What immortals appeared after Pangu opened the world& ldquo; God &rdquo& ldquo; Fairy &rdquo& ldquo; Buddha &rdquo& ldquo; Magic ” About!

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Today, the editor of China story network has brought you an article about the introduction of gods after Pangu opened the world. Welcome to read it~

Speaking of the fairy watch after Pangu, it’s actually quite a statement, because there are really not many people who can explain this thing clearly, so many people have been asking for relevant content. In fact, someone really sorted this out. It’s powerful, so what’s the concrete? In fact, it’s also relatively simple, but the content is too complex, so we must collect it and read it slowly. Here are the specific new content. Interested old friends can get up and have a look!


I. immortal spectrum

Founder Yuanling (he has four disciples, Hongjun ancestor, hunkun ancestor, Nuwa empress and Lu Yadao Jun)

At the beginning of the birth of the universe, there was a yuan spirit of innate mixed yuan, whose spiritual orifices began to open and gradually became divine. This yuan Ling inadvertently got the divine artifact of creation at the beginning of the universe in West Kunlun. After several generations of practice, the yuan Ling’s virtue was perfect and the Tao was achieved. In the long and unbearable chaotic universe, the founder spirit has become the only “sober person” in the universe, enduring unimaginable loneliness. As if, in order to complete a certain agreed and mysterious mission, the founding yuan spirit used the supreme spiritual power of the divine instrument of creation to teach four disciples a practice method. The eldest Hongjun cultivates “Xuanqing Qi”, the second hunkun cultivates “xuanlingqi”, the third Nuwa cultivates “Xuanqi”, the fourth Lu Ya cultivates “xuanming Qi”, and the combination is “Qingling Kongming”. Later generations honored him as Hongjun ancestor, hunkun ancestor, Nuwa empress and Lu Yadao Jun respectively.

1. Hongjun ancestor

There are three major disciples: the Supreme Lord Lao Jun (the moral heaven, 33 chongtian), the Yuanshi heaven < The first 35 days of Sanqing >, Tongtian sect leader (Lingbao Tianzun 34 chongtian)

(1) Lao Tzu

That is, the Supreme Lord. He is the eldest disciple of Hongjun ancestor and is in charge of Renjiao. He went down the mountain three times to help the Buddhist force retreat from the apostolic immortals. He also lost the battle of Tongtian sect leader. In journey to the west, he lives in lihentian, and is the founder of the mixed yuan religion in the holy land of Taiqing, one of the leaders of Sanqing religion – the supreme Taoist ancestor, also known as the supreme Lao Jun. Master xuandu is the only disciple of the supreme Lao Jun.

(2) Yuanshi Tianzun

Pangu, the second disciple of Hongjun’s ancestor, was playing with disciples of martial uncles and uncles that day. He didn’t know what wind was blowing. Suddenly, he felt that the heaven and earth were chaotic, blurred and indistinguishable. He felt uncomfortable. He was an axe, and thus opened up a world (this is really a fierce man!), More magic into the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas. Pangu not only made the axe good, but also cultivated the realm of “jade metaphysics and pure Qi” in the “metaphysics and pure Qi” passed down by Hongjun’s ancestor, and created a sect called elucidation, with high magic power and superb charm. Later generations of mortals feel that their pioneering work, all respect Pangu as the first heaven of the Yuan Dynasty. (Khan… Pangu was actually the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty). Later, he became the director of the Sanqing religion – the ancestor of the congenital religion of Yuqing Holy Land in journey to the West.

There are countless disciples, especially the “twelve disciples of yuxu” who are the most skillful in practice. Which twelve disciples do you think? namely:

(1) Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun (later released into Buddhism: Manjusri Bodhisattva): Cave — Yunxiao cave of Wulong mountain; Apprentice — Jin Zha; Magic weapon — dunlong stake.

(2) immortal Puxian (later released into Buddhism: Bodhisattva Puxian): Cave — white crane cave of Jiugong Mountain; Apprentice — Muzha magic weapon — Wu Goujian.

(3) Tzu hang Taoist (later released into Buddha: Master Guanyin): Cave — Luojia cave of Mount Putuo; Apprentice — none; Magic weapon — jade net bottle.

(4) fear of staying sun (later released into Buddhism: fear of staying sun Buddha): Cave — Feiyun cave in Jialong mountain; Apprentice — Tu xingsun; Magic weapon — bundle fairy rope.

(5) immortal Yuding: Dongfu — Jinxia cave of Yuquan mountain; Apprentice — Yang Jian; Magic weapon — cut fairy sword.

(6) immortal Taiyi: Cave — golden light cave of Qianyuan mountain; Disciple — Nezha; Magic weapon — Jiulong magic fire hood.

(7) red sperm: Dongfu – Yunxiao cave of Taihua mountain; Magic weapon — Yin Yang mirror.

(8) immortal Huanglong: Dongfu – Magu cave in Erxian mountain; Apprentice — none.

(9) guangchengzi: Dongfu — Taoyuan cave in Jiuxian mountain; Apprentice — Yin Jiao; Magic weapon — Fantian seal.

(10) Taoist Deity: Dongfu – Yuwu cave of Jinting mountain; Apprentice — Wei Hu.

(11) the true monarch of Qingxu morality: Cave — Ziyang cave of Qingfeng mountain; Apprentice — Huang Tianhua.

(12) Master Lingbao: Cave — Yuanyang cave in Kongtong mountain.

Other disciples are:

(13) yunneutron: Dongfu – Zhongnanshan Yuzhu cave; Disciple Lei Zhenzi.

(14) Antarctic fairy: Dongfu – yuxu palace of Kunlun Mountain; Apprentices — crane boy, deer boy

(16) white crane boy: the attendants around the emperor of the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty

(16) Jiang Ziya: Gods in the list of gods)

(17) Shen Gongbao: he was driven out of the school by the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty and worshipped the leader of Tongtian sect because he helped the tyrant and opposed Jiang Ziya.

(3) Tongtian leader

Hongjun’s three disciples are in charge of the apostasy. His disciples are the most, but most of them are making up numbers. But he also made a lot of contributions to heaven. Like the twenty-four constellations under the Jade Emperor, Leigong Dianmu and Putian Xingxiang are almost all his disciples. The leader of Tongtian sect listened to the slander of his disciples and set up two arrays of “killing immortals” and “ten thousand immortals”, blocking Jiang Ziya’s way. Later, thanks to the concerted efforts of the four religious leaders, this array was broken. He is another leader of Sanqing religion, the holy land of Shangqing Dynasty, the ancestor of Tongtian sect, Lingbao heavenly Buddha.

2. Master Hun Kun

Master Hun Kun practiced “mysterious aura” with countless disciples, such as python, ox, snake, beast, jiaopeng, lion and monkey… All kinds of creatures with different images are welcome. The most proud place is that there are two disciples. The name of the first disciple is the Taoist guide, and the name of the second disciple is zhunti Taoist. What he brings is also an extraordinary immortal heart and deep Taoist practice. The two founded a sect called western religion, which was divided into big and small religious leaders.

(1) pick up the guide (Buddha)

The eldest disciple followed the Taoist priest to learn the Dharma of the Supreme Lord. The yuan God was incarnated in the reincarnation penance of Gautama Siddhartha, the prince of the state of kapirawi, but the little prince Gautama Siddhartha was also a person with a deluge of immortals and genius. Later, the prince sat quietly under a bodhi tree alone, and suddenly realized that his kung fu was smooth and realized the great road. Everyone called him “Buddha” and respected him as Sakyamuni. Since then, Sakyamuni’s immortal heart has been surging, and he has created a sect called Buddhism. That is to say, the master of the Tathagata Buddha, who is now a Buddha, will lead the Taoist to become a golden body. After annexing western religion, it became Buddhism;

(2) zhunti Taoist (Bodhi ancestor)

The second disciple zhunti Taoist, also known as the Bodhi of the Western wonderful Dharma in the book, did not know what happened to the world with the receiving Taoist, but mysteriously disappeared and never heard of it again. Many years later, a stone monkey was born one day, and a mysterious Bodhi patriarch taught him an amazing Dharma. (Khan….. The Taoist priest is actually the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha of the Buddha. Even the Tathagata does not know where his younger martial brother is. I don’t know that there are immortals in Xiniu Hezhou.

