What is the class of the underworld? Who is the leader of Lord Yan?

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Today, the editor of China story network has brought you an article about the underground class. Welcome to read it~

Old people say that people will go to hell after death, and after going to the underworld, the ghosts of the underworld will decide whether to continue to reincarnate or be sent to the 18th floor of the underground according to the degree of good and evil before his life. Although many people are more and more supportive of atheism, we can also listen to them as fairy tales about the underworld, which is also very interesting.

In fact, there are many levels in the world of hell. The lowest level or even no status is the soul. They usually come from the most ordinary people in the world, and have almost no ability. At most, they can go in and out of the hell and wander around the world. After they are seduced by ghosts to the hell, there will be two outcomes. If they were good people before death, If he hadn’t done anything bad, he was arranged to drink a bowl of Mengpo soup, forget the previous things, and then continue to reincarnate; If this soul did many bad things before he died, he would be reincarnated into an animal in the next life. The most serious thing to do is to lock them up in the most terrifying eighteen hell.


The higher level is ghost soldiers. Their main task is to maintain the order of the underground government. There are staffing in the underground government, which is equivalent to the most ordinary employees in the company. They have no rights, mainly what the leaders say and what they do. In addition to the most souls, the hell has the most ghost soldiers. And the number of ghost soldiers exceeds the number of heavenly soldiers in Tiangong, even hundreds of times that of heavenly soldiers.

What is more powerful than ghost soldiers is ghost difference. Ghost difference is a good job in the underworld. They not only have certain rights, but also can enter and leave the mortal world at will. Although they belong to the underworld and obey the orders of the underworld, they also have a certain position in the heaven. For example, Zhong Kui is a ghost difference, and we know the most about black and white impermanence.

The next level is the king of the ten halls. Although he has a high position and is in charge of all things in the underworld, he is not the boss of the underworld. Although he is not the most powerful in the underworld, his strength can not be underestimated, and his strength can compete with that of the Supreme Lord. His position is a bit like the general manager of a company. Although he manages everything in the company and executes many important decisions, there is also a chairman higher than him.

The highest level is the Wufang ghost emperor. Presumably, everyone doesn’t know about the Wufang ghost emperor. There are eight people in the position of Wufang ghost emperor. They mainly guard the entrance of the hell in eight directions. In addition to guarding the hell, they also have a task to make decisions for the big things of the hell. In fact, the five party ghost emperor is equivalent to the four emperors in the heaven, but the strength of these eight people is very strong. In fact, they can completely compete with the Jade Emperor in the heaven. You know, the Jade Emperor is already very powerful in the heaven, and the hell is equivalent to the existence of eight people at the level of the Jade Emperor. If you really fight with the people in the heaven, the heaven is not an opponent at all.

The highest position in the underground mansion is Fengdu emperor. He is the big boss in the underground mansion and the most powerful one in the underground mansion. His position is equivalent to the Jade Emperor. He made all the orders in the underworld. Even if the five ghost emperors made any decision, as long as he didn’t agree, it couldn’t be implemented.

Through the introduction of yes above, you will find that although the heaven is very powerful, it can’t compare with the hell. The hell not only has five powerful figures like the Jade Emperor, but also the number of ghost soldiers in the hell is more than that in the heaven, so it is absolutely dominant in number. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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