What are the unsolved mysteries of the list of gods? A brief analysis of the ten unsolved mysteries in the list of gods!

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Today, the Xiaobian of China story network brings you the top ten unsolved mysteries in the list of gods. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

When it comes to the list of deities, we all know that it is really very, very interesting. Recently, I saw someone say that they have created some ten unsolved mysteries for the list of deities. Haha, the ten unsolved mysteries of the list of deities make people very curious. I don’t know if you are curious. If you are curious, you can look down. If you are not curious, go out and turn right. Thank you!


Everyone is greedy for spring and March, but nostalgic for spring. I urge you to stop mistaking the three spring scenery. Every inch of time is worth an inch of gold—— Xu Zhonglin

Journey to the west, together with the book of mountains and seas and the romance of gods, created the traditional Chinese mythology system. To read the romance of Fengshen, you must first understand some historical knowledge and read it before and after the journey to the West. Otherwise, we can only watch the excitement or worry about the “ancients” in the book.

My friends are happy to talk about the following 10 questions: let’s listen to the hard evaluation of the emperor and tell us one by one

1. What is the title list? Is it better to be on the list or not?

Answer: it’s a list, not on the list! Title List: the highest treasure in mythology and legend. It is under the command of the Jade Emperor, the Lord of the heavenly court, and is used to command the 365 gods in the eight departments of the heavenly court. To put it mildly, it is part of the organizational structure of Tianting civil servants. The so-called Zhengshen means that there are “classes” and “things” to do. They can neither be as high-quality as celestial beings nor as leisurely as Sanxian. There is no room for cultivation and improvement due to the incense in the world. Therefore, Yang Jian, the real king of Zhaohui Erlang, can only be a small saint of Erlang, and can not be a great Luo Jinxian.

2. What does Jiang Ziya support (because) not make the list? How good is he?

Answer: it’s not normal, I have no great ability! The above has explained that it is not a good thing for those who practice or attain the Tao to be listed as gods. In that case, it is normal for Jiang Ziya not to be listed on the list of gods because he is passionate and reasonable, public and private. In addition, when Jiang Ziya went down the mountain in the original book, the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty also made it clear to him: “you are born with a thin life, and it is difficult to achieve the immortal way. You can only receive the blessings of the world, and you can count on the number of soups, and the Zhou family will prosper. You and I will serve as gods, go down the mountain to help the Lord Ming. As a general, you will not be worth your 40 years of practice on the mountain.” In addition, looking at the whole chapter of the Fengshen romance, Jiang Ziya could not have done much without the help of all kinds of soldiers and horses. In the old version of the TV series, Jiang Ziya, played by teacher LAN Tianye, is the most consistent with the original, saying, “go and protect the king and the queen!” They shouted for nearly 30 episodes. As for the divine whip, it was the “identity identifier” given to Jiang Ziya by the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. Because beating the divine whip can only beat the gods, and it must be the positive God on the list of gods, but it can not beat people. Even if beating the positive God, the power is extremely limited. To tell you the truth, even if you look at that thing, you can’t kill Yang Jian.


3. Is the jade emperor the legendary Zhang you (friend)?

Answer: not at all! There are three reasons: there is no mention of Zhang Youren or Zhang Youren in the whole chapter of the romance of the gods; Yang Jian’s mother is Yao Ji, and yao ji’s brother is the Jade Emperor, which means that the Jade Emperor is Yang Jian’s uncle. What’s wrong? Yang Jian has fought the n-th round of Fengshen romance war 10. Can his uncle be sealed by Jiang Ziya? In the original book of journey to the west, Sun Wukong said to the Tathagata: “the emperor takes turns to do it. He will come to my house next year. Please let the Jade Emperor move out…” the Tathagata replied: “he (the jade emperor) has endured 1750 misfortunes since he was a child. Every one of them should be 129600 years before he can enjoy the endless road.” I don’t need to calculate how many years 1750 times 129600 equals. I know that China has been around for 5000 years. Then, 10000 years ago, was there a person surnamed Zhang? Therefore, this view is sheer nonsense!