Heng III Buddha refers to Amitabha Buddha, who is in charge of the Western Paradise. He has two threatening attendants, the “great courage” Bodhisattva and the “great compassion” Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva; Sakyamuni of the central Saha world is in charge of the central Saha world. He has two threatening attendants, “great wisdom” Manjusri Bodhisattva and “great line” Samantabhadra Bodhisattva; Wang Buddha, the pharmacist of the Oriental glazed world, is in charge of the Oriental glazed light world. He has two escorts, the sunlight shining Bodhisattva and the moonlight shining Bodhisattva.

The third Buddha refers to the past Buddha, the ancient Buddha who lit the lamp, the present Sakyamuni Buddha, the future Buddha, Maitreya Buddha.

3. Empress Nuwa

Nuwa’s mother cultivates “mysterious air”. This Nuwa has always looked like a snake with a human head. She is eccentric by nature and doesn’t talk much, but she has a broad mind and always has the ambition of compassion. After her martial nephew Yuanshi Tianzun chiseled out a heaven and earth with an axe, empress Nuwa felt pity for the universe’s creation of all things, so she used water and yellow mud, modeled on her little martial brother Lu Ya’s appearance, pinched countless clay figurines of men and women, breathed again, and put them on the ground, but they all came to life. Later, people felt Nuwa’s merits in creating people and respected her as Nuwa’s mother.

Mankind is in a desperate situation. The compassionate empress Nuwa refined and burned red, yellow, blue, white and black five colored spirit stones, filled the sky with supreme Dharma, and cut off four legs from a giant turtle in the deep sea for ten thousand years as the four pillars supporting the heaven and earth. The heaven and earth finally returned to tranquility. But when Nuwa’s mother mended the sky, there was a hard stone, which seemed unwilling to be a mediocre mending stone, and unexpectedly sneaked out. That was the stone monkey monkey monkey monkey king of later generations.

4. Lu Yadao Jun

As the saying goes, “the first immortal of Hongjun ancestor, disciple Pangu opened the sky at the beginning of the day. There was Hongjun before heaven, and Lu Yadao was still ahead.” That is to say, the appearance of later people came from Lu Yadao Jun. The four disciples of the founding yuan Ling: Hongjun ancestor, Hun Kun ancestor, Nuwa empress and Lu Yajun. The first three have deep Taoist skills and sect founding merits, which are really groundbreaking. They are the youngest younger martial brother, Lu Yadao, who is naturally mischievous and mischievous. They have never been serious for a day, but have no reputation left. His martial nephews, such as the Supreme Lord and the Tathagata, still respect him as a little martial uncle, and those who know him also respect him as Lu Yadao Jun, but among the younger immortals, those who smell him are slim. The land pressure Taoist is the essence of Lihuo. Flying out of the three realms is not in the five elements. At that time, it seemed that the heavenly court was not in the charge of the Jade Emperor. Not in the three religions, not in bliss. If you don’t belong to the king, you won’t obey the underground government. Xiaoxiaoziyou let me swim, and ziziziyou scattered holy immortals.


II. Demons, ghosts, Buddhas, immortals and gods

Buddha — the highest realm of Buddhist practice is that human beings reach nirvana and die in the Western Paradise by chanting Buddha or practicing Zen. Because they are separated from the body, they can reach the painless realm of Buddha. It is a spiritual body in a high state, which is the pursuit of Buddha, and what Buddha pursues is “extinction”.

Immortality — the highest state of Taoist cultivation is that human beings or other animals achieve the unity of humanity by absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, live forever, and grow young. This is the pursuit of immortals, who pursue the “way of heaven”.

God — the soul after death.

1. First, talk about demons and monsters.

This word is often called monster in the west, which generally refers to animals or orcs with terrible appearance, while it is often collectively called monster in the East. Monster is a general derogatory term, which generally refers to all non gods, non immortals, non humans, non ghosts that have super powers or magic, and objects that have been transformed into human shapes (some may not be transformed into adults) by animals and plants.

Among them, most demons are cultivated by animals, such as snake demons and free demons; Most monsters are cultivated by plants, such as tree monsters. But this is not absolute.

It should be noted that animals and plants are fully qualified to become immortals if they focus on good enlightenment in the process of cultivation. Demons and monsters are the adverse result of the development of animals and plants in the direction of cultivation towards evil. In the process of cultivation (that is, before they become monsters or immortals, but before they have some mana), these animals and plants are often referred to as spirits, more immune spirits, ginseng spirits, etc., and more benign monsters, But it can also be generally called a monster (note that it is not a monster in the essential sense). Monsters can move day and night.

2. Next, talk about magic

In a narrow sense, demons are basically the same as demons, but there are two differences. One is that demons are far more powerful than demons in mana. Ordinary immortals are not necessarily their opponents. They are senior demons with a little anti-government nature. The second is that demons may be degenerated by immortals and gods, while demons are native to animals and plants. Demons can move day and night.

3. Talk about ghosts again

Many people talk about ghosts, demons and demons at the same time, and think they are almost the same, which is extremely wrong! The ghost is the most Yin thing, commonly known as the soul. The implication is that the Yang life is exhausted, and the Yang body is gone, leaving only a hazy non entity unit. The vast majority of ghosts are formed by the soul leaving the body after people die, and can only move in the underworld. If they return to the sun, they can only come out at night. Because the balance of human Yin and Yang is broken, they become pure Yin. Naturally, they have a little more super power, but they are extremely weak. So the power of ghosts is very weak. There are generally three ways out for ghosts. One is to be reincarnated into human beings, animals and plants, and the other is to suffer in hell. These two are the most common. The other is the decomposition of corpses into gods. Generally speaking, people do more good deeds in the sun, or practice Taoism, or are instructed by experts, or are granted an imperial edict, but they have no chance to turn into immortals. They can only fly into gods after death. In fact, these people have never been so-called ghosts. Ghosts can only move at night, and it is absolutely impossible during the day.

4. Let’s talk about immortals

Broadly speaking, there are five kinds of Immortals: Celestial immortals, earthly immortals, human immortals, human immortals, and ghost immortals. In a narrow sense, immortals refer to celestial beings and earthly immortals. Here we will only talk about the fairy in a narrow sense, that is, the fairy different from God. The concept of fairy is also purely religious in nature. In other words, it is exclusive to Taoism. Whether it is a Taoist or not, the people or things who become immortals are always closely related to Taoism. Immortals are people who become saints in their flesh and complete in virtue. All objects can become immortals. There are two ways to become immortals.

The first is passive immortality. People, animals, plants and even non creatures can become immortals passively. For example, being touched by immortals, or infected by immortals, or taking the elixir of oesophagus, or absorbing the aura of heaven and earth in the growth environment can make objects become immortals. There are many examples, not to mention.

The second is active cultivation of immortality, “anyone who has nine orifices can cultivate immortality”, so only people and a small number of animals can cultivate immortality. When they believe in Taoism, take the initiative to cultivate the authentic magic of Taoism, and do more good deeds, the predestined ones can cultivate immortality. But it must be to cultivate the authentic magic. If they cultivate the side door, even if they succeed, they can’t become immortality, and they can only be demons.

After becoming an immortal, if it is not officially recognized, it can only be regarded as a loose immortal. It has not entered the true stream, but it has obtained the body of carefree immortality. If they are officially recognized, they will enter the true stream and become true immortals. At this time, you can choose to be an official in Tianting, or you can not go. After all, you are an immortal who has been trained by yourself, and you don’t accept the control of the Jade Emperor. At this time, you can find a fairy mountain and famous island, which is free and unfettered. You can play chess and drink all day long to visit friends. If you have nothing to do, you can go to listen to the teachings of the gods, and don’t ask about the world. It’s really a great joy!

