What is Fuxi Qin like? Why did Fuxi invent Bagua? What’s the effect?

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For friends who are very interested in Fuxi Qin, the editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

Fuxi Qin was first created by the ancient god Fuxi. What is the legend about Fuxi Qin?

What is Fuxi Qin like

Fuxi Qin, as its name implies, evolved from the musical instruments created by Fuxi at that time. It is one of the ten artifacts in myths and legends. According to the legend, Fuxi Qin can control the soul and thought of all things in the world.

The beginning and origin of Qin can be traced back to thousands of years ago. It is said that when Fuxi saw a phoenix living in Wutong tree, he made an instrument according to the image of Phoenix, which was later named Qin. Later, some scholars believed that the main reason why Fuxi created Qin was to “fight against his innocence”.


The sound of zither can cultivate sentiment. Many people like to purify people’s hearts with beautiful zither sound, and let people better return to nature, so that the feelings in people’s hearts can be naturally expressed. Fuxi zither also has a special function, that is, to control the soul and thoughts of any object and creature. This magical power makes many people rush for Fuxi zither. It is said that after Fuxi defeated Chiyou at that time, Fuxi Qin accidentally fell into the mortal world. In order to make people not confused by the sound of the piano, Fuxi Qin has been handed over to the Dunhuang Thousand Buddhas for collection. The Dunhuang Thousand Buddhas saw that people in time had evil thoughts that shouldn’t be, so they set a special restriction. If anyone is looking for Fuxi Qin, he will eventually collapse, and his brain will be strongly stimulated, and he will die because he can’t bear the pain.

Although the Dunhuang Thousand Buddhas worked hard for Fuxi Qin, many gods later found Fuxi Qin for various reasons, but it is said that in the end, the soul of a famous female demon head in the West was injected into Fuxi Qin. Yu wentuo brought Fuxi Qin to the West in order to purify her soul and fulfill her last wish. Finally, no one knows the whereabouts of Fuxi Qin.

The use of Fuxi Bagua

Fuxi was not only a wise man in the flood and famine era, but also a creator, inventor and communicator. He lived in the ancient times, which was a wild age without language, numbers or even thoughts, and no understanding of space and time. Everything was in chaos. Fuxi is the earliest ancestor of mankind. The eight trigrams created by him contain the most primitive and ancient information of all things in the world, and lay the foundation for the formation of various ideas of cultural law for future generations.


Bagua is a symbolic graphic character. It is based on natural objects such as sky mines, electricity and wind, and also includes space-time deduction. In the earliest times, Fuxi used it to record astronomical and geographical almanacs. Divination means divination and calculation. The eight trigrams can be used to divine the travel of the sacrifice.

The emergence and application of Fuxi Bagua has an irreversible role in promoting human development. The logic and principles contained in it are the cornerstone of Chinese culture. Bagua first drew graphics to represent things, which evolved into a huge text system later. The laws quoted by divination in it are the logical foundation of later people’s thinking. The eight trigrams take heaven and earth as the axis to guide people to think according to natural development.

The basic unit in the eight trigrams is divination. This set of understanding and deduction is in line with human’s gradual understanding of everything, and affects the direction of human thinking.

For example, the law of justice, medical diagnosis and treatment, which can be reflected in the law is an extension of the eight trigrams. Just as someone put forward the heliocentric theory rather than the geocentric theory, the research of future generations is based on this theory. The same is true of the small Bagua diagram, which originated in the earliest human origin, and its role is immeasurable. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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