What are the weapons of the Seven Saints? How is the strength of the Seven Saints better than that of the monkey king?

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Today, the Xiaobian of China story network brings you the details of the Seven Saints of the journey to the West. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

Speaking of the Seven Saints, we all know that these people are really not simple, they are really powerful. In fact, the strength of each person is not necessarily inferior to that of Sun Wukong. Many of them have surpassed Sun Wukong, so their strength is quite good. Recently, many people have asked, what are the weapons of these seven saints? If we rank these weapons, which of them is the strongest? Let’s analyze and uncover the secrets together!

Ox demon king’s weapon: mixed iron stick; Dragon demon king’s weapon: water breaking sword; Peng demon king’s weapon: Soul locking claw; Lion camel King’s weapon: Demon subduing pestle; Macaque King’s weapon: golden cudgel; Yu Peng Wang’s weapon: golden cudgel; Monkey King’s weapon: Ruyi golden cudgel.

It can be seen from the above that the weapons of the monkey brothers are almost the same, all of which are sticks. However, the Ruyi golden cudgel of Sun Wukong should be more powerful. Compared with the weapons of other people, the weapons of Sun Wukong are even more powerful. Therefore, the weapons of the seven Saints still depend on Sun Wukong.


Brief introduction to other saints

1. Eldest brother, the great sage of pingtian, the Bull Demon King

In the journey to the west, the ox demon king is also known as the king of great power, claiming to be the great saint of pingtian and the head of the Seven Saints. The weapon used by the ox demon king is also a stick. It is called a mixed iron stick. It has extraordinary strength and is difficult to have an opponent in the demon world.

The ox demon king has the largest territory in the demon world. When expanding his territory, he offended the Buddhist and Taoist worlds and was subdued.

2. The second brother, the great holy dragon demon king of Fuhai

I have a saying. It is said that the real body of the Dragon King is the illegitimate son of the Dragon King of Beihai. He was abandoned because of his ugly appearance and bad birth.

The Dragon demon king is born to subvert the four seas. This is a magical skill that can subvert the sea water and even suck up the water of the North Sea.

The Dragon demon king is a nightmare for the aquarium. Because of the deterrent power of the heaven, the Dragon demon king dare not use this natural skill easily.


3. The third brother, huntian, the great sage, Peng, the demon king

As for the Peng demon king, many people think that he is the later golden winged ROC carving. At first, the demon king Peng deliberately occupied Huaguo Mountain, and then when fighting with Sun Wukong, he deliberately conceded defeat. If you don’t fight, you won’t know each other and become brothers. It’s still a mystery why King Peng and Sun Wukong turned against each other in the end.

4. The fourth brother moved the mountain, the great lion and the camel king

The skill of moving mountains is the one that Sun Wukong is most afraid of. Generally, when he is pressed down by the mountains, Sun Wukong has nothing to do.

At that time, Sun Wukong was pressed on the five elements mountain for five hundred years, and he could not move. On the way to get the Scriptures, the king of silver horn moved to Mount Tai to suppress Sun Wukong, and Sun Wukong was still arrested.

5. Wuge ventilation Monkey King

Many people believe that the monkey king is the later six eared macaque. Six eared macaques are good at listening. The skill of ventilation is also helpful for listening. If you can control the wind, you can have the ears of the wind.

6. Six elder brothers drive the gods and the king of Yu

Lao Liu is actually a golden monkey. Yu in Shuowen Jiezi is: Yu, female monkey, head like a ghost. Is Lao Liu a female monkey, a tomboy or a woman disguised as a man?


7. The seventh Monkey King

Among the Seven Saints, the monkey king is the most famous one in the three realms. The best ending is also the great sage of Qi Tian. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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