What did Sun Wukong eat when he was pressed under the five elements mountain? Why eat iron pills and drink copper juice?

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Today, the little editor of China story network brings you what the monkey king is eating at the foot of the five elements mountain? I hope it can help you.

Sun Wukong was pressed down at the foot of Wuxing mountain for hundreds of years. It was not until the Tang monk came to save him that he was able to get out of the mountain. However, he was pressed down for so many years and could not do anything. What if he was hungry and wanted to go to the toilet? Of course, he can’t eat, drink and sleep like normal people, and people don’t always send him food. What does he eat? Why does the Tathagata want him to eat iron pills and drink copper juice? What is the use of eating these things for him?


With a six character mantra, the Tathagata pressed Sun Wukong under the five element mountain formed by his five fingers. Even though he had boundless power, he still could not escape. Even though Sun Wukong exerted all his strength at that time, he could not defeat the Buddha, and finally he could only accept the fact that he was imprisoned. But if you are an ordinary person, you may starve to death in a few days after being pressed for so many years. However, Sun Wukong has lived for 500 years. How did he do it in that deserted place?

It is often said that monks are compassionate, and the Buddha left the heaven after suppressing Sun Wukong. But after he left the Heaven Gate, he showed compassion and summoned a land in the Wuxing mountain to guard Sun Wukong. If he was hungry, he would eat iron balls and if he was thirsty, he would drink copper juice. When the time came, someone would naturally come to save him. Of course, the person who came to save him was the Tang monk, but these are all later words. But what was the purpose of the Buddha to let Sun Wukong eat these things?

There is a scripture in the dizang Sutra, which says that eating iron pills and drinking copper juice is originally a punishment for sinners and a torture for sinners in the infernal hell. However, it says that the Buddha was merciful to Sun Wukong. Isn’t it funny? The result of compassion is that Sun Wukong is punished by the infernal hell. Whether this is a favor to him or a punishment to him, perhaps we should start with Sun Wukong himself.

Although Sun Wukong is not listed in the immortal class, he is actually almost the same as the immortal. He is only one point away. He had eaten so many fairy pills and flat peaches before and was refined in the Bagua furnace. It is not too much to say that his body is an iron wall. He can live without eating or drinking for five hundred years, but such a result may cause him to be extremely weak, because even the immortals still need a certain amount of energy to maintain, but the food they eat is different from people.


But what did he eat? If you eat ordinary mortal food, you will definitely have the problem of Lasa. But how can he Lasa when he is pressed under the mountain and cannot move? Therefore, ordinary and ordinary things must not be eaten, and he had eaten so many fairy pills and peaches before, so the immortal could not eat anything. In combination with his own attributes, eating iron pills and drinking copper juice is a punishment for others, but for Sun Wukong, it is a way to strengthen his body. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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