What is the ability of the southern God rosefinch?

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Rosefinch is a sacred beast representing the south. It is a red bird. Among the twenty-eight constellations in China, it is composed of seven constellations in the South: Well, ghost, willow, star, Zhang, Yi and Yun. It is connected in the form of a bird, also known as Xuanniao. Zhu is red, and the South belongs to fire, so it is called Zhuque. The guidance of rosefinch can be seen from the “flying rosefinch makes a pioneer and drives the image of Taiyi” in the “songs of Chu”. The “saying oneself absorbs the vitality of the sky and gets the truth, that is, the rosefinch divine bird is my guide” in the supplementary notes to the songs of Chu also reflects the ability of rosefinch to help people become immortals. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


The southern seven constellations are the product of the combination of Chinese mythology and astronomy. Ancient Chinese astronomers divided the stars visible in the sky into twenty-eight constellations with seven constellations in the East, West, north, South and four directions. It includes Jingxiu, Guixiu, Liuxiu, Xingxiu, Zhangxiu, Yixiu and pangsu. Because the south is the rosefinch, it is also known as the southern rosefinch seven nights, which is called jingmuyun, ghost golden sheep, Liu tuzhang, xingri horse, Zhang Yuelu, winged fire snake, and water worm in ancient geomancy in China.

Nanfang Qisu well

Historical records ? Tianguan book: “the east well is a matter of water”. The shape of the eight stars in the well is like a well, so it is named. Gemini belongs to Gemini, of which the brightest is Gemini gamma, which is a second-class star. Inoue three and Beihe two, Beihe three (i.e. Gemini alpha and beta) form an isosceles triangle. Inoue is located between Beihe and betel, which is a way to find Inoue.


Seven nights in the South – Ghost

Ghost, also known as Yu ghost. Yu, “Jiyun”: “all”, so Yu ghost can be understood as the meaning of all ghosts; “Shuowen”: “Yu, the bottom of the car is also”, the four stars of the ghost are square, like a car, which may mean another layer. “Bu Tiange”: “the four-star album is like a wooden cabinet, and the white one in the center accumulates corpse gas”, and “guanxiangwanzhan”: “the white one in the center of the ghost is like pink wadding, which is called corpse gas. One day, the corpse in the sky, the main death shrine.” Guixiu belongs to cancer, and the four stars of Guixiu (cancer gamma, Delta, ETA, theta) are small stars of fourth and fifth order. The so-called corpse gas in the center is a star cluster, which is called beehive in the west, and its scientific name is M44.

A few years ago, in the popular Japanese cartoon “Saint Sagittarius”, the unique skill of cancer golden saint is called “corpse gas underworld wave”. Galileo once thought that Jishi Qi was a star. When he first observed this cluster with a telescope, he was surprised to find more than 40 stars in it. More than a thousand years ago, the summer solstice was located in cancer, and the sun was directly on the Tropic of cancer on the summer solstice. Therefore, the Tropic of cancer is called in the West. Venus is moving around M44.

Nanfang Qisu willow

Liu, formerly known as Yi, Yi means bird’s beak, which is similar to the meaning of horn as dragon horn. Erya ? “Shi Tian”: “Yi is called willow, willow, quail fire also”, the note said: “quail, bird name; fire belongs to the South”. Liusu eight stars, curved in shape, like a beak, also like a weeping willow. “Song of the sky”: “Liu eight stars, curved head as heavy as a willow”. Liu, Xing and Zhang Sansu all belong to the constellation Ophiuchus. Liu Su is located in the head of the snake, and the brightest one is Liu suliu (zeta), a third-class star.


Southern seven constellations – stars

Stars, also known as seven stars, have a total of seven stars, the book of rites ? “Moon order” said: “the moon of mengchun, in the seven stars of Dan”, which refers to it. Historical records ? “Heavenly official book”: “seven stars, neck, officer, main emergency”, historical records ? “Suoyin”: “neck, cinnabar neck. Officer, throat. Things are in the throat, and soon stay, so the Lord is in an emergency.” Xingxiu is located in the heart of long snake, among which the brightest is Xingxiu I (long snake alpha), which is a second-class star. “Walking in the sky song”: “the seven stars are like hooks and willows, with seventeen Xuanyuan shapes on the stars”, which points out the relative position of the stars. Xuanyuan here is a famous constellation, which is called Leo in the west, and Xuanyuan 14 is the alpha star of Leo.

Nanfang Qisu – Zhang

Zhang, “Er Ya”: “birds crop”, the note said: “crop, where birds eat.” It can be seen that Zhang Su is interested in zhuniao. Historical records ? “Law book” refers to something else: “Zhang, saying that everything is Zhang also.” Zhangsu six stars, whose shape is like an open bow and arrow, are small stars of the fourth and fifth order, of which the brighter one is zhangsu two (long snake lambda).

South Qisu – wing

Wing, also taken from zhuniao, historical records ? Heavenly official book: “wings are feathers.”. The winged constellation of 22 stars is shaped like an open bird’s wing. Part of it belongs to Ophiuchus, and the rest belongs to jujujue.

Seven nights in the South – Fu

On the lacquer box of Marquis Yi Zeng’s tomb, there is a writing car, historical records ? The book of heavenly officials: “Yun is a car”, and “Suoyin”: “Yun’s four stars are in the middle, and there are two stars for the left and right jurisdiction, and the image of the car is also.” “Shuowen”: “Yun, the beam behind the car is also”, jurisdiction refers to the small iron bar inserted on the axle, which can keep the wheel from falling off. The four stars and the left and right rulers belong to the constellation Corvus. The song of the West step: “the four pearls of the constellation Corvus are not square, and Changsha is hidden in the middle of the black”. Changsha is a fifth class star, whose scientific name is zeta star Corvus. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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