What is luochahai city? The beautiful legend of luochahai City

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What is luochahai city? Where is the legendary Luocha state? This is a problem that many readers are concerned about. Next, China story net will work with you to learn about it and give you a reference.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Ma Ji, who was handsome when he was young. He was very clever and was admitted to the University at the age of 14. Unfortunately, his study career was not long, because his father did not go out to do business when he was old, so Ma Ji gave up his studies to do business. Ma Ji had to comply.

My father had been in business all his life. He had visited many places and seen more wonders, but his experience was much worse than that of Ma Ji. What kind of special experience did Ma Ji have?

Once, Ma Ji crossed the sea with others to do business. Unexpectedly, their boat was lost by the strong wind. After a few days and nights, they found a capital that could be saved from the vast sea. So, one by one, they went ashore exhausted.

Ma Ji was born handsome and was called “handsome man” when he was a child. But he usually doesn’t care much about the appearance of others. But when I arrived at the capital, I found that the people here were all very ugly. When they saw that Ma Ji looked nothing like himself, they thought he was a monster, so they coaxed him away. Ma Ji began to see what they looked like, and his heart was afraid. However, when he learned that the people here were afraid of themselves, he not only stopped being afraid, but also wanted to bully the people in the city with his special strength. From then on, when he saw the people in the city eating, he ran straight to scare them away, and then ate the rest of their meals.


One day, Ma Ji came to a mountain village. He found that some people in this mountain village were not as ugly as those in the capital city, but they were dressed in rags and didn’t pay attention to their appearance at all. Ma Ji did not break into their home, but sat under a big tree at the head of the village to rest. The people in the mountain village had never seen a man like Ma Ji, so at the beginning, they just looked at him from a distance. After a long time, I felt that he was not a man eating monster, so I got a little closer. Ma Ji showed a friendly gesture and talked to them with a smile. However, most people in the mountain village could not understand what he said. It took him a long time to convince them that he was from China. The mountain people who understood him immediately told the news to all the neighbors. The people in the mountain village knew that his horse was not a man eating demon at all. Nevertheless, those people who were born very strange did not dare to come forward. They almost looked at Ma Ji and walked away. Those who dare to come forward and contact Ma Ji have the same mouth and nose as the Chinese. Ma Ji finally communicated with some people. It turned out that the people in the mountain village were very hospitable, so they invited Ma Ji to the village as a guest. Ma Ji did not refuse. At the banquet, Ma Ji asked them why they were afraid. They replied, “I heard from the elders that there is a place called China twenty-six thousand miles to the West. The people there have very strange images. When I saw you today, it was true.” Ma Ji asked them why they were so poor that they didn’t even dress neatly, They said, “what our country values is not articles, but looks. Those who are especially beautiful, such as those who are high-ranking officials, second-class officials, local officials and second-class officials, can also be favored by noble people, so they can get food to feed their wives and children. Ugly people like us, when we were born, our parents thought it unlucky, and most of them were abandoned. Some of them were not thrown away immediately, just for the sake of carrying on the family line.” Hearing what they said, Ma Ji became more curious, so he asked them which country this was. The mountain people answered that it was called Luocha country. The capital of the country was in the north, only thirty miles away from the mountain village.

What is the state of rosha like? Ma Ji wanted to see it with his own eyes. He asked people in the mountain village to show him the way. The villagers agreed.

The wall of the capital city of Luocha is made of black stone, which looks dark from a distance. The pavilions in the city are nearly ten feet high, but there are few tiles on them. Most of them are red stones. When Ma Ji and the villagers arrived at the capital, they were just in time to retreat. A large number of officials came out of the palace. Their formation was quite spectacular. Ma Ji heard the villagers say, “he is the prime minister.” When Ma Ji looked, he found that the prime minister’s ears were reversed, his nose had three holes, and his eyelashes covered his eyes like a curtain. At this time, several officials on horseback came out of the palace. The villager said, “this is the doctor.” The villagers pointed out their official positions one by one, and saw that each of these doctors looked ferocious and strange. Ma Ji found that the lower the official position, the uglier the person is. After a while, Ma Ji plans to return. But the people on the street were scared to run when they saw him. They obviously regarded him as a monster. The villagers hurried to explain to the citizens, who stopped running. The news about Ma Ji spread quickly all over the Luocha kingdom.

