniu, Kui Niu – Lao Tzu, Tongtian

Lao Tzu’s mount is one of the two monsters of Song Mountain. It has infinite power and can pull out the mountain. The mount of Tongtian cult leader is a black one horned Buffalo, surrounded by auspicious light and mist, and colorful clouds rise. The two ox horns are shaped like a crescent moon, and there are Tai Chi eight trigrams in the middle of the ox’s head. Gray, there must be wind and rain in and out of the water, which can make the sound of thunder, accompanied by the light of the sun and moon.


9. Jiulong aloe chariot – Yuanshi Tianzun

Yuanshi Tianzun’s Dai Bu luanyu is the supreme treasure that Hongjun ancestor refined for 129600 years with the balance of heaven and earth. Hongmeng aloe wood is the base of the car. The nine sky colorful God stone is collected on the top, and the nine quiet five Qi Xuan gold is collected on the bottom, which absorbs the essence of the sun, moon and stars, and absorbs the divine beauty of heaven, earth, mountains and rivers. The Yin and Yang Qi flow, and the five elements are moving.

10. Colorful auspicious clouds – Hongjun ancestor

Hongjun ancestor, also known as Hongjun Taoist, is called Hongjun Taoist in the novel “the romance of gods”, and is the master of the supreme Lao Jun, the first heaven Buddha of the Yuan Dynasty, and the Tongtian cult leader. In the novel, Hongjun Taoist is the ancestor of all immortals, also known as “Hongyuan ancestor”. Hongyuan refers to the original state of the universe when heaven and earth are not opened and the void is not divided. There is a saying that “there is a great power before there is a heaven”. There is also a saying that Hongjun ancestor is Pangu. The colorful auspicious clouds, as the traveling object of Hongjun’s ancestors, are well deserved to rank first.


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