What crime did Wu Gang commit and why did he cut down trees?

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Today, the editor of China story net has brought you an article about Wu Gang’s attack on Guangxi. Welcome to read it~

Many people have probably heard of the myth that Wu Gang felled osmanthus. A man named Wu Gang has been cutting osmanthus trees in the Moon Palace, but the tree has the ability to heal itself. The wound will heal immediately after cutting. Isn’t that a joke? Why should Wu Gang cut down trees when he can’t cut them down? So, what kind of story is Wu Gang’s cutting down osmanthus? Why does Wu Gang want to cut down a tree that can’t be cut down at all?


As a fairy tale, we don’t need to explore the trivial information such as when Wu Gang was a character, where he lived and what occupation. Even his name is not necessarily Wu Gang. Some people call him Wu Zhi and others call him Wu Sheng. There are many versions of Wu Gang’s legend about cutting osmanthus, but no matter which version, the cause is the same. Wu Gang made a mistake and was sent to the Moon Palace to cut osmanthus trees.

Since the versions are different, Wu Gang’s mistakes are different.

??1. The less reliable statement offended Emperor Yan. Wu Gang’s wife had an affair with Boling, the grandson of the Yan Emperor. Wu Gang, wearing a green hat, naturally resented Boling and killed Boling in a fit of anger, which angered the Yan Emperor. The Yan Emperor sent him to the moon to chop down a laurel tree. The wife felt guilty and ordered herself and the three sons of Boling to accompany Wu Gang. However, the hero in this version of the original work is “Wu Quan”, not Wu Gang.


??2. Wu Gang is close to Chang’e, but as a general guarding the southern gate of heaven, it is not a good thing to be busy meeting Chang’e while neglecting his duties. The Jade Emperor was very angry when he learned that he did not look at his gate, but wanted to see Chang’e, so he sent Wu Gang to the moon to cut trees. Not only did he cut trees, he could not return to the southern gate of heaven, nor could he see Chang’e. Naturally, the result was the same. The Jade Emperor sent a crow to interfere with Wu Gang’s tree cutting. As long as Wu Gang looked at it, the laurel would grow leaves again.

??3. This version directly ignores why Wu Gang cut down trees, but only knows that Wu Gang has been cutting down osmanthus trees. After thousands of years, osmanthus trees have not changed at all. However, Wu Gang knew that there was no cinnamon tree in the world, so he wanted to spread the seeds of cinnamon tree to the world. He found a kind-hearted woman and gave her the seeds of Osmanthus fragrans. Only the trees of kind-hearted people are full of Osmanthus fragrans. For people with evil intentions, the trees will not take root and sprout.


Well, Wu Gang’s attack on Osmanthus is a myth. Just look at it. Don’t be too serious. What legends have you heard about Wu Gang’s attack on Osmanthus? Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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