What can the Chinese society learn from the endless hot public opinion?

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Author: Mingshu source: official account: Mingshu Zatan wechat ID: laomingdashu

1) Early this morning, a friend forwarded the follow-up handling of the Tangshan beating incident. Chen and other criminal cases suspected of being organized by evil forces were investigated by the public security organs and transferred to the procuratorate for examination and prosecution. Recently, the procuratorate filed a public prosecution in accordance with the law. At the same time, the discipline inspection and supervision organs of Hebei Province have also seriously investigated and dealt with the corruption and “umbrella” problems behind Chen and other suspected evil forces. According to the situation of the victims concerned by the outside world, 2 people were identified as minor injuries and 2 people were classified as minor injuries. It should be said that this matter has been dealt with fairly well so far. For lawbreakers and their “protective umbrellas”, what awaits them will be serious legal sanctions.

2) In the Internet age, similar hot public opinions always occur from time to time. Some friends read too much, and feel very angry and dissatisfied every time. In the end, they even feel some “despair”. Any society, of course, hopes that such hot public opinion will be less, and it is better not to happen. But in fact, no society can be perfect. There will always be such and such problems. The outbreak of hot public opinion is only a matter of probability. On the contrary, hot public opinion has exposed the problem, which is actually a good thing to some extent. In individual cases, bad people will be dealt with and fairness and justice will be upheld. More importantly, Chinese society can educate and deter the whole society by handling such hot public opinion events. At the same time, the hot public opinion and its treatment can also force the Chinese society to improve the system, mechanism and process according to the corresponding problems, so as to truly draw inferences from one instance and realize the long-term stability of Chinese society.

3) In the past few months, almost every day, people asked me whether the Tangshan beating incident would be “rotten”. My answer was absolutely impossible. For such a vicious incident of national concern, the relevant government departments will certainly handle it according to law. Especially after the intervention of Hebei Province and the Ministry of public security, even if the lawbreakers have “protective umbrellas” in Tangshan, they are not worth mentioning in the face of higher-level public power. More importantly, the handling of hot public opinions has a bearing on the support of the people and the understanding and trust of the people in the party and the government. No one should dig the corner of socialism with Chinese characteristics on this issue.

4) It is normal for ordinary people to feel angry and confused when they encounter hot public opinions. This is the most simple sense of fairness and justice in their hearts. If we are indifferent to the hot public opinion, it is really a problem, because it either shows that people are generally numb, or it shows that people are generally desperate, so there is no response. But at the same time, after experiencing numerous hot public opinions, we should also have some summary and reflection. The most important point is to learn to avoid biased listening and believing, and to understand the truth of “let the bullet fly for a while”. At the beginning, many things came out with incomplete information, and even many of them were one-sided statements. After the information in the later aspects was gradually completed, the true face of the matter was fully displayed. Sometimes, there was a reversal of the plot. Therefore, we should not only maintain a basic sense of fairness and justice, but also maintain a basic sense of rationality and critical thinking. We should calm down for three seconds in case of trouble and let the bullet fly for a while. There is no harm. I believe that no one who truly adheres to fairness and justice can rush to a conclusion without waiting for the truth to come out.

5) We should have confidence that hot public opinions will be dealt with seriously. At the same time, it takes time and a process to deal with hot public opinions, and we should be patient. Take the Tangshan beating incident as an example. It is a vicious public security incident of national concern. It takes time for the public security organs to complete the investigation, for the procuratorial organs to review and prosecute, and for the courts to hear and pronounce judgments. These are all objective facts. No matter how much people expect “evil people will be rewarded immediately”, judicial cases must require a certain process and time. This is the original meaning of the rule of law. Only when the procedures are comprehensive can we turn such a case of national concern into an “iron case” and make it stand the test of facts and time. We must be clear that the so-called procedural justice actually protects the legitimate rights of every citizen in the end.

