What are the top ten Yin Shuai? What are the responsibilities of the ten Yin Shuai?

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What are the top ten Yin Shuai? What are the responsibilities of the ten Yin Shuai? Next, let’s get to know it with our readers and give them a reference.

In Chinese folk, it is always love to rank some famous people, such as the four beauties, the ten marshals, and so on, and summarize them together so as to facilitate comparison, memory, and dissemination.

Of course, there is not only a list of the top ten marshals on the ground, but also a list of the top ten Yin marshals. In addition to the well-known black-and-white impermanence and bull headed horse face, do you know any other powerful characters? Today, Confucius said, let me reveal to you what are the top ten Yin marshals!

1. Ghost King

It is said that all the ghost kings are insatiable and tyrannical. According to the book of the original wish of the underground Bodhisattva, there are no less than dozens of big and thousands of small ghost kings, who are in charge of all the departments in the underworld.


From the traditional folk statues, we can see that the fish body, red hair and fangs, holding the town demon bell, is ferocious and ferocious, and the whole is like a Yaksha ghost.

2. Day tour

It is also known as the day parade. In Chinese folk beliefs, it is said that the day parade God is a dangerous God, which can not be provoked! He is responsible for patrolling around during the day, monitoring the good and evil in the world. He looks like a prison official, his hair is scattered, and he holds a wooden card in his hand.

3. Night tour

Night wanderers are evil spirits who patrol at night. Unlike day wanderers, they only like to report to the top regardless of good or bad. Night wanderers were first seen in the book of mountains and seas: Overseas South Sutra.

4. Impermanence

We should be very familiar with black and white impermanence. Many film and television works have described black and white impermanence. According to folklore, impermanence is a messenger who holds a mourning stick to specially hook up souls wandering in the human world and bring them to the underworld. There is also a saying that those who meet black are evil, and those who meet white are happy. See the Beiping custom signs first.

5. Ox head

The ox head theory was first seen in Buddhism. Its ox head is shaped like a human, holding a steel fork, and its power is infinite. After Buddhism was introduced to China, the theory of horse face and ox head horse face was widely spread among the people. After Taoism absorbed it, it evolved into the subordinates of King Yama and judges.

6. Horse face

Ma Mian and Niu tou are of the same level. They work for the king of hell. They have the image of Ma Mian, the body of Ma Tou, the hand of a huge hammer, and the power to move mountains and reclaim the sea.


7. Leopard tail

Leopard tail is called leopard tail marshal. According to folklore, leopard tail is the Ming marshal who is in charge of the spirits of beasts. It is called “four Yin marshals” together with bird’s beak, fish gill and wasp. This is something imagined by folk people.

Leopard tail was originally the virtual name of the year-old God in ancient Chinese alchemy. It was the evil god, the so-called image of the tiger’s heart, the pioneer’s general, and the year-old God’s yellow flag. It is said that the weapon was a huge hammer.

8. Beak

The beak is called the beak marshal. According to the legend, the beak is the Ming marshal who is in charge of the spirits of the birds and animals in the sky. This is a folk imagination, without authenticity, and is often seen in literary works.

9. Gill

Fishgills are called fishgill marshals. According to the legend, fishgills are the Ming marshals who are in charge of the spirits of underwater animals, and they also hold a big hammer.

10. Wasp

The Hornet is called the hornet marshal. According to the legend, the Hornet is the Ming marshal in charge of all insect spirits.

After talking about the top ten Yin Shuai, do you know why black and white impermanence is favored by TV dramas? Confucius thought that it was probably because their bodies were most like normal people and they were good at making up! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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