What is the burden of pig Bajie in journey to the west? Why do you always complain so much

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Zhu Bajie is one of the four main characters in the Chinese classic journey to the West. In his previous life, he was the “Marshal Tianpeng” who was in charge of the 80000 sailors of Tianhe. The following is a detailed introduction to the article made up by China story.com.

In the TV series journey to the west, monk Sha was the one who picked up his luggage. It is estimated that the director would shout a few words when he saw him:

“Eldest martial brother, master was captured by a monster”, “second martial brother, master was captured by a monster”, “eldest martial brother, second martial brother was captured by a monster”, there was no life left.

So he was given a job to carry the burden. In fact, in the original journey to the west, it was not monk Sha who carried the burden, but pig Bajie. And in the whole process of learning Buddhist scriptures, Zhu Bajie complained about his heavy burden more than once.

However, as the former Marshal Tianpeng, Zhu Bajie was born with divine power. He could even play with a rake of more than 5000 kg. Why did he complain about the heavy luggage of one or two hundred kg? To explain this problem clearly, we must first understand what is put in the burden of Zhu Bajie?

Once, after Zhu Bajie complained about the heavy luggage again and again, Monkey King despised him. Zhu Bajie retorted:


“Brother, look at the number: four pieces of yellow rattan, eight long and short ropes, three or four layers of felt to protect against rain. The plaque is still slippery, and the two ends are nailed. The nine ring staff is made of copper and iron, and the silk rattan is wrapped around the cloak.”

In addition to these things, there are also purple and gold bowls, scriptures, currency, cassocks, customs clearance documents, pen, ink, paper and inkstone, and a sabre.

Yes, there is indeed a sabre, a sabre for shaving monk Sha’s hair and beard. When accepting monk Sha, Monk Tang said:

“Wukong, take the sabre and lose his hair with him. In addition, he can remove his beard.”

It can be seen that there are still quite a lot of luggage for Tang monks and disciples. If ordinary people carry it, they will have to walk thousands of miles. It is estimated that they will be tired of burping and farting.

But Zhu Bajie is Marshal Tianpeng. He has great power. It should be easy for him to pick these things. So why do he always complain?

In fact, if you look through the whole journey to the west, you will be surprised to find that Zhu Bajie is the second disciple of Monk Tang, and his status is higher than that of monk Sha. However, he hardly embarrasses monk Sha, nor complains to him. The so-called heavy luggage only complains to monkey king. Why?

In fact, Zhu Bajie doesn’t complain about the heavy burden. There is a good saying that people don’t suffer from oligopoly but from inequality. Why do you have to ride a horse, lead a horse and feed a horse, just my old pig?

So, who is responsible for this division of labor?

Yes, it was the monkey king who divided them. According to common sense, at first, the Tang Monk accepted the monkey king and the monkey king took the burden. Later, after receiving Zhu Bajie, Zhu Bajie had to carry the burden. Later, he received monk Sha, so the burden should have been picked by monk Sha. Unfortunately, Zhu Bajie was disillusioned.

Because of this, Zhu Bajie complained to the monkey king. He never thought that the monkey king was unreasonable and deliberately made pig Bajie difficult:

“I was wrong to tell you. Lao sun only cares about Shifu. You and monk Sha are in charge of luggage and horses. But if you neglect something, you will get a big stick on the crutch!”

Monkey King is unreasonable. He asks Zhu Bajie to take care of the luggage and monk Sha to take care of the horses. Moreover, if you cheat and play tricks, be careful that his golden cudgel will hit your legs.


Of course, Zhu Bajie is not satisfied:

“Brother, don’t talk about fighting. Fighting is deceiving people with strength. I know you are arrogant, and you will not choose. But master’s horse is so tall and fat. He only carries an old monk and teaches him to bring some things. It is also brotherly.”

However, when you travel to the west, your fist still counts. Zhu Bajie can’t beat Sunwukong, so you still have to pick up your luggage, but you never stop complaining.

In fact, it’s a problem of uneven division of labor. If you give him a 300 kg beauty, he will run faster than anyone else!

Let’s explain another problem, that is, Zhu Bajie’s rake weighs more than 5000 kilograms. Why isn’t it too heavy?

In fact, this involves the issue of exclusive weapons. After all, the rake was specially made for Zhu Bajie by taishanglaojun. It weighs more than 5000 kg in the hands of outsiders, but it is not so heavy in the hands of Zhu Bajie.

Here are some examples:

For example, when the scripture team passed through huoyun cave, Sunwukong went to find Guanyin Bodhisattva for help. At that time, Guanyin Bodhisattva deliberately asked Sunwukong to take his own jade purification bottle in order to intimidate him.

As a result, the monkey king still couldn’t move with the help of nine oxen and two tigers:

“The walker immediately went to get the bottle. Alas! Don’t want to make him move it. It’s like a dragonfly shaking a stone column. How can it shake it half a penny?”

You know, the golden cudgel of the monkey king also weighs 13500 Jin. When he met the silver horn king in Pingding Mountain, the monkey king could walk with Xumi mountain and Tai mountain on his back at the same time.

As a result, the jade bottle of Guanyin Bodhisattva could not shake.

What about Guanyin Bodhisattva?


“The Bodhisattva stepped forward and gently lifted the clean bottle with his right hand and held it on the palm of his left hand.”

Although the Bodhisattva said that the jade clean bottle is full of sea water, your monkey king has no ability to frame the sea. In fact, it is still a problem of exclusive weapons.

In addition, there is a secret to this weapon. Otherwise, why can the Dragon woman holding the Pearl and the evil tortoise drag the jade net bottle?

In other words, the rake of Zhu Bajie is really heavy, but it is not heavy as we understand it. If someone else takes it, it must be heavy. If Zhu Bajie takes it, it is different.

For example, in Yuhua Prefecture, the three princes had no strength at all. As a result, the three princes became extremely powerful after the monkey king blew a breath of immortal air:

“Each one has strong bones and strong muscles. The eldest prince gets the golden cudgel, the second prince gets the nine tooth palladium, and the third prince gets the demon subduing staff.”

Therefore, at ordinary times, if Zhu Bajie uses weapons, he has to use his luck and divine power, which is similar to magic. At this time, he is in a combat state. The rake is also full of weight, and the pig Bajie is also a divine power, which consumes energy very much.

When the combat status is lifted, the weapons will automatically become lighter. Zhu Bajie starts to use Fanli to take weapons, so it won’t be difficult.

As for carrying a burden, the full use of ordinary force is extra physical strength. Coupled with the grievances in my heart, I naturally feel that the burden is heavy, so it is inevitable to complain. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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