6) Many people pay attention to the hot public opinion, but do not pay much attention to the follow-up treatment. For them, it seems that there are “bad tail” events everywhere. In fact, in the past few years, from the “iron chain girl” to the Tangshan beating incident, I have basically handled all the hot public opinions. Moreover, the processing process and results are basically reasonable and legal. However, ordinary people do not understand laws and regulations, and in addition to the psychological impact caused by public opinion in the early stage, they often feel that the final treatment result is not strict enough. This is actually a common psychological state. For the relevant departments of the state, the most important thing to deal with hot public opinions is still to be reasonable and act according to laws and regulations. If we really follow the tone of public opinion, no matter whether it is March, July or 20, we will all be severely punished and severely sentenced. This will become a “trial by public opinion” and also has the spirit of breaking the law.

7) In addition, there are often some irrational remarks about hot public opinions on the Internet. For example, some people, out of their simple anger towards “bad guys”, often shout, “you can pull someone out and shoot him”. As an expression of emotions, there are reasons, but we must admit that this is an unhealthy state. A society upholds the spirit of the rule of law and, in the end, protects every one of us. Otherwise, this person can be “pulled out and shot” today without going through strict judicial procedures, and tomorrow you and I may be “pulled out and shot” for something. The reason is very simple. People with extreme thinking and extreme emotions should also learn to reflect and self-discipline.

8) Government departments at all levels must attach importance to the handling of hot public opinions from the perspective of “stressing politics”. In recent years, with the development of the Internet, hot public opinions have emerged in an endless stream. Many things that originally belonged to a small place and a small field can easily become major events of national concern. At this time, the people’s eyes are staring at whether the handling of the incident is to adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, or to the practice of “turning major matters into small ones”, or to deal with it seriously in accordance with the law and regulations, or to “punish yourself for three cups”. The common people see whether the governments at all levels adhere to seeking truth from facts, whether they adhere to the people-centered principle, and whether they have the ability to discover and correct problems through the handling of one hot public opinion by government departments at all levels. In the end, whether the handling of public opinion is timely and reasonable affects the people’s basic understanding of the party and the government and the people’s confidence in the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. Because of this, the affairs of a county, a hospital, and ultimately, will have an overall impact and political impact. Therefore, in recent years, I have been calling on governments at all levels to deal with hot public opinions from the perspective of “stressing politics” and to be responsible for their own affairs. They must not allow “small matters to delay the big ones and big events to delay the explosion”. Still less should they allow conflicts to escalate and finally hand over the responsibility. These are all manifestations of insufficient governance capacity and weak political awareness. Only when governments at all levels handle every hot public opinion well can we continuously enhance the understanding and trust between the people and the party and the government.

9) For the handling of hot public opinions, we must pay attention to communication. In the Internet age, there is a variant version of the “Tacitus trap”, that is, the public will generally doubt and distrust the public power and the strong side, and assume that they will make mistakes and do evil. At this time, for governments at all levels, when dealing with hot public opinions, we must make the communication work more professional, more friendly and more sympathetic. First, we should be quick. Public opinion changes very quickly. If authoritative information does not come out, all kinds of rumors will fly everywhere; Second, it is necessary to release the information in a rolling manner in response to the public’s query points, and do not have the idea of holding back big moves and Issuing the final release with a hammer; Third, communication should be well intentioned and sympathetic. We should frankly face the public’s doubts and distrust. We should strive to resolve doubts and doubts, build trust and promote consensus through more professional communication.

10) For the treatment of hot public opinion and the settlement of individual cases, only the first step has been completed. More importantly, rectification is the establishment of rules and regulations. Through the improvement of systems, mechanisms and processes, it is ensured that similar incidents will not occur again, so as to truly realize the long-term stability of Chinese society. It is necessary to expose a class of problems through a hot public opinion and force a field to improve and perfect its work. Only by doing this can we truly live up to the stimulation and promotion of each hot public opinion to China’s social progress.

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