4. Is Yuan Hong in Fengshen the previous life of Sun Wukong in the journey to the west?

Answer: not at all! There are two reasons for this: in the original work of the romance of the gods, Yuan Hong and Yang Jian both know the eight and nine Xuangong (estimated to be 72 changes), so no one can control anyone. Therefore, Nuwa’s mother gave Yang Jian a magic weapon, the map of mountains and rivers and the country, and then she took it in. Later, outside Jiang Ziya’s tent, he was killed by the Taoist priest Lu Ya’s magic weapon, the immortal chopping flying knife. See clearly that he was killed, not killed. What’s the grade of the road roller? That’s the same level as Hongjun’s father and Nuwa’s mother! Can you let Yuan Hong play in the underground mansion? Directly break up the original gods! In the original book journey to the west, when the monkey king was born, he bowed down to the four sides, his eyes lit with gold, and he shot at the chongdou mansion. The Jade Emperor said mercifully: what is beyond the bottom is the essence of heaven and earth, which is not different. Therefore, Sun Wukong is a stone monkey born from heaven and earth. He has neither father nor mother, nor is he reincarnated by others. This bullshit view was later talked about by many bricklayers, including Liang Hongda and Lao Liang. A person who has not seen the original book said in the video: “Yuan Hong was killed by the immortal chopping flying knife in this way. After he was killed, he was trapped in the picture of mountains and rivers, and then yuan Honghua made a stone…” I didn’t say much, but my brother was also “convinced”!


5. What is the difference between gods and immortals? Which is more powerful?

Answer: the difference between “dead wages” and “no difference in money” is more powerful, but it depends on what kind of immortal it is! In the first question, God has a job and a class. By the incense of the world, of course, I can go to Pantao once in a while to satisfy my hunger. But immortals are different, but it depends on what kind of immortals they are. In the journey to the west, the true monkey king and the false monkey king once mentioned by the Tathagata: “there are five immortals in the sky, which are the gods, human beings and ghosts of heaven and earth; there are five insects, which are the scales, feathers and Kun. There are also four monkeys mixed with each other, and they do not belong to the ten species.” Therefore, the immortals are divided into five categories: Celestial immortals, earth immortals, immortals, human immortals and ghost immortals. The celestial immortal is also called Da Luo Jinxian. The achievement is in the triple fold, and the trace is beyond the triple fold. It is not restricted by the Dharma, nor is it stuck by the Tao. It has great achievements in the world and in the present and ancient times. Such as: Yuanshi Tianzun and Taishang Laojun; Those who are immortals are half of heaven and earth, and those who are immortals. If you don’t understand the great way, you will stop at the small way. It is impossible to achieve success, but only those who live in the world and do not die in the world. For example, the level of zhenyuanzi (the ancestor of earth immortals); The immortals, who are tired of living in the world, work hard, connect with each other, draw lead and add mercury, and refine gold. When the jade liquid is returned to the pill, it is refined to form Qi, and the five Qi are in the Yuan Dynasty, and the three yang are at the top. The work is full of forgetfulness, and the fetus is immortal. The Yin is pure and the Yang is pure. Become immortal and become immortal. For example, Yang Jian and Na Zha have different grades; People are immortals, people are immortals, and there are two under the five immortals. Those who practice truth do not understand the main road. They get a Dharma in the Tao and a skill in the Dharma. Their faith is bitter and their will will will not change in the end. Such as: LV Dongbin and other eight immortals; Ghosts and immortals are one of the five immortals. The Yin is detached, the God is unknown, the ghost pass has no surname, and the three mountains are nameless. Although there is no reincarnation, it is difficult to return to pengying. Finally, there is no place to return, and it ends with giving up after reincarnation. Such as: the grade of land father-in-law and mother-in-law; When we read the journey to the west, the ancestor of the earth immortals in zhenyuanzi did not hurt the monkey king, no matter how fierce he was. Therefore, for the time being, the magic power of the immortals and the gods should be at the same level. Then the magic power under the earth immortal is naturally inferior to that of God. The magic power of celestial beings is naturally higher than that of gods.

