What has Sunwukong done? The role of Monkey King is rich and legendary!

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Today, the editor of China story network has brought you an article about monkey king. Welcome to read it~

Monkey King is a genius. His life experience is a legend. He has not only done many earth shattering events, but also engaged in many professions, and each profession has done its best.

From a wanderer to a mountain king, Huaguo Mountain has been unified for thousands of years.

Sunwukong is transformed into a fairy stone. After becoming a stone monkey, he will walk and jump, eat grass, drink springs, and pick flowers and fruits in the mountains every day; With wolves, insects, tigers and leopards as companions, deer and apes as relatives; You can visit peak cave in the morning and sleep on the stone cliff at night. You are a lone wanderer and lone ranger.

Later, he took a risk, found the water curtain cave, and was honored as the monkey king by the monkeys. He not only had a large group of subordinates, but also had a fixed home to shelter from the wind and rain, and his living conditions were greatly improved.

Later, he returned from learning Taoism, broke into the Dragon Palace, found Ruyi golden cudgel, made trouble in the local government, and sold the monkey family’s life and death book. He vigorously developed the power of Huaguo Mountain, and the monkeys grew to more than 47000 people. He also made six brothers before he truly became the overlord of the party.

At that time, although he was the famous monkeyking, he sometimes did the act of robbing homes. In the third dozen of Baigujing, he told monk Tang that when he was a demon in Huaguo Mountain, like Baigujing, he often changed the image of a mountain king by cheating and eating people.

After he was suppressed by the Tathagata Buddha, Huaguo Mountain once withered, leaving only more than 1000 monkeys. Later, he came back to destroy the human monkey hunting group on the way to the west to learn sutras, borrowed manna to restore the vitality of Huaguo Mountain, regroup, and Huaguo Mountain has become a blessed place for monkeys for thousands of years.

From apprentices to old masters, apprentices have made great contributions and spread good stories.

In order to make the monkeys immortal, Monkey King traveled across the sea looking for immortality and asked that he was lucky to be under the master Bodhi. In the first seven years, in addition to normal learning, he mainly did these jobs:

“Sweep the floor and hoe the garden, raise flowers and trees, find firewood and fire, carry water and transport slurry.”

He is a standard worker. He is an apprentice and has not been exposed to the core majors. It was three years later that Bodhi guru secretly taught three top-level spells.

Following Tang Monk Xitian to learn from the Scriptures, I went to the Yuhua country. I never thought that the three little princes were also young people with good martial arts and strong personality, and the weapons used by the three men were simply a fake version of the weapons of the three brothers of the monkey king.

This magical fate made the monkey king’s love for talent overflow. After obtaining the consent of the Tang monk, he accepted the big prince as his personal apprentice, and crossed the immortal Qi into the three people’s abdomen, helping him instantly remould, have 10000 Jin of power, and become an immortal master.

Monkey King himself learned from Bodhi for ten years, and his apprentice became a peerless master in just a moment. It seems that monkey king is still a qualified master.

It is said that Sun Wukong later accepted several apprentices, including sun Lvzhen, Xu Sheng, Chenxiang, etc., all of whom are very powerful.


From the horse herder to the gardener, the heavenly official reached the top and wrote a legend.

Because of Sun Wukong’s excellent skills, the jade emperor not only exempted him from punishment, but also issued an edict to enjoin him as Bi Mawen, allowing him to officially enter the celestial sequence, and have a aboveboard legal identity, no longer a monster in the lower world.

Later, Sun Wukong disrespected the official Xiaofan and went to heaven. The Jade Emperor appointed him the saint of the whole heaven according to his requirements, and specially built a palace for him. Nominally, he was at the same level as the Jade Emperor. Seeing that he had nothing to do, he specially asked him to manage the flat peach garden. Therefore, Sun Wukong became the gardener of the best in the world, because the flat peach he managed was an extremely precious fairy fruit.

Monkey King works very hard. As a bi Ma Wen, he raised Tianma plump and strong. To be the sage of heaven is to do everything personally:

“On that day, I found out the trees, looked at the pavilions and went back to my house. Since then, I have enjoyed it once every three or five days, and I don’t make friends or visit him.”.

In order to collect the flat peach garden, Sunwukong never left the house, no longer wandering around, making friends, and being the head of his flat peach garden with peace of mind.

Later, because of the peach Festival, the heavenly palace was turned upside down, and finally even dreamed of becoming the throne of the Jade Emperor, which became a legend and a swan song of a generation, which made future generations marvel.

From super bodyguard to fighting and defeating Buddha, all the skills are perfect and the enlightenment is great.

Monkey King was later ordered to protect the Tang monk from the West and became the captain of the Tang Monk’s bodyguard team. He led Zhu Bajie and Sha monk all the way through the ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties, narrowly escaped death, subdued demons and demons, and finally escorted Tang Monk safely to Lingshan.

As a bodyguard, he worked very hard. He was not only tortured by monsters, but also tortured by Tang Monk reciting the hoop curse for several times because he committed murder.

Fortunately, Sun Wukong insisted, and was awarded the title of “fight over Buddha” for his outstanding merits, becoming one of the famous “thirty-five Buddhas”. All the skills tended to be perfect, and the realm of wisdom was perfect and full of insight.

Sunwukong first practiced Taoism, and his Taoism became great. If you practice Buddhism again, the Dharma will become heavenly. At this point, his merits and virtues are perfect, and he has become an immortal existence.

In fact, Monkey King has many powerful skills, such as he can refine pills, but he has never had the opportunity to practice. He also worked as a part-time doctor, and instantly cured the stubborn disease of King Zhu Ziguo. He used the now lost unique skill of hanging silk to diagnose the pulse, and his analysis of the disease and pathology was clear, which was definitely the level of a generation of masters in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.

Sunwukong was born with a gifted responsibility and mission. He has experienced many hardships and hardships in his life, and has also actively and passively worked in many professions. Sunwukong is very serious every time, and has done his work to the extreme and perfection, so he finally achieved good results. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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