What does it mean to be an internal entertainment assassin? Why is Luo Yunxi an internal entertainment assassin

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It’s time to eat ice cream again in summer. However, many netizens say they dare not eat ice cream casually. Now ice cream is really too expensive, and they are simply ice cream assassins. After the popularity of ice cream assassins, there was a saying of entertainment assassins on the Internet. What do you mean by entertaining assassins? Why is Luo Yunxi an internal entertainment assassin? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

What do you mean by entertaining assassins

Entertainment assassin was born because of the word “ice cream Assassin”, so you should first understand the meaning of ice cream assassin. Ice cream assassins refer to some ugly ice cream in those freezers. When they took this ice cream to pay, they would be stabbed because of the price of the ice cream, because the price of the ice cream was too expensive.

The internal entertainment assassin is Luo Yunxi’s fan himself, which means Luo Yunxi, an internal entertainment actor who doesn’t appear at ordinary times and can pierce the black acid lung tube with his beauty and strength as soon as he appears. At that time, the internal entertainment assassin was also on the hot search, and the fans praised it, but many passers-by’s comments were not so friendly. Because in the eyes of fans, their idols are certainly the best, but passers-by don’t think so.

Why is Luo Yunxi an internal entertainment assassin

So Luo Yunxi’s fans, now no longer mention the internal entertainment assassins, are afraid that it will backfire and attract some black fans to Luo Yunxi. Luo Yunxi himself is actually quite low-key, but there are always various negative comments about him on the Internet, the most of which should be roast’s height. In fact, for actors, face is much more important than height. Luo Yunxi has gained the love of many fans with his immortal appearance and superb acting skills. So I still hope black fans don’t stare at Luo Yunxi’s shortcomings, and I hope everyone can learn to appreciate the advantages of others.

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