The officials, gentry and doctors of Luocha all wanted to see this foreign visitor. They ordered the villagers to invite Ma Ji. However, when Ma Ji came to their house, they did not dare to make direct contact. Men and women only dared to peek through the crack of the door. Ma Ji went to several stores, and this was the case. Ma Ji became impatient.

At this time, the villager said to him, “there must be someone who dares to see you directly.” When Ma Ji asked who he was, the villager replied, “he is the Chamberlain who guards the court. He once went abroad with the former king and met many kinds of people.” Ma Ji went to the door to see him. The waiter was really happy. He regarded Ma Ji as a distinguished guest. The Chamberlain is old and looks like he is 80 or 90 years old. His appearance is not very ugly, but his eyes are protruding and his beard is hard. The old Chamberlain said, “when I was young, I was often sent abroad under the orders of the king. I have been to many countries, but I have never been to China. Now I am 120 years old. I have long lived at home. I have not gone to the morning Dynasty for more than ten years. Now I see your distinguished guest. I have to tell the emperor about it. Yes, I will go to the morning Dynasty for you tomorrow morning.” The old waiter gave a banquet in honor of Ma Ji. In order to express his welcome, the old waiter specially called the singing girl to play and sing for fun. He asked Ma Ji if there were any similar songs and dances in China, and Ma Ji replied that there were. The old waiter then asked the guests to sing a song. Ma Ji could not refuse, so he knocked on the table and sang a song to the beat. Who knows, the old waiter was so impressed after listening to it that he repeatedly said, “it’s very good. It’s like the roaring of the Phoenix and the roaring of the dragon. I’ve never heard it before.”

The next morning, the old Chamberlain made an exception to go to the court. He told the king about Ma Ji one by one and recommended Ma Ji as a minister. The king was glad to have written the imperial edict. But at this time, some ministers said that Ma Ji’s appearance was strange, and I’m afraid the king would not stand it. As a result, Ma Ji’s job as a minister was over. The old servant came out of the palace to tell Ma Ji, and sighed deeply about the matter.


Ma Ji stayed with the old servant for a long time. On one occasion, he drank too much and got drunk. Thinking that he had no place to play in this Luocha country, Ma Ji felt a bit melancholy. So, while drunk, he painted his face with coal like Zhang Fei in the romance of the Three Kingdoms, and drew his sword and danced. Unexpectedly, his performance was appreciated by the old waiter. The old waiter thought that Ma Ji had become much more beautiful. He also said to Ma Ji, “if you go to see the prime minister in this way, the prime minister will be happy and want to put you in important position. You can get a high salary.” Ma Ji thought the old waiter was joking, so he smiled and said, “it’s OK for me to play around in your house like this, but how can I change my face to covet wealth?” The old waiter didn’t think so. A few days later, the old Chamberlain gave a banquet at home and invited the officials in power to drink. Before the guests arrived, he asked Ma Ji to draw his face and wait. When all the guests arrived, he called Ma Ji out to meet them. Those officials who had seen Ma Ji saw that Ma Ji’s appearance had changed greatly. “Why was he ugly but now he is beautiful?” Ma Ji exhausted his dancing skills and sang a Yiyang song. His wonderful performance made the officials happy.

