What happened to tan Jianci’s fan mobile phone incident? Did Tan Jianci really call his fan mobile phone

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There are many rights and wrongs in people’s popularity. Since Tan Jianci became popular with hunting, there have been a lot of negative news, but Tan Jianci is really wronged, and there are black powder malicious rumors to slander him. What happened to tan Jian’s fans’ mobile phone incident? Does Tan Jianci really have a mobile phone for fans? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Tan Jianci fan mobile phone event

Some netizens posted a video of Tan Jianci at the airport. In the video, Tan Jianci was photographed by many fans. A group of people took photos and videos with mobile cameras close to tan Jianci. In one of the moving pictures, Tan Jianci looks like he slapped his fans’ mobile phones and rushed to the car fiercely. The pictures of the changes were spread wildly on the Internet, causing many passers-by to scold Tan Jianci, accusing him of playing big cards and so on.

Tan Jianci got a lot of scolding because of this, but in fact, it’s not at all. This dynamic picture, which is wildly spread on the Internet, has been accelerated, and someone did it maliciously. Tan Jianci didn’t call fans’ mobile phones either, because after coming out of the airport hall that day, it was the main road, and Tan Jianci and the staff were going to walk on the sidewalk of the road. However, fans gathered around Tan Jianci on behalf of him, which was equivalent to driving on their backs on the sidewalk. They couldn’t see the traffic on the road at all.

Did Tan Jianci really call fans’ mobile phones

Tan Jianci has repeatedly called on everyone to see the road, but fans and acting photographers still don’t stop. Tan Jianci had no choice but to step back and lead a group of people to a safe place. But Tan Jianci still had to leave. Finally, he could only quickly separate a road by hand, and then quickly got on the car. Tan Jian’s series of behaviors are actually guiding fans in a positive way not to do some dangerous things. As a result, he was maliciously attacked by the black powder for a long time. He said that Tan Jianci played big cards and played fans. Tan Jianci himself was really wronged.

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