5. Talk about God again

The concept of God is not religious in nature. Unlike Buddhism and immortals, God is a concept of belief and a concept of system, which should be paid attention to in detail. We don’t talk about the ancient gods here, only the gods of later generations. Some ancient gods such as Nuwa, Gonggong, zhurong and Xingtian are the gods of nature, which are strictly different from the so-called gods in later generations. They are generally called great gods or ancient great gods. The five immortals in a broad sense are gods, men and ghosts of heaven and earth. The above-mentioned immortals refer to the two immortals of heaven and earth. The gods mentioned here refer to immortals and ghost immortals. God is a person who works in heaven or hell after death. Please note that after death, the implication is that God must be formed by the return of the soul to the queen of heaven. He does not take away his body in the sun, and generally works in heaven. For example, the last person on the list of gods is God.

People who become gods do not need to have a religious background, learn and cultivate relevant religious classics, and do not need to be Taoists or monks. As long as you have fate, or a very excellent person in the sun, or a person who does many good deeds, or a person who is respected by the people on earth, you may be made a God by the heaven after death, and serve as an official in heaven or hell. For example, Bao Zheng, Wen Tianxiang, Guan Yu and others in later generations did not believe in Taoism and Buddhism, nor did they practice. They were absorbed as gods by the heaven after death because of the great influence of the Yang world and their excellent behavior. Therefore, the concept of God is not a simple Taoist concept, which is different from the immortal Buddha, but it is often ignored by many people.

So much has been said above, especially gods and immortals. It is inevitable to fall into the old tune of which level is higher between gods and immortals. In fact, it is confusing the level of official position with the level of fulfillment of practice. The level problem between gods and immortals is that the level of perfection of their cultivation is different, and the ways to achieve positive results are different. One is to become holy in the flesh, and the other is to rise after death. Immortals are indeed higher than the level of God and perfection. But it has nothing to do with the so-called official positions, such as Zhongtian Arctic Ziwei emperor, Taishan Tianqi Rensheng emperor and other gods, which are all at the level of emperor, and their official ranks are very high, much higher than ordinary immortals, not to mention ordinary immortals who have no official positions!

6. Finally, talk about the system of Tianting

Tianting is actually a country with a clear political division of labor, with the jade emperor as the head of state and government, which is dominated by gods and absorbs some Taoist immortals and Buddhists. The Jade Emperor is a Taoist concept. When the three realms of immortals, Buddhas and gods together formed the Tianting government, the Jade Emperor was pushed to govern the Tianting as the emperor. From this point of view, both the Taoist and Buddha ancestors are nominally the subjects of the Jade Emperor, which is obvious in the westward journey. When Tathagata Avalokitesvara mentioned the Jade Emperor, they all called it a decree.

After the establishment of the list of gods, the heavenly court was ruled by the Jade Emperor, which was composed of 365 gods. But in the later long reform, Tianting gradually added many departments and positions, such as Bi Mawen. In this way, more gods are needed, so many excellent people in Yangjian are absorbed into heaven to be officials after death.

Originally, Tianting was only composed of gods, and their magic power was not as good as that of immortals and Buddhas. However, when the ranks of gods grew and had a considerable organizational scale, even the army, they became a government with real power. At this time, although the immortal and Buddha families disdained the heavenly government, they had to face them squarely, because they were the only legitimate government.

Therefore, the immortal expressed his state, and was willing to respect the Jade Emperor, and sent a large number of elites to serve in Tianting, such as Zhenwu emperor, Donghua emperor and so on. Even Daozu was hired by Tianting as the chief adviser. However, the celestial realm only allocated people to jointly manage the world with Tianting, and the dignity of his identity must not be lost. Therefore, although Lao Jun was the ancestor of Taoism and the eldest brother of Sanqing, he volunteered to be reduced to the end of Sanqing after becoming a consultant in Tianting, so as to protect the dignity of the celestial realm. Later, Buddhism also respected the Jade Emperor and was willing to jointly build a coalition government. It also allocated a group of elites to serve in the heavenly court, such as the four heavenly kings, and then formed a situation in which the gods and Buddhas jointly controlled the heavenly court. The Jade Emperor was the leader of the heavenly court, the head of God, and the Taoist and Buddhist ancestors were willing to be ministers. Such a heavenly court system was completed.

The two giants of traditional Chinese mythological novels are the list of gods and journey to the West. Judging from the completion time, journey to the west is earlier than the list of gods, but judging from the story development, the list of gods is earlier than journey to the West. Their characters are different, but they have similarities.

I’m not talented. I’ll try to integrate “the list of gods” and “journey to the west”. During this period of the list of gods, the main forces were elucidation and interception, as well as demons and Western religions. Elucidation and interception belong to Hongjun laozude, so elucidation and interception belong to the same school. According to the title of the sect of elucidation, both elucidation and interception belonged to the immortal group before the list of gods. At that time, there was no God, and the purpose of the list was to appoint the disciples under interpretation and interception and the outstanding people in the demon as the group of God. Therefore, God is one level lower than immortal. Say demon again. It can be seen from the book that demons are a separate group, which are mainly cultivated by all kinds of creatures and non creatures by absorbing the essence of the sun and moon essence. In terms of magic power, the demon is not far from other immortals, but because it is not accepted by hermeneutics and apostasy, it can only drift away and become a demon. If you are enrolled in the hermeneutic or interdisciplinary education, you can naturally be called immortal.

There is also a western religion, which is known by its name as the predecessor of Buddhism. At that time, the western religion was still very weak. From the perspective of its disciples, it should belong to the pioneering period. Except for the introduction of zhunti, there were few strong people in the western religion. This is the distribution of power during the Fengshen list period.

Take another look at the distribution of forces in journey to the West:

During this period, there were six groups of gods, immortals, Buddhas, demons, demons and ghosts. Among them, the gods are the figures on the list created during the period of the gods’ list. The number of immortals is much smaller than that in the period of the gods list, and the immortals at this time have been dispersed into independent groups, which shows that immortals are no longer as organized as in the period of the gods list. In the period of pilgrimage to the west, we can see that the Buddha is the most powerful, and there are many talents under him.

Demons and gods are still the same, both biological and non biological components that absorb the essence of the sun and moon.

Demons are a new group that did not exist in the period of the gods list. This group is mainly composed of cultivated people, all kinds of creatures and non creatures. Ghosts are also mentioned in the list of gods, but at this time, ghosts should still be in a state of disorder, and their mana and strength are still very weak. By the time of journey to the west, ghosts had become an organized group. These are the main forces in journey to the West.


III. evolution of immortals

There was no God before the list of gods. The purpose of the list of gods is not so much to worship gods as to create gods. Let’s first look at the conditions of being God:

First of all, there is no limit to birth, that is, no matter people, immortals, demons, as long as they get the approval of the supreme ruler of immortals or gods, they can become gods. Monkey King can understand this best. After learning the Dharma script, monkey king just belongs to the demon group. But with the approval of the Jade Emperor, he became a God. So we can conclude that God adopts the leadership authority system in recruiting personnel.

Secondly, there are no numerical standards and requirements for the magic power of God. High strength such as Nezha and Yang Jian, and vulgar such as Mahalanobis, can all be entered into the Protoss.

Finally, there is no limit to the number of gods. Although there is a post quota, there is no quota. This continues to take the monkey king as an example. When Sun Wukong served as Bi Mawen, he had the post of Bi Mawen, but there was no fixed number of staff. According to the description in the book, Bi Mawen has a predecessor, but I don’t know why this post has been vacant for a long time. After the Monkey King became a God, he was hired for the post.

