What exactly are you defending?

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

Yesterday, someone asked me that he was a man who consciously and automatically safeguarded the national interests. Although he failed to start a business and went to drive a taxi, he still didn’t change his original intention. However, he could always see the ugly faces of many vested beneficiaries. At this time, he didn’t know what he was defending and what the meaning was?

I replied: what you maintain is a good order that most people can live in.

I remember a long time ago, I was still working in a central enterprise, doing some boring things every day.

I always felt that I was so talented that I shouldn’t waste my time like this. So I was very angry. I picked things up for the department leader every day, which made him really helpless. So one day, he asked me for a very serious talk. Among them, there was a piece of advice: people don’t live in a vacuum.

When I was young and vigorous, I couldn’t listen at all. In short, I continued to be angry. In the end, everyone broke down and I ran away.

Many years later, I learned that most of the so-called work in central enterprises is piecemeal. If you can’t bear it, you will have to do what you want. It is possible for such a large enterprise to be stopped by you soon.

Think of those who have made a big hole. Who is not a talented person? A fool can’t cause great trouble.

So often, one system, one system, you have to be patient and endure trial and error before you want to make some achievements.

People do not live in a vacuum, but in reality. This is the reality. You will never think it is fair here and will never be satisfied with him, but reality is reality.

Even if it is egalitarianism, some people will feel unfair, destroy their personality, and see a bunch of silly forks are the same as themselves, so they are not excellent in vain?

Later, I suffered more setbacks and thought more, so I began to understand that an enterprise, an organization, a country, its existence, has its operation order to maintain.

No matter how confused you may seem about this order, or even think there are many problems in it, in the end, you have to see whether most people here can benefit from it.

It seems that a bad order is better than falling into chaos. There are too many examples. We have heard a lot about the bad things of Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. So the US emperor sent freedom to the people in the name of justice. Now, under freedom, order has disappeared. Is the life of the people better or worse?

Like the White left Notre Dame in Hollywood, it’s easy to feel free standing in the ruins and the dead with fashionable headscarves wrapped around their heads, because after taking photos, they still return to their orderly and well secured mansion to enjoy life.

Most people, however, have to continue to live hard in the ruins, even without time to consider the meaning.

A few years ago, the US emperor was given enough dog food, and the domestic public opinion environment was far from as good as it is now. There was also a joke made up by the leading Party. The theme was the same: why should we defend the country? There are a lot of departments with poor image in the back.

To tell the truth, I also told this joke in those years. Who was not full of resentment when he was young and always felt that the society owed him?

After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, I planned to be absent from work for a few days to do something in the disaster area.

After some twists and turns, by the time I came to Chengdu in early June, Chengdu had recovered to its pre earthquake appearance. My friend took me to Dujiangyan and then to the earthquake area.

It was really miserable all the way. There were dilapidated houses with big cracks everywhere. At that time, the weather was very hot. There were a lot of temporary resettlement houses built on the road. The victims had been able to gather in the shade to play mahjong.

On the way, I met the relief officers and soldiers of the brigade. It was really hot in Chengdu in early June, but the exhausted officers and soldiers just lay on the concrete floor for lunch.

From then on, I basically said goodbye to the indignant youth life and gradually became a little pink.

You have to know that a person can feel that he can do anything at ordinary times. When natural and man-made disasters happen, if there is no social assistance, he can only wait to die.

Many people take it for granted that the PLA uncle came to save me. But if you are familiar with history, and if you often read the news, you will know that soldiers will burn incense if they do not come to harm the people. What? Still in charge of disaster relief?

Let the common people live in houses and make their own floors on the road?

This is just like the Arabian Nights.

When you understand how difficult and valuable this is, you will understand why we should help maintain this order.

A few days ago, Guo Qiwang Hongluo Chongmin came out to criticize the Dragon Boat Festival.

On december13,2016, Mr. Luo was expelled from the party by the Commission for Discipline Inspection due to a big disturbance caused by his lover’s identity theft.

