What did the first dragon look like in history? How did the ancients imagine the dragon?

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In the history of Chinese mythology, the dragon has always had a special meaning. Unlike the Western dragon, the Eastern Dragon is characterized by its magnificence and atmosphere, which can be easily distinguished from the Western dragon.

There is a legend of dragon killing in the west, but in the East, the dragon is a sacred symbol, so it is impossible to say that there is a dragon killing.

So, what did the first dragon look like in ancient China? Whether it has the distinctive characteristics of all kinds of animals, as the data collected by contemporary people, may subvert the imagination of many people.

The different descriptions of dragons in the East and West seem to be circumstantial evidence that magical animals like dragons really existed in ancient times, but they just disappeared with the development of the times.

However, the West lists it as an unknown category, while China holds it sacred and even refers to the supreme ruler.


In historical records, dragons exist, and even in the Xia and Shang Dynasties, there were several clans of the harassing dragon family that specially raised dragons.

However, it is difficult to guess what the Dragon actually meant at that time. It must not be like today. The image of the dragon is constantly changing. It is likely that some animal in ancient times became the dragon today after deification.

It is widely recognized that dragons have nine similar characteristics, that is, they have the characteristics of nine animals.

From the time when there was no truly credible history in ancient times to the pre Qin period, various legends emerged in endlessly. Coupled with the burning of books in the Qin Dynasty, a lot of history has been covered up, and it is difficult to know the truth. However, at that time, the utensils and Literature about dragons kept emerging, some with wings, some without, and some with horns. Therefore, some scholars believe that the origins of dragons are diverse, Therefore, the forms of expression are diversified.


However, according to the cultural relics left over from the ancient times, the first real thing about Dragon appeared in China 6500 years ago. It is called Jade Dragon, but it is 26 centimeters high, but it hides countless myths. Because of its special meaning, it is also sought after by later generations as the first Dragon in China.

It obviously has one of the characteristics of a dragon: Nine seems. We can see from its head that it is obviously shaped by a pig’s head, and its body is very similar to a snake. On its body, there is also a horse’s mane. This Jasper dragon takes on a C-shaped shape on the whole, which is already a model of a newly formed dragon.

The excavation of this object shows that civilization was born as early as 6000 years ago, and the worship of dragons was formed. According to expert evaluation, it is likely that this object existed as a relic of the tribe in ancient times to protect one tribe. When marching and offering sacrifices, the tribe would ask for this object to express its reverence for dragons.

This jade dragon was unearthed in ongniute. It was discovered by a farmer there Ongniute is located in the north of China, where many legendary Chinese civilizations have been born It can be said that the rich culture and history of the north are closely related to this land. Ethnic minorities such as Xiongnu and Mongolia once settled here and made great contributions to the integration of the Chinese nation. Now the jade dragon unearthed here has cast a glorious history here.

In fact, the excavation of this dragon has also subverted the understanding of the dragon in many people’s hearts. Many people think that the dragon is extremely powerful, but this jade dragon in ancient times resembles a seahorse. In fact, this is one of the processes of the formation of the dragon image After the dragon was reported to the state by the farmers of ongniute, the head of the local cultural center also attached great importance to it. Archaeologist Su Bingqi studied it for many days after learning that it was unearthed, before reaching a conclusion.

According to his research, this object exists in Hongshan culture, which confirms each other with this historical culture and also proves the long history of ancient Chinese culture After the people’s pictorial reported, this period of historical heritage was known to the world. For a while, the expert’s views were spread all over the country, and the public were proud of the dragon’s descendants Later, after the research and investigation of other experts, it is now collected in the Chinese Museum as a treasure of the museum.

China has always been famous for jade, and this object is made of jade, which also proves the long history of ancient Chinese jade culture. As early as the ancient times, people began to worship jade and build it, creating a jasper dragon that is difficult to emulate today. This achievement is enough to shock the world.

In fact, the culture of the ancient times is too far away, and it has been questioned by later generations whether it exists. The existence of the dragon totem is thought to be traced back to the Fuxi era. It is said that the ancient emperor discovered one of the dragons at that time and designated it as a sign of his own tribe. Since then, the Chinese nation has become famous for advocating dragons.

It is difficult to know whether the dragon was the imagination of the ancients or a real species in the ancient times. If archaeologists can discover the site of the dragon one day, perhaps the truth can be understood. So, in everyone’s opinion, is the Dragon an imaginary thing or a real and wonderful species? Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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