Because of these points, from the post gods list to the journey to the West period, the number of gods has greatly increased on the basis of the gods list, but the quality has declined. For example, the giant spirit God did not exist in the period of the gods list, but it became one of the important gods of war in the period of journey to the West. However, the combat effectiveness of the giant spirit God refers to Sunwukong. Compared with Yang Jian and Nezha, the gap is not a little. It can be seen that the overall combat effectiveness of God at this time is relatively poor.

Before being crowned as gods, immortals are arguably the most powerful. Before the list of gods, there were only two people in the world: Immortals, demons controlled by immortals and Western religions who were starting businesses. At this time, the immortal can definitely be said to be a dominant force. However, I don’t know what happened after the list of gods was sealed. By the time of journey to the west, immortals had not fallen into a very scattered situation, and the number of personnel fell rapidly. A considerable part of them were diverted or transferred to other ethnic groups. The purpose of this job hopping is mainly God, Buddha and ghost ethnic groups.

Before the list of gods, the leaders of immortals included the truncated Tongtian leader and the original Tianzun who expounded. But in the period of journey to the west, the immortal had no nominal leader, and in terms of behavior, he had succumbed to the Jade Emperor.

And the original immortal sect leader Tongtian leader and Yuanshi Tianzun also retired, and their elder martial brothers taishanglaojun instead became a special person who was led by God but was detached from God. This change is very strange. From the result, the list of gods is the process of the immortal sect dismembering the sect. By dismembering the sect, the leader of the sect is overhead, so as to achieve the purpose of elucidating the sole power of the sect. The gods created at this time are just a group of people with a lower level than immortals, and are far inferior to immortals in both strength and power. However, in the period of journey to the west, the two were in the right position. Instead, gods became a group higher than immortals, and immortals became a group protected by gods.

Through the representation of the two ends, we can reasonably guess the connection between the two ends. In my opinion, after the list of gods, there was a huge change, which led to the dissolution of the sermon, so that the original Tianzun lost the command of the fairy family and became a Lightstick commander. In this change, God has achieved great development, and it is possible to realize the transformation from a tribal organization to a centralized organization. And here, there is also an extremely secret figure, that is, the supreme Lao Jun.

In my opinion, in this change, the Supreme Lord played a role in undermining the elucidation and rejuvenation of God. At the time of the list of gods, the Supreme Lord was still powerless, but in the period of journey to the west, he jumped to a special realm, which was far higher than any God, although he was ordered by the Jade Emperor, the leader of God. There is a saying: who benefits, who suspects. It is absolutely impossible for the Supreme Lord to receive this special treatment in vain. Moreover, according to the original strength of God, it is impossible to disintegrate the elucidation.


IV. development of Buddhism

In the period of the list of gods, Buddhism was still called western religion, which was very interesting. There were only two masters: Jieyin and zhunti. In the period of journey to the west, it changed western religion to Buddhism, and became a powerful force side by side with God. From the description of journey to the west, the number of Buddhists at this time is not more than gods, nor more than immortals, but the comprehensive strength is by no means comparable to immortals.

We refer to the reality that at this time, Buddha is similar to Bill Gates’ Microsoft company. Microsoft started its business with two people at first, and then gradually developed into a Tyrannosaurus Rex level company with a small number of people, but creating wealth is absolutely the first in the world. The same is true of Buddha. From the combination of two people in the period of gods to the elite team in the period of journey to the west, it is absolutely similar to Microsoft.

In terms of organization, Buddha also has hierarchy, but this organizational structure is different from God. God is a multi-level organization. It is estimated that its level is as high as the nine grades in ancient China. Buddha has only Buddha, Bodhisattva, arhat and others. On the one hand, Buddha is limited by the number of people and cannot adopt multi-level organization. On the other hand, it is the flat management mode advocated by Buddha in modern management. From the perspective of modern management, the management mode of Buddha is obviously higher than that of God. From the actual effect, it is true.

For example, in the journey to the west, from breaking the law and discipline to being chased, the whole process of Monkey King was complicated, passed layer by layer, divided troops layer by layer, and finally failed. In terms of Buddhism, for example, in the process of Guanyin Bodhisattva’s search for the people who learned from the west, the supreme leader, the Tathagata Buddha, issued an order to Guanyin Bodhisattva, and then Guanyin Bodhisattva directly completed the task according to his own judgment, avoiding many procedures and information transmission errors. Of course, the advantages and disadvantages of this organizational structure can be understood by looking at management. From the perspective of talents, there are mainly two methods adopted by Buddha. One is to select from demons and demons through strict tests. One is to promote the outstanding members of the Buddhist group through strict practical training.

The former example is evidenced by monkey king and red boy in the journey to the West. The last example is Tang Sanzang. From the journey to the west, there is no case that the Buddha directly poached from the gods, so it can be determined that the Buddha cannot directly select characters from the gods during the journey to the West. But when the Buddha takes a fancy to a certain figure of God, I think he will still use various means to make the God himself kick this figure out of the group of God and make it become a demon or demon, or even the first human and biological beings. Then the Buddha will guide it into the Buddha according to the first means mentioned above.

Therefore, it is precisely because Buddha has adopted a strict talent mechanism that can ensure that Buddha can maintain strong strength in the case of a small number of people. This is exactly the same as the elite policy of Microsoft. Buddha had no right to select talents during the period of the list of gods. He could only choose from people who were neither immortals nor gods. This point can be known by looking at the reception and zhunti in the list of gods. What they received were figures who could neither become immortals nor gods. At that time, the apostasy was on the eve of collapse, and the only way out for the apostles was to lay off immortals and clergy. Those who are not on the God list are all laid-off internal personnel, and the recruitment and promotion are also to select the talents they are satisfied with from these laid-off personnel to enrich their subordinates. It can be seen that the Buddha at this time was gradually developed by relying on the super monopoly force of immortals.

From the perspective of the composition of Buddhas, a large part of Buddhas in the journey to the West period were immortals in the gods list period, and a large part of them were both gods and subordinate to Buddhas. This is very puzzling. According to the previous story, there is a hidden history in the process of God’s transformation. I think it is precisely because of that huge change that after the collapse and disintegration of the organization of immortals, part of them are attached to God and part to Buddha. At that time of change, the disintegration of Buddhism definitely had an agreement with God, that is, immortals were protected by God and kept the title of immortals. Theoretically, this is very similar to “one country, two systems”. A large part of the sermon did not fall under the umbrella of God, but changed the door and became a member of the Buddha. It can be seen from the fact that some people of the Buddha are engaged in the position of God, and when God encounters great problems, he will ask for help from the Buddha. It can be seen that God and Buddha are allies, and this alliance is similar to the Kuomintang communist cooperation in the Sun Yat Sen period. At that time, many * * Party members served in the Kuomintang government, while retaining * * party status.

Through these, we can conclude that in that hidden change, the result must be the dismemberment of the elucidation. The attacker is an alliance organization with God as the main body, Buddha as the ally, and the Supreme Lord as the insider. The result is that God and Buddhism reach an agreement, and those who do not want to accept the agreement in hermeneutics turn to Buddhism, and God and Buddha divide hermeneutics.


V. xianpin

Taoism believes that there is a sequence of cultivation, and there are high and low levels of immortality, so Taoist immortals also have grade levels. The early Taoist classic “Taiping Jing” divides immortals into six grades: one is a God, two is a real person, three is a fairy, four is a Taoist, five is a saint, six is a sage. He also said: “God and man dominate the sky, real people dominate the earth, immortals dominate the wind and rain, Taoist bishops turn good or bad luck, saints govern the people, sages help saints manage the records of all people, and give assistance to the six harmonies.”

Jin Gehong’s “Bao Pu Zi Nei pian. On immortals” cited the “fairy Sutra” to divide immortals into three classes: Celestial immortals, earthly immortals, and corpse decomposition immortals. Said: “the sergeant raised his form and rose to emptiness, which is called the celestial being; the sergeant swam in the famous mountain, which is called the earth fairy; the corporal died first and then shed, which is called the corpse decomposition fairy.”

