What exactly is Zhugeliang singing in Longzhong?

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Kongming’s “Liang Fu Yin” should be more than one, which is the only one in the world. The implication is to ridicule Yan family. The husband’s three sons rely on their work to be violent and unbridled, which is becoming more and more solid and difficult to grow. If they are well controlled, they are all tools for fighting. We can neither plan for the public of Qi Jing, nor punish Zhang Gongshi with justice, but die with power. As for Cui Shu’s regicide, Chen Heng was good at the country, but he forbade to linger, and the general righteousness was abolished. Confucius was used in the restoration of Jujing, while Gan and Liang Qiu were in chaos according to their generations. They just made up for the loopholes. How can they save Qi from death? And later generations still think that there is a virtue &\8221; Guan, Yan &\8221; Purpose. This is the work of Liang Fu Yin. It’s better to take Leyi than Yan in the self drawn Longzhong. What a purpose!

– “< Liang Fu Yin > ridicule Yanzi”

In his early years, Kongming lived in seclusion in Longzhong. He cultivated his own land, slept and read books at leisure, and sang when he was interested. His favorite song is “Liang Fu Yin”. It is said that the lyrics are like this: & \8221; Step out of Qidong gate and look into the shadow. There are three graves in it, which are exactly similar. Ask whose tomb it is, Tian Qiang guyezi. Li Neng Pai Nanshan, Wen Neng Jedi. Once slandered, two peaches kill three&# 8221;

This lyric tells the story of Yan Ying, the Prime Minister of the state of Qi, who killed three warriors with two peaches in the spring and Autumn period. There are three warriors in the state of Qi; Gongsun Jie, Tian Kaijiang, guyezi. These three warriors have made great contributions by relying on themselves. They are brave and invincible. They have always been very arrogant. Qi Jinggong felt it difficult to control them. Yan Ying has always been the most polite, and of course, he can’t stand their arrogant and arrogant attitude. So he suggested Duke Qi Jing to wait for an opportunity to get rid of them, so as not to become a future trouble. Soon, the opportunity came.

Duke Zhao of Lu paid a state visit to the state of Qi. Duke Jing of Qi hosted a banquet in honor of him. Uncle and grandson of Lu, Yan Ying of Qi and three warriors all participated in the banquet. The two monarchs talked happily and ate almost. Duke Qi ordered someone to pick the best peaches in his backyard to entertain guests. At that time, the peaches were not fully ripe, so only six peaches were picked. The problem comes: there are six peaches, one is Qi Jinggong, one is Lu Zhaogong, and the uncle and grandson of the state of Lu are guests, as well as one. Yan Ying is the Prime Minister of the state, and also one. This is no problem, but there are only two peaches left in the plate. Who should eat the three warriors below?

Yan Ying whispered to the monarch, and announced that, whose credit is greater, who has peaches to eat, you three warriors have a competition to see.

Gongsun directly came up and took the peach, saying that I went hunting with the monarch. I killed a buffalo for the first time, and then killed a tiger to save the monarch. You can eat peaches in this way. Tian Kaijiang then came up and said that I had led troops to defeat the enemy twice. I can eat peaches for such credit. He also grabbed a peach in his hand. When guyezi came up, the peaches were gone. He said angrily that when the emperor crossed the river, a big turtle grabbed the horse’s leg and dragged the emperor’s car into the river. At this time, I jumped under the water, walked nine miles along the river, and walked more than 100 steps against the river. Finally, I killed the big turtle, grabbed the horse’s tail in my left hand, and jumped out of the water with the big turtle’s head in my right hand. If it weren’t for me, the monarch would have died. So, my credit is the greatest. You’d better return all the peaches.

Gongsun received Hotan Kaijiang and listened to his words. He was very ashamed. He said that we were not as brave as you, but shamelessly took peaches. If we were still alive, would we still be called warriors? So he pulled out his sword and killed himself. Gu Zhizi didn’t expect this. He sighed and said, “you are all dead. What’s the meaning of me alone?”. He also committed suicide.

In this way, Yan Ying killed the three warriors of the state of Qi with two peaches. Although Yan Ying’s move is very clever, it may not be a bit disgraceful to treat the three warriors who have made a contribution in this way. Therefore, Zhugeliang’s “Liang Fu Yin” complained for them, saying that Duke Qi Jinggong had listened to the slander and killed them. Whose slander? It was Yan Ying at that time. It seems that Zhugeliang is very dismissive of Yan Ying’s practice.

Therefore, Zhang Suicai said that Zhugeliang’s “Liang Fu Yin” was mainly a satire of Yan Ying. It’s not easy for the three warriors of others. As the Prime Minister of the country, we should appease them and let them work for the country and Qi Jinggong. This is possible and quite feasible. Unfortunately, Yan Ying was too lazy to do this kind of United Front work, so he took a simple one size fits all and killed them, leaving the state of Qi to waste three talents who could fight on the battlefield in vain.

Yan Ying did not do well in other aspects. Liang Qiuju was obsessed with pleasing the monarch and disturbing the government, and he said nothing; Chen Heng bribed people and expanded his power, but he did nothing; Seeing that Minister Cui Zhu’s wife was beautiful, Duke Qi always flirted with others. Cui Zhu was angry, so he killed Jing Gong. Yan Ying didn’t say anything or do anything except cry on Jing Gong’s body. The only thing he did better was that his personal life was very simple. He had been a state minister for many years. He also ate humble meals and wore rags. He lived in downtown and his house was small and narrow. The monarch couldn’t stand it anymore. He renovated the house for him. He was still unwilling and strongly requested to change it back. He said he was not used to it. Yan Ying, who is like this, has gained a good reputation as a virtuous prime minister, as well as Guan Zhong, who assisted Duke Huan of Qi to achieve hegemony, and is often called &\8221; Guan, Yan;.

Therefore, Zhugeliang looked down on him very much. He often compared himself to Guan Zhong and Leyi. Guan Zhong, who assisted Duke Huan of Qi to dominate, and Leyi, who assisted King Yan Zhao to defeat the state of Qi, admired him. That’s the reason why he didn’t mention Yan Ying.

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