What is Fei Qiming’s caviar? Why is Fei Qiming scolded

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Fei Qiming recently participated in the variety show 50 kilometers Taohuawu 2. His performance in the program is still very popular, and he is a diligent and warm image in the program. But in the eyes of some netizens, Fei Qiming in the 50km Taohuawu 2 is not the real him, but the disguised him. What kind of stem is Fei Qiming caviar? Why is Fei Qiming scolded by many people? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

What kind of stem is Fei Qiming caviar

If you met Fei Qiming through the program of 50 kilometers Taohuawu 2, you will certainly feel that this little brother is very warm, has a good laugh, and is particularly capable. He works tirelessly to cook for you in the program. However, when Fei Qiming participated in the treasure like countryside of the variety show before, he is still hated by many netizens because of some performances. The stem of Fei Qiming’s caviar is also from this program.

In the treasure like countryside, Kong Xueer, as a guest, was qualified to enjoy caviar. Because she had never eaten caviar before, Kong Xueer asked if she needed some dipping. As a result, Kong Xueer was attacked by Hua Shao, who made all kinds of innuendo that Kong Xueer didn’t know how to eat caviar without seeing it. At that time, it was obvious that Kong Xueer was a little embarrassed, and Fei Qiming, standing next to Hua Shao, looked up at the sky and laughed when he saw Kong Xueer, who didn’t know how to eat caviar.

Why was Fei Qiming scolded

On the contrary, you Changjing, who was on the other side, realized Kong Xueer’s embarrassment and took photos of Hua Shao to stop him from making fun of Kong Xueer. After the program was broadcast, Hua Shao and Fei Qiming were also bombarded by netizens. Two people make fun of Kong Xueer’s behavior that she can’t eat caviar. It’s really too quality and too uncivilized. Also because of this clip, Fei Qiming attracted a lot of black, and Fei Qiming caviar also became his black entry.

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