Liang Tao Hongjing’s “true Lingwei karma map” divides immortals into seven levels: Yuqing, Shangqing, Taiji, Taiqing, Jiugong, Dongtian and Taiyin.

The Northern Zhou Dynasty’s “supreme secret” starts from the level of obtaining Tao and becoming immortals, and divides immortals into: obtaining ghost official Taoist, obtaining earth immortal Taoist, obtaining earth true Taoist, obtaining Jiugong Taoist, obtaining Taiqing Taoist, obtaining Taiji Taoist, obtaining Shangqing Taoist, and obtaining Yuqing Taoist. Among them, “Degui official Taoist” is an arrangement for immortals and ghosts after death, indicating that there is also hope and opportunity to become immortals after death, which indicates that there was a saying of “ghost immortals” in the northern and Southern Dynasties.

In the “Tian Yin Zi” of the Tang Dynasty, immortals are divided into five categories, which are called human immortals, earth immortals, heaven immortals, Narcissus in water, and immortals who can change their magic powers.

In the entry of “Sanqing” in the seven signatures of Yunji ‘Taoism three cave Zongyuan’ by Zhang Junfang of Song Dynasty, immortals are divided into nine grades, saying: “there are nine immortals in Taiqing, nine truths in Shangqing, nine saints in Yuqing, and thirty-nine twenty-seven.” The nine immortals are: Shangxian, Gaoxian, Taixian, Xuanxian, Tianxian, Zhenxian, Shenxian, Lingxian and Zhixian. The names of truth and holiness are also above, high, too, Xuan, heaven, truth, God, spirit, and supreme. This is roughly the same as the classification method of taizhenke.

In short, there are many classification methods of fairy products, which were later summarized in the secret library of fairy art, saying that “there are three times of law, and immortals are divided into five grades”, and the five grades of immortals are: Celestial immortals, immortals, earthly immortals, human immortals, and ghost immortals. Basically laid the foundation of immortal taste.

1. Tianxian grade

Also known as “Fairy”, “flying Fairy”, “big Luo Jinxian”. It refers to the immortals who live in the heaven and can fly. “Celestial products”: “in the flying cloud, deify and lift lightly, thinking that celestial beings are also flying immortals”. The inner chapter of baopuzi, on immortality and the secret library of fairy art are ranked first. The immortal collection of Yong city divides the immortals into nine grades: the first immortal, the second immortal, the third supreme immortal, the fourth flying immortal, the fifth immortal, the sixth immortal, the seventh immortal, the eighth immortal and the ninth immortal. From the perspective of cultivation, immortals are the top 10% of cultivation and the best of cultivation. Da Cheng Jing Jie of “refining virtual and combining Tao” referred to in Dan Dao. At that time, the divine light will shine, and thousands of incarnations will appear; Once you get it, you will get it forever. Your magic power is vast and boundless. Heaven and earth are closed at different times; When heaven and earth open, open up and help people.

2. Fairy grade

Also known as “immortal”, “immortal”, collectively referred to as “Fairy”. It refers to people who live forever and cultivate morality. The Taoist Scripture said, “refining form into Qi is called immortal.” “Get the original Qi, so it is called refining form into Qi, and the positive nature is not false, so it is called immortal.” Zhuangzi said, “there are real people, then there is true knowledge. What is real people? Ancient real people, not against the few, not male, not Mo Shi”; “Don’t climb high, don’t immerse in water, and don’t live hot”, “don’t enjoy life, don’t hate death”, “don’t sleep, don’t worry, don’t eat, and have a deep rest. The rest of a real person is heel, and the rest of everyone is throat.” Huainan Confucius said, “don’t live, don’t die, don’t be empty, don’t be full, it’s called a real person.” From the perspective of cultivation, immortals are formed by cultivation. Dan Dao says that it is the breast feeding stage of refining God and returning emptiness. At this time, the form is refined and the energy is transformed, the fetus is transformed, the Yang spirit is formed, and the quality is removed and lifted. That is, use the fire of the great universe, combine energy with spirit, and the spirit and energy are one. The heart has no birth and death, and the breath has no difference. The heavy turbid form turns into the light and clear energy; The body of pure Yang is full of magical powers. At that time, the body will become pure Yang, and the Yang God has become, with the function of magical powers.

3. Dixian grade

A kind of Taoist immortal pedigree, which is an immortal without gods and powers. According to Tian Yinzi, the earth is an immortal. According to the immortal Sutra, sergeants who travel in famous mountains are called immortals. Earth immortals belong to medium immortals in the Taoist immortal pedigree. According to the “Magic Secret Library”, the earth immortals have the talent of immortals, but there is no distinction between immortals. Get immortality, and become a land travel fairy, which is the best of immortals. According to the secret Sutra, “if you make three hundred good deeds, you can save them as immortals and live in the five mountains and caves.” From the perspective of cultivation, earth immortals are cultivated. According to Dan Dao, it refers to the fetal cultivation stage of refining energy and transforming spirit. At this time, you can prove longevity on the basis of longevity, but there is no change in magic power, so you can only walk on the ground. At this time, there is still breathing and eating, and the form and quality cannot be completely reduced to Qingqing. But at this point of cultivation, his face glows, his gait is light, and his life increases immeasurably.

4. Human fairy taste

A kind of Taoist immortal pedigree is a person with solid body and long life. “Zhong Lu Ecclesiastes”: “people who are immortals are under the five immortals. Those who practice the truth do not understand the Tao. They get a method in the Tao and an art in the method. They have faith and determination, and they will not move in the end world. They have no Qi of action. They are miscarriage and miscarriage. They are solid in shape and quality. The epidemic of eight evils cannot harm. They are called immortals because they are more safe and less ill.” Also known as: “People who practice may start from the great road, have heavy karma and weak blessings, and all difficulties, so they change their original mind and end in a small success. They are meritorious in practicing the Dharma, and cannot change it all their lives. For example, those who have absolutely five tastes will know six Qi; those who forget seven emotions will not know ten commandments; those who practice gargling and swallowing will make it wrong to exhale; those who practice tonics will laugh quietly and think they are stupid; those who are good enough to seize the Qi of heaven and earth will not rest their food; those who are good enough to collect the essence of the sun and the moon will not guide; those who sit alone and rest and know peace Natural; Stoop and toil, and do not know inaction; It is different from those who shrink the golden tortoise to gather Yin and take the Qi of women; Nourishing yang and eating women’s milk are different from those who refine pills. By analogy, countless, but all are Tao. It can’t be all about the great road. It ends with one method and one skill in the great road. Success and happiness only last for a long time, so it’s called human immortality. ” ?

The preface of the true legend of the golden elixir says, “after replenishing qi and blood, you will become a dry body, recover external medicine, and form an internal elixir. This person is also an immortal.”

“Martial arts Huizong”: “there are people who work hard from Xiaguan, don’t let the true Qi out of the Yang pass, conserve their vitality, guard Xiatian, and don’t realize the method of moving the tripod and changing the furnace, but install the fruit of immortality, or prolong their life for hundreds of years, or thousands of years, and live forever, which is called immortals.” From the perspective of cultivation, people become immortals through cultivation. Dan Dao refers to the foundation building stage of Refining Essence and energy. At this time, the cultivator can get a method in the Tao and an art in the method. He can achieve success for a long time, prolong life, rejuvenate children, strengthen his body, and live a long life. The methods include: juegu, forgetting feelings, receiving Jin, spitting out, holding still, keeping precepts, thinking, picking the essence of the sun and the moon, guiding, stopping breathing, nature, inaction and other skills. If you can have faith and determination, stick to it, it is enough to preserve your life and shape, and prolong your life in peace, but the visible body will eventually deteriorate.

