What happened to Shidai Fengjun’s beating incident? Why did netizens scold the beaten person

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The star chasing girl should be very familiar with Shidai Fengjun. Shidai Fengjun created two hot men’s groups, tfboys and Shidai Youth League. But recently, Shidai Fengjun fell into the negative news of beating people. What happened to Shidai Fengjun’s beating people? Why are many netizens scolding the beaten? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

What happened to Shidai Fengjun’s beating

In the case of Shidai Fengjun’s beating incident, some netizens posted a document saying that they were dragged to the ground and beaten while filming the artists of Shidai Fengjun company at work, and angrily denounced that Shidai Fengjun’s staff, like the underworld, had been bringing Shidai Fengjun’s boss Li Fei, and those talents stopped beating themselves. Finally, the police came forward to mediate, and Shidai Fengjun lost 1000 yuan. Netizens said they knew who was doing in the car and didn’t want to shoot at all. They also said they were a fan, not the so-called illegitimate.

Netizens clamored to expose this matter, because it is not the first time that Shidai Fengjun has been on social news because of his fans. In response to this, Shidai Fengjun also issued a statement in response to the beating incident, saying that it was not the staff of Shidai Fengjun who had disputes with fans, but the security personnel of a third-party security company. Moreover, it was emphasized that according to the complete surveillance video, the security personnel and fans had pushed and pushed for 20 seconds, but they did not push the fans to the ground or beat them.

Why do netizens scold the beaten person

Since Shidai Fengjun made such a statement, it shows that they really watched the live surveillance video, which is not what netizens described at all. In this regard, many netizens also said that although they are illegitimate, they still need to take fans to make packaging for themselves, and even come out to plant and frame Shidai Fengjun. This can’t be what fans will do at all. Some netizens even said that even if they really hit people, they won’t lose money. Illegitimate powder is not worth sympathy at all.

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