The next day, officials played the king one after another to recommend Ma Ji. Seeing so many officials’ unanimous recommendation, the king summoned Ma Ji with the etiquette of summoning envoys. After the meeting, the king asked about China’s public security strategy. Ma Ji explained it in detail in some diplomatic terms. His conversation was highly appreciated by the king. In addition to being happy, the king held a banquet in the temporary hall in honor of Ma Ji. After three rounds of drinking, the king asked Ma Ji to sing elegant songs. Ma Ji immediately got up. He imitated the style of singing girls in Luocha country, wrapped his head with white cotton, and sang some decadent songs. The king was very happy to hear this. On the same day, he named him “the doctor”. Ma Ji can be said to have achieved success. As an important member of the court, he often attended the king’s private banquet, and the king loved him very much. But the good times don’t last long. After a period of time, some officials learned that Ma Ji was pretending. From then on, wherever he went, he heard others whispering; He also found that officials were no longer as close to him as before. On the contrary, they always tried to avoid him. Ma Ji became more and more lonely in the imperial court. After much thought, Ma Ji finally decided to get rid of this dilemma. He took the initiative to ask for resignation and retirement. But the king refused. So he asked for leave again. The king had to agree, but only approved the three-month leave. So Ma Ji hurried back to the original small mountain village by carriage. The villagers all knelt down to meet him. He distributed the gold and silver he had brought to his friends. The villager said, “we little people will be rewarded by adults. Tomorrow, we must go to the sea market and buy some rare things to repay adults.” Ma Ji hurriedly asked where the sea market was. The villagers replied that it was the market in the sea. Shark people from all over the world come to the sea market to sell jewelry. Businessmen from the four countries and twelve countries also come to the sea market for trade. Among them, many gods and men come to play. Although the sea market is full of treasures, it is always covered with clouds and clouds and waves. Therefore, dignitaries generally dare not go there. Most of them give us gold and silver and let us buy them on their behalf. The villager also said, “it is not far from the sea now.” Ma Ji had never heard of this, so he asked the villagers how they knew it. The villager said, “we have already mastered the law. Every time we see rosefinches flying on the sea, seven days later the sea market will come.” Ma Ji’s curiosity was suddenly aroused. He told the villagers that he really wanted to see the sea market, and he must take him with him at that time.

After three days, people saw from a distance that there were many layers of pavilions where the water and the sky met. The merchant ships gathered one after another. The scene was very spectacular. Ma Ji followed the villagers’ boat, cut the waves in the wind, and finally arrived at the sea market. He found that the city walls of the market city were quite strong. The bricks were as long as people. The towers towered into the clouds and the shapes were novel and unique. After tying up the boat, they went into the market. Ho, the sea market is really big. The rare treasures on display in the market are shining. Most of them are rare in the world. When Ma Ji and the villagers were selecting items, suddenly a young man came riding a fine horse. The citizens hurried to meet each other and said to each other, “the third son of the East Asia is coming.”. The third generation son was shrewd. He saw at a glance that Ma Ji was not a local. As soon as he spoke, someone rode to ask Ma Ji about his native place. Ma Ji respectfully saluted the roadside and said he was Chinese. Hearing this, sanshizi said happily, “it’s a pleasure to meet the Chinese people. It’s a pleasure to meet you!” So they immediately asked someone to bring a good horse to the horse, and they went with him and went straight to the west city. As soon as they reached the shore of the island, the horse on which the horse was riding jumped into the sea with a long hiss. Ma Ji was so scared that he was dizzy. When he shouted “help”, he saw that the sea was separating on both sides, standing like two walls. The steed ran so fast that the steed, still in shock, came to a palace. The palace, with tortoiseshell beams and tiled fish scales, is bright and resplendent all around, which is eye-catching. As soon as Maji got off his horse, he saw that the third son was already saluting him and asked him to enter the palace. Ma Ji thought, obedience is better than deference. Up to now, he had to break in.