5. Ghost fairy taste

Also known as “ghost”. It refers to that the cultivator fails to refine to pure Yang, and after death, gives birth to Yin God, which is a ghost fairy. “Zhong Lu Ecclesiastes”: “the ghost immortal is one under the five immortals, the Yin is detached, the gods are unknown, the ghost pass has no surname, the three mountains are nameless, although there is no reincarnation, it is difficult to return to Peng Ying, and finally there is no return, ending in reincarnation and tongue snatching.” It is also said: “the person who practices doesn’t realize the great road, but wants to speed it up, which is shaped like a haggard tree. His heart is like purple gray, his divine consciousness is kept within, his one will doesn’t disperse, and his determination produces Yin God. He is the ghost of pure spirit, not the fairy of pure Yang. With his one will, his Yin spirit doesn’t disperse, so he is called ghost fairy. Although he is called fairy, in fact, he is also a ghost.”

“Martial arts Huizong”: “if you blindly close your eyes and sit quietly, and your heart is silent, you will find silence in silence, and realize that people are stubborn and silent. But before extinction, you will only refine a strong Yin God. When the Qi is exhausted, the Yin God will become a spirit ghost, which is called a ghost fairy.” From the perspective of cultivation, ghost immortals are the best. Dan Dao refers to the stage of basic sexual skill cultivation. When practicing the certificate, the body is as haggard as a tree With dead ashes in the heart, God keeps his mind, and understands people’s stubbornness. When it comes to the end, the Yin God can come out of the determination. The Yin God belongs to the ghost of the pure spirit, not the fairy of the pure Yang. At the time of cultivation, some people are old, their bodies are decayed, or their environment is difficult, and there is no guarantee. There is no hope of cultivation in this life. This method is used to produce Yin gods, thinking that they will continue to practice in the next life. It is also a ghost fairy. This method includes: reincarnation, bereavement, borrowing corpses, reincarnation, etc.


Vi. list of important Immortals

(I) Tianzun Tiandi

1. Sanqing:

(1) Yuanshi Tianzun

(2) Lingbao Tianzun, also known as Taishang Daojun

(3) Tao Te Tian Zun is also known as Taishang Lao Jun (also known as Taishang Daozu in journey to the West)

2. Six emperors

(1) Central Jade Emperor: the full name is Haotian Jinque, the supreme Jade Emperor. He has real duties and power, ranking below the Sanqing Dynasty, the first among the immortals, and the great God who always holds heaven’s way and governs all heaven

(2) the northern Arctic Zhongtian Ziwei Emperor: in charge of the longitude and latitude of the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars, and the four seasons climate, controlling the sun, the moon and the stars.

(3) the Southern Antarctic Immortal Emperor: also known as the jade halal king, he is the ninth son of the first heavenly king of the Yuan Dynasty. That is, the Antarctic fairy, who controls all spirits. (commonly known as longevity).

(4) east pole Qinghua emperor Taiyi rescues the Suffering God: one of the two servants of the Jade Emperor, who controls all kinds of people (people call it Taiyi immortal, the main worship God of Miaozhen Taoism, similar to Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva in Buddhism).

(5) Western Taiji Emperor: (assist the Jade Emperor to take charge of the north and south poles and the three talents of heaven, earth and man, control the stars and preside over the military revolution between the stars, and control ten thousand thunder. Under his command: the eight marshals, the five polar God of War (the God of war of the sky, the God of war of the earth, the God of war of man, the God of war of the Arctic and the God of war of the Antarctic)).

(6) mother of the earth: Chengtian follows the example of the empress of earth, the wife of the emperor of heaven and the Jade Emperor, that is, the empress of earth, and governs all mountains and rivers.

3. Five parties and five elders:

(1) Southern Antarctic Guanyin

(2) Dongfang chongen Shengdi

(3) Donghua emperor, the fairy of three islands and ten continents (i.e. Duke of the East, name &\39; Jinchan’s &\39; No. Mugong)

(4) northern Arctic Xuanling doum Yuanjun (the Moli Zhitian of the twenty heavens in Buddhism)

(5) Central Yellow pole and yellow horn fairy.

4. King Mu: Command and manage the immortals of men and women

(1) the West Queen Mother, also known as the West grandmother, the queen mother, the golden mother and the golden mother Yuanjun (especially, in the orthodox Taoist God system, the Jade Emperor and the West queen mother are not husband and wife, and the West Queen Mother appeared earlier than the jade emperor). The West Queen Mother is congealed with the innate Yin Qi. She is the first of all immortals and is in charge of Kunlun Fairy Island. (commonly known as Queen Mother)

(2) the Eastern Prince, born of Yang Qi, is the head of all male immortals and is in charge of Penglai Fairy Island.

(II) Tianguan Xingguan

1. The list of immortals in the central heavenly palace: Qianliyan, shunfenger, Jintong, Yunv, Leigong, Dianmu (the goddess of golden light), Fengbo, Yushi, you yilingguan, Yi shengzhenjun, Dali ghost king, seven fairies, Taibai Jinxing, barefoot immortal, Guanghan Fairy (she Fairy), Chang’e, jade rabbit, jade toad, Wu Gang, marshal Tianpeng, marshal Tianyou, nine days Xuannv, twelve gold hairpins, Jiuyao star, day wandering God, night wandering God, Taiyin Xingjun, sun Xingjun Wu De Xingjun, you Sheng Zhenjun, tota Heavenly King Li Jing, Jin Zha, Mu Zha (Walker Huian), three altar sea meeting great God Nezha, giant spirit God, Yuelao, Zuo Fu Youbi, Erlang God Yang Jian, Taiyi thunder Yinghua Heavenly King Shanwang Lingguan, SA Zhenren, Ziyang Zhenren (Zhang boduan), Wenchang emperor, Tiansheng, Diya,

2. Sanguan Emperor:

(1) Tianguan (blessing): Tianguan is named Shangyuan Yipin blessing Tianguan, Ziwei emperor, belonging to Yuqing territory. Heavenly officials are formed by green, yellow and white Qi, and are in charge of all heavenly kings. On the 15th day of the first month of the first lunar month, i.e. Shangyuan Festival, I will go down to the world to judge people’s sins and blessings. Therefore, it is called heavenly blessing. (commonly known as Fuxing in folk).

(2) magistrate (forgiveness of SINS): the magistrate is called Zhongyuan second grade magistrate of forgiveness of sins, Emperor Qingxu, and belongs to Shangqing. The local officials are formed by the spirit of Yuan cave and the essence of extreme yellow. They are the master of the five emperors and five mountains and all the local immortals. Every July 15, Zhongyuan Festival, I come to the world to teach sins and blessings and forgive sins.

(3) water official (xie’e): water official is named Xia yuan San pin xie’e water official, Dongyin emperor, and belongs to Yuqing territory. Water officials are formed by the Qi of the wind and the essence of the morning, and are always the main immortals in the water. On October 15, the next Yuan Festival, I come to the world to punish sins and blessings and eliminate disasters for people.

3. The four heavenly kings: the growth heavenly king, the holding heavenly king, the hearing heavenly king and the wide eyed heavenly king.

4. Four value meritorious Cao: Li Bing, the God of the year, Huang Chengyi, the God of the moon, Zhou Deng, the God of the day, and Liu Hong, the God of the time

5. The four heavenly masters: Zhang Daoling, Xu Xun (Zi Jingzhi, No. Xu Jingyang), Qiu Hongji, and Ge Hong

6. The four gods: Qinglong mengzhang God, Baihu Jianbing God, Zhuque Lingguang God, Xuanwu Zhiming God.

7. Four Dragon gods: Yellow River, Yangtze River, Huaihe River and Jishui river gods.

8. Marshal Ma Zhao and Marshal Wen Guan:

(1) Marshal Ma: also known as Ma Tianjun, also known as emperor Huaguang and Emperor Huaguang.

(2) Marshal Zhao: the God of wealth, Zhao Gongming, also known as Zhao Xuantan.

(3) Marshal Wen: Wen Qiong, Dongyue emperor’s department.

(4) Marshal Guan: Guan Yu.

