What is Nuwa’s weapon? Inventory of Nuwa’s seven treasures

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As we all know, empress Nuwa is an ancient god with a transcendent status. She not only has powerful magic power, but also has powerful magic weapons in her hands. Today, the Xiaobian of China story network will give you an inventory of the seven treasures handed down by Nuwa in the future. If you are interested, please come and have a look.

No.1 Nuwa stone

It is recorded in the book “Huainan Zi ยท LAN Ming Xun”: in ancient times, the four poles were abandoned, the nine states were split, the sky was not covered, and the earth was not covered. The fire is Yan but never extinguished, and the water is vast but never stopped. Beasts eat Zhuan people, and birds of prey seize the old and the weak.

That is to say, under such circumstances that heaven and earth gave way and all living beings were killed, empress Nuwa stepped forward to collect Kunlun divine stones, borrowed the great power of the heaven and earth tripod, the most precious treasure in nature, and forcibly reversed the day after tomorrow, refining them into five colored stones to repair the sky. A total of 36501 five color stones were made from the five color stones, 36498 of which were used to repair the sky, and the remaining three were praised by heaven and earth for mending the sky. Their merits and virtues were added to their bodies, creating endless miracles.

Two of them, one of them gave birth to the monkey king, the sage of Qitian, who was too ripe for us to be ripe any more; The other was reincarnated and transformed into Jia Baoyu. After being “beaten” by the world, he turned back to the five color stone again.

This last piece, however, has been following Nuwa’s mother all the time. It has been influenced by Nuwa’s power day and night. It has become more and more magical and even has the ability to bring back the dead. Therefore, it has a new name – Nuwa stone, which is one of the top ten artifacts in ancient times and the embodiment of nature and life.


No.2 Qiankun tripod

The heaven and earth tripod is comparable to the inborn treasure of the chaos clock. It is said that it was created by the lotus canopy of the green lotus of fortune. It inherits some of the ways of fortune of the green lotus of fortune. It has the ability to return to its roots and improve the quality of treasures and weapons. What is more terrifying is that it can force the acquired to be inborn, making it possible for the world to forge the inborn treasure.

In terms of attack power, it may not be able to compare with chaos clock, Pangu flag and other treasures, but in terms of preciousness, it is definitely far ahead of both. In those days, the Zixiao palace was divided into treasures, and the great killers, such as Pangu flag and Zhuxian four swords, were all divided, but the heaven and earth tripod was not divided, which shows its rarity.

Later, the God of water worked together with the God of fire Zhu Rong, which led to the collapse of Buzhou mountain and the overturning of the heaven and earth. Only then did Daozu give the heaven and earth tripod to empress Nuwa, and let empress Nuwa use the heaven and earth to refine five colored stones to supplement the heaven.

No.3 demon smelting pot

People often say that “heaven and earth are big in the sleeve, and the sun and moon are long in the pot.” this “pot” refers to this demon smelting pot. The demon refining pot, also known as Jiuli pot, was used by Nu Wa when she created the world. It contained endless space and was the world in the pot. This pot is extremely strange. It has infinite creative power and can create all things; There is also the ultimate power of all things, which can break the three realms and let you walk through the heaven. Once you fall into this pot, life and death will follow the pot owner’s mind.

After Nu Wa created the world, she placed the pot in a water mansion and ordered Ba she and Jiao GUI to guard it, waiting for the arrival of her second master. Later, Chiyou, the chief of the Jiuli nationality, forced his way into Shuifu, took it out, and developed the Jiuli nationality with its power. Therefore, it is also called Jiuli pot by the Jiuli people. It is a sacred thing of Jiuli and ranks among the top ten artifacts in ancient times.

No.4 Baolian lamp

The Baolian lamp is the magic lamp among the four lights that open the sky. The lamp is nine inches high and white, just like ice and snow. It is shaped like a Baolian in full bloom, with a big bowl. The lotus heart is the lamp center.

It is said that it is the first ray of light in the world. It is not only the light of the sun, but also the light of life and hope. Therefore, although it has the power to spread light and suppress gods, it can only be used by those with compassion; A person with evil mind can’t use half of his power even if he allows his way to pass through the sky. It can be said to be one of Nuwa’s favorite magic weapons. Later, Nuwa gave it to her only disciple Yang Chan for self-defense.


No.5 demon calling flag

The flag of summoning demons is the most precious treasure of the demons. It is also the symbol of the leader of the demons. Mastering it means mastering all the demons. This is the description of this flag in the Canon:

It is as big as a line and more than fourorfive feet high. Above the white light, a banner was hung. The light was colorful, and thousands of pieces were reflected. The flags are fluttering. The sky above them is misty. It seems that there are black and white Qi. In the black and white Qi, there are green tadpoles and essays swimming back and forth. When enabled, the sad wind is rustling, the miserable fog is misty, and the clouds are all around. This flag is used to summon hundreds of millions of demon people in the three realms. When it is shaken, all the demon godchildren can come.

Although this flag is a lucky thing of the demon family, it was not bred by heaven and earth, but was jointly refined by Empress Nu Wa, the demon emperor Dijun and a group of giant demons in ancient times. At that time, the demon clan was in its heyday. Emperor Jun was in charge of the demon clan Tianting and was in charge of thirty-three days. In order to facilitate the management of thousands of demons.

He joined hands with empress Nu Wa to refine the demon flag with the innate gourd tied on the gourd vine of Kunlun Mountain, together with the blood essence and a trace of spirit of all demon families in the world. Because it contains the spirits and blood essence of the world’s ten thousand demons, the demon calling flag can easily summon and control ten thousand demons. And because empress Nu Wa is the strongest of the demon family, the demon calling flag is kept by her.

No.6 map of mountains and rivers

The map of mountains, rivers and countries is the treasure of nunwa’s preaching. It is an extremely rare treasure of the world. This picture contains a vast universe. It can transform and nourish all living beings. It can also capture gods and Demons and destroy everything.

At the time of the canonization, Yuanhong, a monkey who had left all the immortals in Xiqi helpless, was trapped by Yang Jian with a picture of mountains and rivers, and finally had to be hated by Lu Ya. So although this picture is not well-known, it is definitely one of the most powerful magic weapons in the hands of empress Nuwa.

No.7 Hydrangea

Red Hydrangea, an artifact of inborn marriage, was a gift from Hongjun in Zixiao palace to empress Nuwa. This treasure has a radius of more than ten feet. It is made of pink. On the whole embroidered ball, there are Yingluo hanging beads and jingle rings. It has a unique luster.

Although it is only an inborn treasure, it is the treasure of marriage. It can naturally dominate the marriage of all living beings in the three realms and six ways. In the three realms, whether a lover gets married or a heartless Han is fickle, all causes and consequences arising from love will be entangled in the hydrangea. The greater the cause and effect, the greater the power of this treasure.

Immortals and gods are afraid of cause and effect. If you are hit by this Hydrangea ball, you will be added by endless cause and effect. If you can walk through the world, you will fall into the world of mortals and face a dilemma of life and death. Therefore, this red Hydrangea ball is also the most commonly used magic weapon of empress Nuwa. Once it is dropped, even saints dare not connect it. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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