What is the akajiri marmoset among the four primates? Who is its master?

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In China’s ancient myth system, there are four legends, the legend of the monkey. Among them, the ape with full back is Yuan Hong in the list of gods. Yuan Hong secretly learned eight or nine mysterious skills from Yang Jian’s cave when he was still in infancy. Yuan Hong will also change 72 times, and his divine power is amazing.


And Lingming, the stone monkey, is what we are familiar with: Wukong. Another six eared macaque even pretended to be Wukong in journey to the west to seek the truth and achieve the right result. But in the end, in front of the Buddha at Lingshan, the six eared macaque was told its origin by the Buddha, and finally died under the Ruyi stick of Wukong. Then, as one of the four great primates, why is akajiri’s horse Monkey not famous? In fact, it is not that it is not famous, but that it was born earlier, and people seldom know it. Chijiri’s teacher is even worse. Now let me tell you in detail. Chijiri’s real name is mu Shangzhi, and his nickname is the great saint of water apes. As early as Dayu’s flood control period, chijiri marmoset was born, and its name was wuzhiqi at that time. The image of chijiri equine is similar to that of an ape. Its nose is somewhat collapsed, and its forehead is also somewhat raised. White hair grows on its head, and its body is blue. Wuzhiqi’s head and neck are 100 feet long, and its strength is more than nine elephants. When Dayu was controlling the Huai River, it happened that Wuzhi Qi was making waves here. Da Yu was very angry with Wuzhi Qi’s actions of poisoning the people, and ordered Ying long to capture Huizhi Qi.

Later, Wuzhi Qi was locked by Ying long. Dayu first used a golden bell to pass through Wuzhi Qi’s nose, and then locked his neck with an iron chain. Then Dayu suppressed Wuzhi Qi at the foot of Guishan mountain in Huaiyin. Since then, the Huai River has quietly merged into the East China Sea. Wuzhiqi is the akajiri horse monkey. The weapon he uses is called the refined steel mixed iron staff. Chijiri horse monkey is proficient in the thirty-six changes of Tiangang (learn the thirty-six changes of Tiangang, and be good at controlling water?), Xiaoyin and yang are people who know. They can fly into the water and avoid death and prolong life. Among them, one of the magic skills that chijiri marmosets are best at is the skill of controlling water. Then who is the teacher of akajiri marmoset? Its power is even greater. It is the ice Yi, one of the four divine dragons in ancient times. It was recorded in Shanhaijing ยท haineibei Jing: & quote; From the extreme abyss to a depth of 300 Zhang, only ice barbarians can live freely in it.


Bingyi is an ancient ice dragon born in the ice and snow of Kunlun mountain. Bing Yi’s body is like ice, crystal clear. When it flies at night, the reflected moonlight can illuminate the whole mountain. Ice Yi has five toes on its claws. Bing Yi is the emperor of the dragon family. It was once said that there was a battle on the top of Kunlun mountain between Bingyi dragon and Yinglong. At that time, the two dragons dueled on the top of Kunlun Mountain, with lightning and thunder and heavy rain. It was dark for a while, and the double dragon war lasted for one day and one night. People did not know who would win or lose. A few days later, people at the foot of Kunlun Mountain fished out a huge piece of ice from the river, including Yinglong, whose eyes were closed tightly.


At the moment when the people fished out the ice, Ying Long broke through the ice and came out. The loud dragon chant resounded through the sky. In the blink of an eye, Ying long disappeared. Why did Bing Yi (candle dragon, Bing Yi, Ying Long and nine clawed Golden Dragon), who are also the four ancient dragons, fight Ying Long? It is likely that wuzhiqi (chijiri monkey), the disciple of Bingyi, was captured by Ying Long and suppressed by Dayu. That’s why Bing Yi felt embarrassed and fought Yinglong. It is worth mentioning that Bingyi ranks second in the ancient Shenlong, which is more responsible for supervising the rivers, seas and lakes in the world, and wuzhiqi is also known as the ancient water ape. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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