9. Five aspects: golden light Jiedi, silver head Jiedi, Polo Jiedi, Polo monk Jiedi, Maha Jiedi.

10. Five energy true monarch: Eastern Star wood de true monarch, southern fire de true monarch, Western Taibai Gold de true monarch, northern Chenxing water de true monarch, central Zhenxing earth de true monarch.

11. Five mountains: Mount Tai in Dongyue, Tianqi Rensheng emperor, Mount Hengshan in Nanyue, sitianzhao emperor, Mount Song in Zhongyue, an Tianxuan emperor in Mount Hengshan in Beiyue, and jintianyuan emperor in Mount Hua in Xiyue (five mountains Emperor: Dongyue emperor, named Jinhong, brother of Donghua emperor. The other four Yue emperors are the four sons of Donghua emperor.) And Bixia Yuanjun

12. Five Dou Xing Jun: East Dou Xing Jun, West Dou Xing Jun, middle Dou Xing Jun, South Dou Xing Jun, and North Dou Xing Jun.

13. Liuding Liujia: Liuding is the goddess of Yin, Sima Qing, the God of Ding Mao, Cui juqing, the God of Ding Wei, Shi Shutong, the God of Ding you, Zang Wengong, the God of Ding Hai, Zhang Wentong, and Zhao Ziyu, the God of Ding Chou; The six Jias are articles by the Yang God Yunan, the Jiazi God wangwenqing, the Jiaxu God Zhan Zijiang, the Jiashen God Hu Wenchang, the Jiawu God Wei Yuqing, the Jiachen God Meng feiqing, and the Jiayin God.

14. The six stars of the South dipper: the first Tianfu Palace: simang Xingjun; The second Tianxiang Palace: Si Lu Xingjun; On the third day, Liang Palace: extend life, Xingjun; On the fourth day, tonggong: Yisuan Xingjun; Fifth Tianshu Palace: du’e Xingjun; Sixth day: shangsheng Xingjun.

15. The Seven Star King of the Big Dipper (the seven emperors of the northern sky in the lion camel Kingdom): the first Yangming greedy wolf star king of the Big Dipper; Beidou second Yin essence giant gate Xingjun; The third Beidou immortal Lu cunxing Jun; Beidou fourth xuanming Wenqu Xingjun; Beidou fifth Dan yuan Lian Zhen Xingjun; Beidou sixth Arctic Wuqu Xingjun; The Big Dipper’s seventh day pass broke through the military Xingjun (the Big Dipper in the lion camel country) is another title of the Big Dipper: Tianshu, Tianxuan, Tianji, Tianquan, Yuheng, Kaiyang, Yaoguang. & \39; Tianshu, Tianxuan, Tianji, Tianquan & \39; together, it is also called & \39; Dou Kui & \39; or & \39; Xuan &\39; the later three stars form a duel handle, which is called \& \39; dipper &\39;).

16. Eight Immortals: tie guaili, Han Zhongli, LV Dongbin, he Xianggu, LAN Caihe, Han Xiangzi, Cao Guojiu, Zhang Guolao

17. Increase the Eight Generals under the heavenly king: Pang Liu xunbi, Deng Xin Zhang Tao, whose full names are Liu Jun, Xun Leiji, pangyu, Bi Zongyuan, Deng Bowen, Xin Hanchen, Zhang Yuanbo, Tao Yuanxin (four eyes).

18. Jiuyao stars: Venus, Jupiter, mercury, Mars, Saturn, Luo Xi (eclipse star), Jidu star, purple energy star, moon Bo Star.

19. Twelve yuan Chen: ZiChou Yinmao, etc

20. Twenty eight constellations: Kang Jinlong, female earth bat, FangRi rabbit, heart moon fox, tail fire tiger, water leopard, Doumu, niujinniu, di earth raccoon dog, virtual sun mouse, perilous moon swallow, room fire pig, wall water dog, Kui Wood Wolf, Lou golden dog, stomach soil swine, Pleiades chicken, Bi YUEWU, mouth fire monkey, ginseng ape, Jingmu ape, ghost golden sheep, Liu tuzhang, star sun horse, Zhang Yuelu, winged fire snake, water worm.The.

21. Thirty six day Generals: Jiang Guang, Zhong Ying, Jin you, Yin Jiao, pangyu, Liu Ji, Guan Yu, Ma Sheng, Wen Qiong, Wang Shan, Kang Ying, Zhu Yan, Lu Kui, Fang Jiao, Geng Tong, Deng Bowen, Xin Hanchen, Zhang Yuanbo, Tao Yuanxin, Xun Leiji, Bi Zongyuan, Zhao Gongming, Wu Mingyuan, Li Qingtian, Mei Tianshun, Xiong Guangxian, Shi Yuanxin, Kong Leijie, Chen Yuanyuan, Lin Dahua, Zhou Qingyuan, Ji Leigang, Cui Zhixu, Jiang Feijie He Tianxiang, Gao Ke. (36 days will be the most version, the above is for reference only).

(III) celestial watch on the ground

1. Jiang Ziya: (also the emperor of Donghua, estimated to be the successor of Mu Gong)

2. Penglai three Immortals: three stars of fortune, wealth and longevity, the God of fortune, the heavenly official and the great emperor, another is Yang Cheng of the Western Han Dynasty, another is Tangyang city

3. God of wealth: Zhao Gongming (first, compare Gan Fan Li to Wen Caishen);

4. Longevity: Antarctic Fairy

5. Female birthday Star: Ma Gu

6. Zhenwu Emperor: also known as the founder of Jiutian subduing demons and field marshal Xuanwu.

7. Turtle and snake two generals (also known as taixuan water essence black spirit God, taixuan fire essence red spirit God)

8. Prince Zhang and the five dragons

9. Li Shan’s mother, Zhen Yuanzi

10. Dragon King: Ao Guang, the Dragon King of the East China Sea, Ao Qin, the Dragon King of the South China Sea, Ao run, the Dragon King of the West China Sea, Ao Shun, the Dragon King of the North China Sea, and Jing Haiwang.

11. Gods of Shenxiao sect

12. Ziwei Arctic Emperor

13. Jade halal King (the Immortal Emperor of Antarctica) – the ninth son of the first heavenly king of the Yuan Dynasty

14. Shenxiao eight emperors (mostly made up by Taoism), jade halal king and Shenxiao eight emperors are also called Shenxiao jiuchen great emperor, East pole Qinghua great emperor, Jiutian YingYuan Leisheng Puhua Tianzun (yellow emperor), Jiutian Leizu great emperor, etc. (Taiyi emperor, LiuTian Dongyuan emperor, Liubo emperor, Ke hanzhenjun, interview Zhenjun)

15. Jiusi three provinces and Arctic Four Saints:

(1) nine divisions: the jade mansion judges the real king of the jade mansion, the left and right sides of the jade mansion wait for the middle, the left and right servants of the jade mansion thank, the upper phase of Tianlei, the upper phase of Yushu, the upper phase of Doushu, the right minister of the jade mansion of the Shangqing Dynasty, the envoy of the five thunder court, and the thunder Du Si Yuan orders the real king.

(2) three provinces: leitingtai Province, leitingxuan province and leitingdu province

16. Arctic Four Saints: Marshal Tianpeng, marshal Tianyou, marshal Yisheng, marshal Zhenwu

17. Five kings of thunder: Yan Fu, the Eastern god of thunder, Zhuobin, the southern God of thunder, Gao Hui, the Western God of thunder, Wu Xi, the northern king of thunder, and Zhao Jian, the central king of thunder.