Ma Ji stepped into the magnificent palace. He looked up and found the dragon king sitting upright on the hall. Sanshizi hurriedly reported to the Dragon King, “I met this Sage from China when I was visiting the sea city, so I specially brought him to see the king.” Ma Ji also hurried to the front to pay homage. The Dragon King said, “Mr. Wang is a scholar in the University. He must be able to write more poems and Fu than Quyuan and Song Yu. Therefore, I would like you to write a Shanghai Fu with a stroke of pen. I hope you can finish it.” Ma Ji did not refuse, but picked up the water essence inkstone and dragon beard pen prepared by the Dragon King for him. The paper here is as white as snow, and the ink smells like orchids. Maji was full of ideas and imagination. After a while, he wrote more than 1000 words of Fu and dedicated it to the Dragon King. After reading it, the Dragon King appreciated it very much and said, “Sir, you are really a man of great talent, which makes our water country more glorious.” Therefore, the dragon king summoned the leaders of all departments to hold a banquet in Caixia palace. After a few rounds of drinking, the Dragon King raised his glass and said to Ma Ji, “I have a beloved daughter who has not yet chosen a son-in-law. I am willing to entrust you with my life. Would you like it, sir?” Ma Ji was so excited about the love of the Dragon King that he quickly thanked the Dragon King. The next day, Ma Ji hurried to the imperial court, and the Dragon King made him a prince in law. The Dragon King also spread his Fu to the whole world. The Dragon King of the four seas sent commissioners to congratulate him and rushed to send out invitations to invite his son-in-law to a banquet. Ma Ji, dressed in splendid clothes and riding a green dragon, shouted out of the palace. Dozens of samurai swarmed forward and backward. People cheered along the way. In less than three days, they traveled all over the world. Since then, the reputation of “dragon media” has been known all over the world.

Ma Ji and long Nu loved each other and lived a very happy life. There is a jade tree in the Dragon Palace. Its trunk is crystal clear, and its leaves are like jade. It is small and many, and it casts a thick shade all over the ground. Ma Ji and the Dragon girl often sing poems under the jade tree. The flowers of Yushu are like gardenias. WangYong’s is that every petal falls with a sonorous sound. When I picked it up, it looked like it was carved from red agate. It was clean and lovely. Ma Ji, who is in the Dragon Palace, feels sad because he thinks of his hometown. Later, his homesickness became stronger and stronger, so he told the Dragon woman what he thought. He asked the Dragon woman if she could go back to her hometown with him. The dragon lady said to him, there is no way between the fairyland and the human world, so I can’t go back with you. But Longnv understands Ma Ji’s longing for his hometown and parents. Ma Ji couldn’t help crying when he listened to the Dragon woman. The Dragon woman said to Ma Ji, “the two places are husband and wife. Why should we be together sooner or later to grow old together?” She asked Ma Ji to sail to the South Island on April 8 three years later, and she would entrust their unborn child to Ma Ji. Before parting, the dragon king held a banquet to see him off and gave Ma Ji many gifts. The Dragon girl took the white sheep carriage to the seaside. She said she wanted to take care of herself, so she turned the cart and left. The sea water joined again, and the underwater Dragon Palace could no longer be seen.

Shortly after parting, the Dragon girl gave birth to twins. However, Ying Ying and Yi Shui are separated, and Xian fan is separated forever. Long Nu and Ma Ji cannot communicate with each other. Ma Ji always kept the three-year contract in mind. On April 8, he sailed to the South Island. From a distance, he saw two children floating on the water, splashing and playing, but they couldn’t sink. Ma Ji hurried forward to pick up the child. On closer inspection, they all look like dragon girls. Ma Ji finds that the ruby lotus flower he left for the dragon lady when he left the Dragon Palace is now pinned on the child’s flower hat. Ma Ji was happy and sad. The two children are lively and lovely. They are crying out to go home. Looking at the boundless sea, Ma Ji thought that the Dragon girl under the water was so virtuous, and there was no way to find in the smoke, so he had to go home with two children in his arms. When he broke up three years ago, the Dragon girl gave him the Pearl Room, which is invaluable. Ma Ji and his children can’t spend all their lives. However, Ma Ji’s melancholy is getting deeper and deeper. He misses the Dragon Palace, the Dragon Girl and the people of luochaguo. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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