What information is worth paying attention to when driving away foreign ships during the 6K sea flight?

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Author: Longyadeyizuoshan Source: A Mountain in Longyadeyizuoshan


According to CCTV military reports, during the Far Sea mission, Zhang Chengliang, the deputy captain of the Flight Second Brigade of a certain Air Force Aviation Corps, and his comrades had just arrived at the designated airspace when they discovered that foreign ships were illegally operating in our waters. The crew immediately applied to lower the altitude for displacement.

For every 1 meter reduction, the risk of aircraft increases exponentially. Zhang Chengliang worked hard to maintain the stability of the fighter jet, while other members operated equipment to obtain evidence, and ultimately successfully drove away the foreign ship. As a bomber pilot, our mission must be fulfilled in the interests of our country


This news seems very strange. The penetration ability of the H-6K is abnormally high. It is reasonable to say that aircraft in this era have not undergone significant stealth modifications in their appearance, and the radar reflection area should be very large. It is worth considering how to achieve sudden close contact.

Firstly, there is a common tactic used by military propaganda in sea skimming flights: counting the credit of engineers on the operators. The operation, which is clearly a functional implementation of the equipment, can be described as a highly skilled on-site operator. For example, this sea skimming flight operation is clearly attributed to the terrain tracking radar. With human hands, it is impossible to stabilize a large aircraft like the H-6K at a very low flight altitude. It can only be achieved through automatic operation of terrain tracking radar linked to the flight control system.


In theory, this thing is very simple. It takes a height measuring radar to calculate the ground altitude, and after injecting a certain algorithm into the flight control, the aircraft can be controlled at the set ground altitude. If you really want to do it, even Xinjiang can achieve it. The problem is that the aircraft is different. The implementation of a large aircraft like the Bomb 6K is completely different. The turbofan engine, with a takeoff weight of nearly 80 tons, is inherently very bulky, and the requirements for terrain tracking radar are completely different orders of magnitude. After all, it is an old platform that has been around for decades, and its operation is very difficult. Under fluctuating terrain, it is impossible to be as agile as a civilian drone.

It is unknown whether this radar is integrated with the Fire-control radar, or has a separate working mechanism, and how its electronic performance is, but most dare to suggest that there are two ways to improve its performance. The actual deployment of this system is of great significance for improving the penetration capability of Strategic bomber, which shows that automatic low altitude penetration has been mastered.

Secondly, the goal of penetration is very interesting. What specific “foreign ships” were breached this time is not explicitly stated, but most of them are still “Wang Shi”. What is the meaning of a small day, Tu Ao, and Jia Ma Da?

Since it’s Wang Shi’s, there must be a low altitude blind patch, and it’s impossible to just rely on an air/sea search radar to complete the task.


The best way to fill the blind spot at low altitude is, of course, an early warning aircraft or other launch platform. “Stand tall and see far,” even if you fly at low altitude, the launch platform can catch you. The airborne radar using pulse Doppler system can easily catch large subsonic targets such as the H6K. It is not yet invisible, and it should be said that at the level of Wang Shi, it is impossible to be startled by sudden contact with the face.

But it was just startled, what happened?

What electronic countermeasures were used.

This is not explicitly stated, but based on the results, it must have been electronic countermeasures that blinded Wang Shi, only to hear the engine roar before realizing that he had been slapped on his face, which would have caused a “big shock”. It’s not difficult for radar countermeasures to make the opponent’s radar snowflake. The difficulty is to make his radar appear to be still working properly, but in fact, the big guy from Bomb 6K walked up to him without noticing it.

I think it is possible to use a jammer with a particularly narrow main lobe in the radar beam to implement directional jamming, which can enable the target to achieve very narrow “stealth” on the radar. As for the specific working mechanism, it is not something that I can understand at this level.


It can be certain that after China suffered a great loss in electronic warfare in the 1990s, it put in a lot of effort, endured hardships for decades, and now it’s time for Wang Shi to be taken aback.

Finally, it is clear that there are weapons to be launched outside the defense zone, and it is necessary to stick to the face. This is Akira’s stunt, and this is Akira’s Versailles.


As a bomber pilot, launching weapons outside of such a large defense zone means you are bullying people by running to stick to their faces?

How cruel!