(IV) hell

1. Beiyin Fengdu Emperor

2. Five ghost Emperors:

(1) the eastern ghost emperor Cai Yulei, Shentu, ruled &\39; Taozhishan &\39; Hell’s gate

(2) Western ghost emperor Zhao Wenhe, Wang Zhenren, Zhi &\39; Yizhong mountain '

(3) the northern ghost emperors Zhang Heng and Yang Yun ruled Luofeng mountain;

(4) Du Ziren, the southern ghost emperor, ruled Luofu Mountain;

(5) the central ghost Emperor Zhou Qi, Ji Kang, ruled &\39; Baodu mountain '

3. Luo Feng LiuTian: (the following is the name of the palace, and the sixth day is the palace Guarding God) Zhou Jueyin heavenly palace, Tai Sha Liang Shi Zong heavenly palace, tomorrow morning NAIRU Wucheng heavenly palace, Tianzhao sin Qi heavenly palace, Zong Ling Qifei heavenly palace, and dare Si Lianwan repeated heavenly Palace

4. Tibetan Bodhisattva:

(1) king of the ten halls: King of Qin Guang, king of Chu Jiang, emperor of song, king of Guan, king of Yama, king of equality, king of Taishan, king of metropolis, king of Bian Cheng, king of runner

(2) generals and ministers: chief judge cuifujun, Zhong Kui, black and white impermanence, ox head horse face, Meng Poshen.

(V) gods in ancient myths

1. Chaos God: more formally, Pangu is the God who created the world, but there are still some legends that chaos was born earlier than Pangu

2. Creator God: Tian Wu, Bi Fang, Ju Bi, Shu Hai, Zhu Yin, Nu Wa

3. The ancient four heavenly emperors and auxiliary gods: the Sun God Yan Emperor and the God of fire Zhu Rong jointly governed the place 12000 miles south of the sky, SHAOHAO worked with the God of water to establish the place 12000 miles west of the sky, Zhuanxu and the God of the sea Yu Qiang (also known as the winter God xuanming) governed the place 12000 miles north of the sky, the Qing emperor Fuxi and the goddess of Jiuhe Huaxu and the God Jumang governed the place 12000 miles east of the sky.

4. The gods of the Yellow Emperor era: Lu Wu, Yingzhao, Lizhu, Jinjia God (this God should be an incarnation of other gods), Chiyou, Fengbo Yushi, chisongzi, Limu, shenhuang, Fenghou, Yinglong, Kuafu, Dali God, kuae’e, dating, Wulong

5. Emperor Yan: also known as Shennong

6. Yan Emperor’s daughter: Nvwa (later incarnated as Jingwei bird)

7. Yao ji: also known as Wanhua fairy in lion camel country. There is also a little daughter whose name cannot be tested (in my book lion camel country, it is the goddess of summer). SHAOHAO’s mother gave birth to Huang e, the eldest son Chun Shen Ju Mang, and the second son Qiu Shen

8. Descendants of Zhuanxu:

(1) four sons: abuse ghosts, monsters, send the poor, Tao Wu

(2) descendants: laotong, Prince Chang Qin, Li, Zhong, Peng Zu (sun), di Jun

(3) heavenly wives: Xihe, Changxi

(4) human wife: (omitted)

(5) clown, Yi

(6) wife: nuxi.

(7) Yao: also known as Fang Xun, wife and queen;

(8) Shun: surname Yao, name Chonghua, wife e Huang, female Ying;

(9) Yu: father, wife &\39; Nvjiao ', Also known as Tu Shan, it is a Nine Tailed white fox spirit

9. Three Emperors: refers to the three emperors of heaven, earth and people, namely Fuxi, Shennong and Nuwa.

10. Five Emperors: usually refers to the Yellow Emperor, Zhuanxu, Dijun, Yao and shun

11. Others — the famous fairy table of the day after tomorrow: the ancestor of the room — Peng Zu, the ancestor of the vertical and horizontal — Guiguzi, the real person of Wenshi — Yin Xi, the real person of Nanhua — Zhuang Zi, the messenger of seeking immortality — Xu Fu, the fairy ancestor of Maoshan — Sanmao Zhenjun, the king of ancient Dan — Wei Boyang, the real person of Tai Chi — Liu’an, the witty year star — Dongfang Shuo, the leader of the Taiping cult — Yu Ji, the slaving ghost — Fei Changfang, the crazy man of the bamboo forest — Ji Kang, the immortal of Shuifu — Guo Pu, the leader of the pure brightness cult — Xu Xun Penglai (capital) water supervisor — Tao Hongjing, Tianshi — Kou Qianzhi, Qingxian — peihang, fuyaozi — Chen Tuan, Xianhua real person — Zhang Sanfeng (Wang Chongyang and the seventh son of Quanzhen (Changchun Zi Qiu Chuji, Yu Yangzi Wang Chuyi, Guang ningzi Hao Datong, Qingjing Sanren sun Buer, eldest son Liu chuxuan, Changzhen son Tan chuduan, Danyang son Ma Yu))

(VI) fairy Buddha table of West Tianshan Lingshan

1. Third Buddha: Nanwu past, present and future note: generally, the third Buddha is divided into horizontal third Buddha and vertical third Buddha.

(1) erect the third Buddha: the ancient Buddha who lit the lamp of the past Buddha, plus the Sakyamuni Buddha (formerly known as Siddhartha) in the present world, and Maitreya Buddha in the future

(2) horizontal third Buddha: in the middle is Sakyamuni Buddha, with Manjusri Bodhisattva on the right and Samantabhadra on the left; On the right is amitabha in the Western Paradise, on both sides are Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and dashizhi Bodhisattva; On the left is the herbalist Buddha in the eastern pure glazed world, and on both sides are the sunlight Bodhisattva and the moonlight Bodhisattva. (because there are Tathagata, the term “third Buddha” is not added in this article. In the original book of the journey to the west, Nanwu past, present and future Buddha is mentioned, which is called the third Buddha in this book.)

2. The four great vajras: Wutai Mountain secret magic rock magic power throwing Vajra, Mount Emei Qingliang cave magic power immeasurably surpassing Vajra, Mount Sumi Mo’er cliff Pilu Salmonella great Vajra, Kunlun Mountain jinluoling not bad king Yongzhu Vajra

3. Five Buddhas: Oriental immobile Buddha, southern Baosheng Buddha, central pilujana Buddha, Western Amitabha Buddha, northern Bukong achievement Buddha.

4. Eight Bodhisattvas: Guanyin Bodhisattva, Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, Manjusri Bodhisattva, Tiberium King Bodhisattva, LINGJI Bodhisattva, dashizhi Bodhisattva, sunlight Bodhisattva, moonlight Bodhisattva

5. The ten disciples: the wisdom of Sariputra is the first, the magic power of muqianlian is the first, Ananda is the first to hear much, youboli is the first to keep the precepts, analv heavenly eye is the first, Da Kaya touda is the first, fuluna statement is the first, gajanyan argument is the first, Luo Luomi walk is the first, and Xu Bodhi Jiekong is the first.

6. Eighteen Arhats: tota arhat, tangshou arhat, river crossing arhat, banana arhat, static seat arhat, riding elephant arhat, gatekeeper arhat, dragon subduing arhat, bowl raising arhat, bag arhat, long eyebrow arhat, happy arhat, festive arhat, ear digging arhat, lion laughing arhat, tiger subduing arhat, meditating arhat, and deer riding arhat.

7. Eighteen Jialan: beautiful sound, Sanskrit sound, sky drum, sigh wonderful, sigh beautiful, Momao, thunder sound, Shizi, wonderful sigh, Sanskrit sound, human sound, Buddha slave, ode to virtue, wide eyes, wonderful eyes, thorough listening, thorough vision, and omnivision

8. The twenty heavens: the sun sky (also known as the son of the Sun Palace), Brahma, Duowen sky, Vajra secret trace, Guizi Mother God, the moon sky (also known as the son of the Moon Palace), Emperor Shi sky, holding the country sky, Da Zizai sky, Moli Zhitian, (great) eloquence sky, (great) merit sky, growth sky, fat dispersing general, Pojie Dragon King, Wei tuotian (God of war, saiganda), firmament God, Guangmu sky, bodhi tree god, King Yama. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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