What is the ability of the white tiger, the God of the west?

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The white tiger is a divine beast representing the West. It is a white tiger. Among the twenty-eight stars in China, it is composed of seven Western Stars: Kui, Lou, stomach, ang, Bi, mouth and ginseng. Its connected body is like a tiger and extremely fierce, so it has become a symbol of dignity. White tiger has many kinds of magical powers, such as avoiding evil, disaster, praying for abundance and punishing evil, promoting good, getting rich and getting married. At the same time, the white tiger also symbolizes power and army, so many places named after the white tiger in ancient times were related to military affairs, such as the white tiger flag in the ancient army and the white tiger statue on the talisman. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


The Western seven constellations are the product of the combination of ancient Chinese mythology and astronomy. Including Kui, Lou, stomach, Pleiades, Bi, Shen, and mouth. There are 54 constellations and more than 700 stars, which form the pattern of white tiger, so it is also called “white tiger seven constellations”. The ancients thought that the positions of stars were constant, and they could be used as signs to indicate the positions of tomorrow, the moon and the five stars.

After long-term observation, ancient Chinese astronomers successively selected 28 stars near the equator of the ecliptic as coordinates. Because they are surrounded by the sun, moon and five stars, they are very similar to the places where the sun, moon and five stars live, so they are called the twenty-eight constellations. It is also divided into four palaces, East, South, West and North, according to the direction, season and four images. Each palace has seven constellations, and the seven constellations belonging to each palace are imagined as an animal, thinking that it is “the four spirits of the sky, with the square”.


Western seven nights – Kui

“Shuowen”: “between the legs”, and “Guangya”: “crotch, kuiya.” Kuixu sixteen stars, the left and right halves are like two legs. “Bu Tian Ge” describes Kui Su as: “the waist is thin, the head is pointed like broken shoes, and sixteen stars surround the shoes.”

From 1 to 9, kaleidoscope belongs to Andromeda, and from 10 to 16, kaleidoscope belongs to Pisces. Most of these 16 stars are dark stars of the fourth and fifth order, of which the brightest kuixiu (Fairy beta) is a second-class star. There is a bright spot with an apparent magnitude of about fourth order above kuixu (that is, near the toe of kuixu’s shoe), which is the famous Andromeda Nebula (M31).

Western seven nights Lou

Tongcuan. Cuhuan, “Shuowen”: “Tui Juye”, “Jiyun”: “Tui ye, tongzuo Lou”, and “Gongyang”: “Niu Ma Wei Lou”, notes: “it is Ma Yuewei, and Niu Yue Lou.” “Shi Ji Tian Guan Shu”: “Lou Wei gathers people.” In ancient astronomical classics, Lou Su was regarded as a place in charge of pastoral sacrifice or military gathering.

Lou Su three stars belong to Aries (Aries alpha, beta, gamma), of which the brightest Lou Su three (Aries alpha) is a second-class star. Lou Su is located near the intersection of the white path (the trajectory of the moon) and the ecliptic.

Western seven nights – Zhou

“Shi Ming”: “the stomach surrounds and receives food.” “Shiji Tianguan book”: “stomach is tiancang.”

Weisu Samsung belongs to Aries (Aries Delta, zeta, 63), both of which are small stars of the fourth and fifth order.

Western seven constellations – Pleiades

“Shiji Tianguan book”: “the Pleiades say fashionable head”, fashionable, “Shuowen”: “Fa Ye”. Pleiades is also called “stay”, which means cluster and group. For example, the fruit with many children is called durian, and the fruit with pathological blood accumulation is called tumor. The Pleiades is composed of a cluster of small stars. People with good eyesight can distinguish seven stars, which are called “Pleiades” in Greek mythology. The ancients used the Pleiades to set the four seasons. “Shangshu Yaodian”: “the sun is short and the Pleiades is in the middle of winter”, which means that if you see the Pleiades appear in the middle of the sky at sunset, you can know that the winter solstice is coming. The Pleiades belongs to Taurus, which is clustered by a cluster of small stars.

Western seven nights – bi

“Etiquette”: “the patriarch enters first after holding it”, and the note says: “Bi Zhuang Ru Yi”. “Poetry is small and elegant”: “there is the end of the sky”, Zhu Xi noted: “the end of the sky, the end of the star, like the end of a rabbit.”.

The constellation pistachio belongs to Taurus. Its shape is like a small fork, and it is also like the English letter y. “Song of the West step”: “the eight stars of Bixiu are like a small net, and a pearl is shining alone in the left corner.” The bright star in the left corner is biselfive (Taurus alpha), a first-class star. “Shiji Tianguan book” said: “the Pleiades is a heavenly Street”, which means that the sun, moon and planets often pass here, and mercury is located between these two stars. “The bookofsongs” said: “the Moon leaves at the end, making it torrential.”. It refers to the rainy season when the moon passes through Cebu.


Western seven nights – ginseng

Betelgeuse is called Orion in the west, and these two names are famous at home and abroad. “Song of the West step”: “spend the night with seven stars and candles, with two shoulders, two feet and three waist”. This shows the dazzling degree of Betelgeuse in the night sky. From winter to early summer of the next year, Betelgeuse is the most eye-catching constellation in the night sky. Betel one, two, three (Hunter Delta, epsilon, zeta) form the hunter’s belt.

“Tang Feng”: “three stars, ginseng.” Ginseng is a pictographic representation, symbolizing the belt of three stars. According to Zuo Zhuan, “in the past, Gao Xin had two sons. Bo was called Kan Bo, and Ji was called Shi Shen. He lived in the open forest and could not compete with each other. He sought war every day to fight against each other. The later emperor did not Zang, and moved Kan Bo to Shangqiu, the Lord of Chen. The reason for the merchants was that Chen was the star of Shang. Qian Shi Shen was in the summer, the Lord of Shen.”

Chen is Antares (Scorpio). The red meridians of Betelgeuse 1 and Antares 2 differ by about 180 degrees. People in the same place can’t see them at the same time. Therefore, there is a saying among the people that “you can’t see each other in business”. Betelgeuse alpha is the hunter’s right shoulder, Betelgeuse gamma is the left shoulder, Betelgeuse kappa is the right foot, and Betelgeuse beta is the left foot. They are all bright stars.

Western seven nights – mouth

“Shuowen”: “Li Fen’s mouth is also on the corner of his head”, and the note says: “where the Yu nationality’s sharp, so the bird’s mouth.”

The three small stars in the mouth are located above the shoulders of Betelgeuse, and their shape can be associated with the horned beak, so it is named. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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