What does the mythical character Meng Po do? Who is her biological father?

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Do you like the story of the mythical figure Meng Po? Today, China story net will give you a detailed explanation~

Meng Po, a figure in ancient myths and legends, lives by the Naihe bridge. She provides Mengpo Soup for all souls who go to reincarnation to eliminate the memory of ghosts. In ancient Chinese legends, Meng Po was the Yin emissary in charge of erasing the memory of the living soul in the underground secondary school.

When it comes to the three realms, there is a great difference between Buddhism and Taoism in their understanding of the word. Buddhism believes that the three realms are the desire realms, the color realms and their colorless realms, while Taoism divides them into heaven, earth and people. However, no matter what the name is, the three realms in the myth and legend are full of strange people in large numbers, so the meaningful point comes. Since there are so many capable people and different scholars in the three realms, why does no one dare to beat Meng Po? Many netizens have also clearly raised doubts. Who is his father?


Meng Po is a local deity in China, while huangquan road is the address of reincarnation and integrity in Taoism and its folk stories. Meng Po is above huangquan Road, showing Meng Po soup to the souls of the past. In most people’s minds, Meng Po is just an old man. Who is Meng Po? Very few people will understand this. There are many folk myths and legends about the origin of Meng Po’s life. The most legendary one is this name.


In the book of mountains and seas, it is said that the emperor and the woman swam in the river, and the husband followed the wind and rain; Her name is Meng Po because of her imperial daughter! The “emperor” in this sentence is Emperor Yao, the second daughter of Emperor Yao, who was also a famous woman in ancient times. Emperor Yao was one of the three emperors and five emperors in ancient times, and was the leader of the alliance of Fangguo at that time. It is said that he was a sage with more noble social morality in ancient times, and he was also a very outstanding king. Since Emperor Yao, he had the system of abdication. You can give your own rivers and mountains to others. Maybe Emperor Yao had such an idea.

Meng Po is both the king of Yin division and the God of wind. In a word of Huizong of Song Dynasty, Meng Po was also mentioned: Meng Po is easy to do something convenient, blowing the boat upside down! In other words, many ancients treated Meng Po as a god of wind. Among the three realms, why does no one dare to beat Meng Po? According to that name, Meng Po’s father was an ancient monarch, and she herself was also a god of wind with great powers. Of course, no one dared to offend her!


There are thousands of folk names about the origin of Meng Po’s life, but only this one is the most meaningful. I thought that Meng Po was just an old lady. How could I have thought that from the ancient point of view, Meng Po was not an ordinary person! Seeing this Mengpo, I don’t know how we treat this man? Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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