What exactly is the Songhua River Dragon incident? Is the Songhua River Dragon falling incident true?

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What exactly is the Songhua River Dragon incident? Is the Songhua River Dragon falling incident true? Interested friends, come and have a look!

The dragon has always been considered as a creature in mythology and legend, and a divine animal. Moreover, the image of the dragon is a combination of several other animals, and it is not different from other animals. However, there are many things in history that make people doubt whether the Dragon really exists, such as the Songhua River Dragon incident. What the hell is going on? Is there really a dragon falling down in this matter?


The dragon is a sacred symbol of the Chinese nation, and we are all descendants of the dragon. However, the dragon only exists in myths and legends. However, there are indeed more than one or two dragon falling events in human history. Among them, the Songhua River Dragon falling event is very famous. It is said that after the Dragon falling event, the local people gathered around, and a large number of people witnessed the real dragon.

The Songhua River Dragon fell in 1944 on a beach in chenjiaweizi village. At that time, someone found a creature that looked like a pine dragon stranded on the bank. At first, it was an ordinary villager who found the dragon. According to his description, he was also shocked when he saw the creature, but he found that the huge creature did not move. So he went forward and observed carefully and found that the creature was black, There are scales like fish, but the scales are very large. This matter quickly spread in the local area and attracted hundreds of villagers to watch. At that time, the villagers called it a water bug, but everyone knew that it was more like a dragon in mythology. After watching for more than two hours, the crowd gradually dispersed. During that time, a kind-hearted villager poured water on the water bug. At that time, the creature also moved scales because it was stained with water, which proved that it was not dead at that time.

Later, in order to make the water bug feel better, the villagers also built a shed around its body so that it can avoid the sun exposure. It may be because the villagers’ actions gradually improved the water bug, and then it disappeared miraculously. It is said that in the afternoon when the water bug was found, it suddenly rained heavily. The next day, when the villagers came to the bank again, they found that the water bug had disappeared. Some people also said that it should be the dragon flying into the sky or returning to the sea. However, the Songhua River Dragon incident left a deep impression on the local people. In addition to the Songhua River Dragon falling incident, there is also a very famous Dragon falling incident, that is, the Yingkou dragon falling incident in 1934. When this incident happened, it was said that some people saw the Dragon overturn the fishing boat and then it fell to the ground. At that time, there were many people around. Because people were very strange to this creature, they did not dare to go forward. But it was clearly like a dragon with obvious horns, The Yingkou dragon fell caused a great sensation at that time. However, some newspapers and periodicals later denied that this creature was a dragon, but the witnesses thought it should be a dragon.

In fact, there are not a few sightings of dragons. In the history books of the Jin Dynasty, it was found that two dragons, one black and one white, appeared on the mountain. However, the distance between the witnesses and the dragons was very close and the description was very detailed. Whether these events are true or not, they have left people with infinite reverie. Perhaps one day, there will be more real witness events to let people see the true face of the dragon.

Is the Songhua River really a dragon? Surely many people do not believe that dragons only exist in legends and are sacred. How could they fall on the Songhua River? Let’s take a look at the Songhua River Dragon incident

This incident happened at the shiliaohekou of Yingkou in 1944. At that time, it was very popular. I knew a person of the older generation. She said she had seen it with her own eyes. I can’t believe it. She said she saw it when she was a child. I remember it all my life and dare not forget it.

Grandma recalled: I still remember that there was a rainstorm that lasted for more than 40 days. The water could submerge me, and all the places were filled with the stench of the river. Before long, someone found a huge monster in the nearby reed pond. One pass ten, ten pass one hundred, all came to see.

This monster looks like the dragon in our legend, and it is still alive. Some people took the initiative to pour water on the “dragon”, and even temples came out to do things for the dragon, hoping that the “dragon” could be safe.


As a result, another heavy rain fell and the “dragon” disappeared. Until August, people found the “dragon” again. However, the “dragon” seen this time was only a skeleton. At that time, people from all over the country came to observe the skeleton of the “dragon”. The old lady said that the skeleton might have been taken away by experts.

In 2004, an old man said that he had a “dragon bone”, which was the bone of the “dragon” in liaohekou, Yingkou City. Experts took these “keels” to study and found that the “keels” had a history of tens of thousands of years, but they were not “keels”, but the teeth of horses. There are also many ocean experts who say that it is not a “dragon”, but a whale. Because of the different shapes, people mistakenly think it is a “dragon”.

There is no complete record of the “dragon” falling in the Songhua River. If science and technology were more developed at that time, it would surely leave clues. Some people think that there is really a “dragon” and some people think that it is a legend. The world is so big that there are all kinds of strange things. How can we say that things we have not seen do not exist? Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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