What is Meng Po’s job? What was Meng Po’s original identity?

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Hello, everyone. Speaking of Meng Po’s words, you must have heard of them.

In ancient myths and legends, almost no one did not know the existence of “Meng Po”. Moreover, in works with various mythological themes, Meng Po was also a supporting role with a very high rate of appearance. After all, in people’s imagination, she just gave every dead a bowl of Meng Po soup that could forget everything. In addition, it seemed to have no effect. However, although it is a “green leaf” for thousands of years, Meng Po also has her own life. What kind of person is Meng Po in the legend?


??1. Meng Po’s work

There are many legends about Meng Po, and I believe that every writer who writes or draws cartoons has his own different imagination and explanation. Here are some popular versions. But before that, Meng Po’s work was worth mentioning. Mengpo and Mengpo soup have become a specific pronoun. There is no need to explain anything. People can understand the meaning contained in them.

It is said that Meng Po sent a bowl of Meng Po soup to all the dead who were about to be reincarnated in the underworld, so that they could forget their memories of this life and enter the next reincarnation. Therefore, the protagonists in many literary works would choose not to drink this bowl of soup, but the results are often very tragic. However, these are just the needs of the plot. I don’t know that Meng Po, as an envoy to erase the memory of the living soul, saw these, Will you roll your eyes in your heart?

??2. Meng Jiangnu

There are two legends about the origin of Meng Po. First, Meng Po is Meng Jiangnu. The story of Meng Jiangnu crying down the great wall must not need to be told any more. It has to be said that in order to slander Qinshihuang, the stories that can be made up are really one after another. According to legend, after the collapse of the Great Wall, Meng Jiangnu still couldn’t find her husband’s skeleton. Naturally, she was suffering and grieving. She hoped to forget all this, so she made Mengpo soup that forgot her memory.


The heaven felt her missing, so she was spared from suffering again, and was allowed to stay by the Naihe bridge and cook Mengpo soup full-time. Although Meng Po is called “Po”, she is a peerless beauty. The saying that Meng Po is Meng Jiangnu only became popular in the Yuan Dynasty and the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Even now, it is still a widely spread saying. However, although Meng Po forgot her past, her only memory was to send Meng Po soup to the dead. It sounded a little sad.

??3. Scattered officials in heaven

The second legend holds that Meng Po was originally a loose official in the heaven, and had existed since the beginning of the division of the three worlds of heaven, earth and man. As a loose official in charge of everything in the heaven, Meng Po saw a lot of gratitude and hatred in the world. However, people were always unwilling to put it down. All the things they had experienced did not want to be discarded, but it would make people more painful. Meng Po couldn’t bear it, So he began to think of ways.


She came to the Naihe bridge, set up a cauldron, and refined people’s thoughts that they didn’t want to put down into Mengpo soup. After drinking it, the dead forgot everything and went to reincarnation with peace of mind. After all, it is a life that has ended. If they can’t forget it, there is no way to take it away. In this way, it is a good thing to let them put everything down. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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