After many years of leisure, I finally couldn’t bear it and published an article called “Dragon Boat Festival: a day to encourage suicide”.


About Mr. Luo has been enjoying the treatment beyond the ordinary people in the system. When the affair broke out in the east window of lover’s gate, the treatment at the Department and bureau level was gone. As for his party membership, he probably wouldn’t care too much.

So Mr. Luo couldn’t figure out why he was so great that he ended up in such a bad situation because of a little personal affairs. He was full of complaints, and finally found a day to talk about it.

I remember learning an article called “Cao GUI’s debate” when I was at school. Cao GUI clearly despised those meat eaters, but when it came to the national war, he still stood up to help his country. Who was he loyal to?

There is no just war in the spring and Autumn period. What do you think is the purpose of fighting among the princes? It’s just to find an excuse to go out and rob openly. No matter how bad the monarchs are, they are always bad under the framework of a system. No matter how greedy the meat eaters are, they must have a degree. But will the enemy army reason with you?

If you are an aristocrat, the aristocrats can be polite and will not be abused casually, but will they treat civilians so politely?

Quyuan was an aristocrat of the state of Chu and a vested interest, but was the name of the violent Qin really given for nothing?

Bai Qi invaded the capital of Chu, and even the king’s mausoleum was burned. Do you think people would be so innocent when they saw the common people? I’m afraid I’ve seen too many people’s Liberation Army uncles at ordinary times. I think it’s naive.

Why did Quyuan commit suicide after the capital was broken? If you read Qu Yuan’s articles, you should understand his sense of responsibility as an aristocrat and gentleman. Because he was ashamed of our country and people and was unable to return to heaven, he finally committed suicide.

The people of the state of Chu thought brightly. The king was caught and quickly set up a new king. But they can still understand Qu Yuan’s patriotism, not just his simple loyalty to a king.

To become benevolent is to tell everyone that there is something more important in life than your own life. If you want to take care of it with your life, it’s nothing.

Just like the high-speed rail driver Yang Yong, who bravely sacrificed his life for the passengers on the train, this is benevolence.

Japan’s bushido spirit is so awesome. Why do American soldiers still live there? What about Bushido?

The reason why teenagers nowadays tend to commit suicide under impulse is precisely because they do not know what the real “benevolence” is, do not understand the value of life, and take themselves too seriously.

He was fooled into giving priority to himself. Once he was denied and failed to achieve his psychological goal, he immediately forced himself to die, and the result was really dead.

One does not live for one’s own selfish interests and do as one pleases.

The most painful thing for a teenager to commit suicide is not himself. People are dead. What is the most painful thing? Those who cherish him and love his family are the most painful.

You see, there is a selfish ghost like Mr. Luo in the education system, which makes people more and more confused.

There are many profiteers who don’t know how to control themselves and how to stop at the end of time. Instead, they try to compete with the common people for a small profit. Even for their own interests, they dare to make money in the face of national calamity.

This makes ordinary people frustrated and disappointed. Once provoked, they fall into self doubt.

So recently, so many people have come forward to refute the influence of drug teaching materials.

People don’t live in a vacuum, but when exposed, there are innumerable bacteria and viruses to attack, and all kinds of bad things can happen. So the question is, how do you face life?

The significance of education does not mean that you can do a lot of questions after reading a book. If you are admitted to a famous university, you must make a great success.

It is to let imperfect people, after receiving systematic education, integrate into the society, know how to be a valuable person in the society, and know how to spend their ordinary life as meaningfully as possible.

In China’s 5000 year history of civilization, what remains in the tradition is not always the essence, but also the dross. However, the understanding of “benevolence” in the spirit of the Chinese people is much better than the universal value.

“Benevolence” is not foolish loyalty, but a great love for the world based on understanding and sympathy.

Benevolence is not blind. It is the virgin of white left.

There are a lot of confused people. In fact, it is very simple to get rid of this obsession. Read grandpa Mao’s “old three articles” carefully.

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