6. What is the “Sanqing”? Who is it? Is it an immortal? Or something?

Answer: it’s not a person, it’s an immortal, it’s also a matter! Sanqing refers to the scenic spots of Yuqing, Shangqing and Taiqing, which are respected by Taoism. It also refers to the three worshippers living in the fairyland of the three Qing Dynasties, namely, Yuqing Yuanshi Tianzun, Shangqing Lingbao Tianzun and Taiqing Daode Tianzun. Here I want to explain that we should not regard Lingbao Tianzun as the leader of Tongtian sect. The leader of Tongtian cult is an image created by the author in the romance of Fengshen. In fact, there is also a saying called “Lao Tzu once vaporized, Sanqing”. The “Sanqing” here refers to one thing! It is in the 77th chapter of the original book that the Supreme Lord Lao Jun changes into three himself and hits the leader of Tongtian sect. That is why we have this “one Qi, three cleans”.

7. Is “western religion” in the canonization and “Buddhism” in the westward journey the same thing?

Answer: Yes! There are three reasons: the journey to the West was written earlier than the romance of Fengshen. When you read the original book, you will find that there is a sentence “the immortal barefoot jujube and pear fragrance” in the description of the Taoist in Fengshen and the Buddha in the journey to the West; In the original Canon, at the beginning of the year, the disciple under the throne of Tianzun, Tzu hang Taoist priest, followed the Taoist priest at the canon assembly, which was later Guanyin Bodhisattva in the westward journey; In the original Canon, there are two masters of western religion, one is the guide and the other is the zhunti. Among them, zhunti Taoist is the later Bodhi guru. Those of us who have read the original works can see the close descriptions of these two characters by the two authors.


8. Top 10 of the “magic tools” in the Fengshen romance!

Answer: Yin Hong holds Yin Yang mirror; Taiji diagram, held by the Supreme Master; Hunyuan Jindou: held by the three Xiao Niang; Jin Jiao scissors, held by Zhao Gongming; Five color divine light, Kong xuanzhi; The picture of mountains and rivers and the country is held by Nuwa; This is a flying knife for cutting immortals, which is held by the Taoist; Four immortal swords, presided over by Tongtian sect; Seven treasures and wonderful trees are held by zhunti Taoist; The golden gourd (the flag of offering a move to the demon) is held by the goddess Nuwa;

9. The top 3 of the “array” in the Fengshen romance!

Answer: in the zigzag Yellow River array, the twelve golden immortals under the emperor’s seat at the beginning of the year were all cut off with three flowers. If it wasn’t for Bixiao’s kindness, he would have the ability to kill. However, it was later broken by the founder of the Yuan Dynasty… The immortal array was killed and injured by both the interception and the elucidation; Zhuxian array is the first killing array in ancient times. It’s directly the immortal level fighting method, and the second generation of disciples dare not try to break the array!


10. The character “mana” classification in Fengshen romance!

Answer: on the first grade: Nuwa Niang, Lu Yadao, etc; In the first grade: the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, the leader of Tongtian sect, the Supreme Lord, the Taoist priest, the quasi Taoist priest, etc; Under the first product: Taoist priest, Zhao Gongming, Sanxiao Niang, etc; Middle grade: Twelve golden immortals, jade Ding immortal, Taiyi immortal, etc; Middle products: Yang Jian, Nezha, etc; Below: Lei Zhenzi, Tu xingsun, etc; Inferior products: such as hum ha two generals, Huang Feihu, etc;

“The romance of gods” is also a good book, but it can not be called a strange book. The big reason is that the overall layout is far from the writing skills of Mr. Wu Chengen. One of the sentences “borrowing land to escape back to Kunlun Mountain” has been repeated at least 100 times. In addition, even the later literary film and television works failed to restore the original works well. Most of them are directors, screenwriters and actors who have not seen the original works. It’s a bit like a large-scale, epic, netizen style, and Warcraft themed classical magic idol drama.

Hard comment on the title: it seems that the ten unsolved mysteries are actually rooted in the original book. Peers should learn more calligraphy, and know that every word is a Bodhi. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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